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 "Ha! Take that!" Little Mei called out after smashing the head of a training puppet, her hands still having some lingering Qi which she used in her Fist Art.

Since the moment Xuefeng started cultivating with elements, it was rare for him to see or use Spirit Arts. The only one he was using quite often was his clone art, so he was quite surprised to see Little Mei's Art being this powerful. Knowing that the level of the puppet was comparable to the average Spirit King Beast in power, he could only be impressed.

With the head of the puppet smashed, one would think that the opponent was defeated but not for Little Mei. Her right leg shone brightly as she focused on the corpse of the puppet and made a sudden kick with a rotation for additional power while crying loudly, "Haaa yaaaa!"


The body of the puppet also collapsed, exploding upon contact with Little Mei's kick. The wreckage of the puppet was also knocked back, dropping to the ground a few dozen meters away from her. Xuefeng was definitely shocked seeing such power presented by just a thirteen-year-old girl and couldn't help but clap, thinking the showcase was over.

Who would have thought that Little Mei would not lose her focus at all and rush towards the puppet remains, jumping halfway only to start rotating midair before finally crashing against the puppet with her leg?


The ground of private training grounds surrounding the puppet cracked in all directions and only then did Little Mei stop, cleaning the dust from her clothes and finally started running back towards Xuefeng. Her expression also changed completely, from a ferocious tiger during her attacks to a cute and lovely little bunny.

'So strong and graceful...' Wu Kong watched the whole scene from the side and praised in a daze, looking at how gently her body moved during each step. He wanted to congratulate her, but Little Mei wasn't especially waiting for his words.

"Big Brother, aren't I strong? I can already destroy level 3 puppets with just my fists." Little Mei asked as she reached Xuefeng's side and leaned over, holding onto his jacket. She was awaiting his praises and pats which she loved so much.

Xuefeng knew what she wanted so he satisfied her demands, gently patting her head before praising, genuinely impressed, "Yes, my Little Mei is super strong. I'm actually really dazzled by your performance. I didn't expect you to fight so well. You must have worked really hard those last few months?"

Hearing his praises and especially the way he called her, Little Mei blushed right away, giggling cutely, "Hehe, of course. I was practising under Auntie's guidance for more than three months. Not only is Auntie amazing, but I also worked hard! I didn't miss even one day without practice. Big Brother promised to take me on an adventure if I'm strong enough after all."

Looking at Xuefeng with eyes full of hope, Little Mei added, "You didn't forget, right?" Xuefeng's impact on her life was huge, which could be seen by the number of hours she put into training just because of one promise he made jokingly back when he first met her.

Xuefeng didn't expect that this was actually the reason she worked so hard, but seeing her putting so much work into her training, he actually felt good, knowing that he could influence someone like