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 Oblivious to the struggles of the young, Xuefeng left the private training grounds, he created a pair of Air Qi Wings on his back, deciding to use the quickest method of transportation as he didn't have anyone following him this time. Just as he launched into the air like usual, Xuefeng noticed his reflection in the small fountain on the street which made him see just how exactly his wings looked on him.

He looked like a handsome angel who just descended from the heavens and Xuefeng kind of liked it, but for some reason, something was lacking for him. Maybe it sounds narcissistic, but it lacked the glamour and some originality. Everyone could make white wings if they figured out the correct structure and positioning, but they were all white, looking almost the same.

"How about I add a little bit of Spirit Qi to change their colour? Will the structure collapse or not? I don't think I can mix the different Qi this easily..." Xuefeng asked himself quietly, planning to actually test it out and that's what he did, infusing his Black Spirit Qi into his wings without waiting for Ling's or Ming's confirmation.

'I think Black would look nice... It can match my jacket.' Xuefeng thought as he saw his white wings turning into black the more Qi he infused inside. Surprisingly, after some effort, the wings turned completely black and they didn't feel any different from the actual wings. Even after a few swings, they were still working just as fine.

Xuefeng thought for a second that it worked, getting somewhat happy but then he heard Ling ruin the happiness in his mind, 'It won't last for long. Spirit Qi is also an element. Elements can't mix for too long.'

Just as she finished speaking, Xuefeng noticed that something was wrong. His wings started getting surprisingly light and moving his wings to the front, he realised why. There were already many holes spread around them and they only increased in size with each second. He couldn't do anything other than absorbing the leftover Qi back into his body before separating it.

Sighing, Xuefeng asked Ling as that was his only solution, 'Sigh, it didn't work as I thought. Is there a way to make it work?'

'It didn't work because chaos is never an answer. Unless you use something to catalyse both Qi, it will only disintegrate upon mixing and you would be wasting your Qi unnecessarily.' Ling explained where he made a mistake, which made him hope that Ling actually had the solution.

Ling only paused for a moment, contemplating if she should tell him this, but knowing they didn't need to be stingy based on their current stock, she revealed unwillingly, 'I don't have the catalyst you are looking for, but what you can do on the other hand, is use Fate Qi as a supplement. Not only will it make your wings stronger but you can also change the colour to your cosmetic preferences.'

'Wait, aren't the Qi not supposed to mix together?' Xuefeng got confused for a moment and only understood it as he spoke, correcting his question, 'Is it because Fate Qi is made from all elements so it can connect with Air Qi?'

Ling was glad he guessed it quickly and she explained further happily, 'Yes, exactly. You just need to make sure to not lose your wings else a lot of Fate Qi will be lost. Now, create it the same way you did before but now instead of Spirit Qi, use Fate Qi. The strength of your wings should be much more explosive as well.'

Xuefeng didn't have much to talk about anymore and simply tried it out just as she proposed. Instead of creating new wings entirely from Air Qi only to modify them later, Xuefeng decided to modify them from the start, using both Fate Qi and Air Qi together.

It wasn't hard for him to do, as the end product was the same. Only the materials were different. In the place of his old wings, a new pair appeared, but when Xuefeng saw the result, he couldn't help but cringe not expecting this. How come they shine like a lantern!?

As he looked at his shiny golden wings, he quickly decided to tone it down, not expecting them to give out a blinding hue like that. Only after some adjustments did the flash effect on them lower a bit, at least to the point that it didn't bother him as much. He would still look like a first target to kill if he ever happened to fight in the battlefield with those two on his back.

'Are you going to complain now? We went through all that because you wanted some glamour and now you understood it was stupid?' The Bracelet's Spirit asked as he suddenly woke up, seeing how complicated the situation Xuefeng created for no reason was.

'I didn't say anything. I like them. At least they are different than everyone else's. If I find them boring, I can always change them back to normal. Let's go back.' Xuefeng didn't plan on admitting that he was wrong so he embraced them, not changing anything anymore and launched into the air.


With one strong swing of his upgraded wings, Xuefeng ejected into the air with a strong bang as if a modern gun was fired. The explosive power he used raised him high into the air, tens of meters above the city as if it was nothing. He definitely didn't expect that at all, using the same strength as he used before but this time he was launched much higher.

"Not bad!" Xuefeng couldn't help but praise out loud, now totally liking his upgrade. Even if he was shining like a lightbulb, at least he received some power in exchange for that. "I only need to adjust my strength to it and it should be alright. I bet even Nuwa's wings are not as strong as mine now, hehe."

With another swing of his golden wings, Xuefeng rushed towards his own courtyard with a speed almost twice as fast as his previous maximum velocity. Because the distance wasn't that big, he went past his destination like an arrow. He somehow felt like playing around for a bit, flying above the clan at maximum speed for a few minutes before finally landing inside of his garden with a quiet thud.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Nuwa asked quietly as she walked up to him, quite interested in Xuefeng's wings herself. She watched him fly for a while and the speed was much higher than her own, which made her wonder what he did.

Xuefeng spread his wings to show their full glamour before folding them in his back as he pulled Nuwa into his arms and nodded with a playful smile, "Yup. It was fun. I made an upgrade to them so I wanted to test it out a little bit. What do you think?"

"I like them. They are definitely stronger than mine." Nuwa commented as she reached out and felt their softness before asking curiously while caressing his lips with her finger, "I wonder, did you use Fate Qi for that?"

"Hah, nothing can escape your eyes. I indeed used a bit of it in creating them." Xuefeng only smirked, not even surprised she guessed it and tried to bite her finger playfully, but she pulled it away in time. He wanted to play more with her but seeing Yiren, Wuying and Princess Shan sitting cross-legged on the ground, Xuefeng could help but ask, "Are they all cultivating? What made you girls so diligent?"

Hearing his question, Nuwa smiled mysteriously and suddenly kissed him deeply, making use of the short time they were alone before replying vaguely, not going into many details, "We had a short talk with each other and they all understood that knowing your cultivation speed, they would be quickly left behind if they didn't work hard. They decided to use every moment possible to improve."

"Oh..." Realising the truth actually made him warm in the heart, but he knew this was the reality right now.

Xuefeng was indeed improving much faster than everyone else thanks to being a Fate Holder. He was sure that he wouldn't leave anyone behind and believed he would rather force them all to train harder with him. The current situation worked quite well for him so he quickly approved it.

Looking at Nuwa, who was the only one not training, Xuefeng asked while gently rubbing her butt, getting ready to smack it as punishment, "Then what about you? Why are you not training?" He even gave her a mischievous smile which quickly gave his plans away.

Nuwa smirked at him and informed, "Hah, I think you will be disappointed. I've already reached this world's limit in cultivation. If I were to cultivate a bit more, I would be forced to leave to Heaven's Realm. I don't want you to miss me this much so I decided to wait for you. We will be able to go there together. Aren't I a merciful queen?"


Xuefeng still smacked her butt lightly without any warning, not able to resist himself and asked as he leaned over for another kiss, "Do you think that can save you?" Nuwa's body was just too hot, making him want to touch it all the time if he had such an opportunity.

Nuwa also couldn't resist herself so she gave him one last kiss before pulling her lips away, saying right after to calm his desire down, "We can't anymore. If you don't stop, I will be forced to eat you up..."

Xuefeng found it weird as Nuwa would never reject any naughty play and asked confused, "Is that a bad thing?" Nuwa only smiled helplessly and said while pointing at Xuefeng's room, "I would love to do everything with you right now, but there is someone else waiting for you. I'm trying to be fair for once. Sigh. I don't know what happened to me."

"Someone else?" Xuefeng muttered as he looked at the direction she was pointing and finally recalled what he wanted to ask earlier, "Where is Xiao Wen?"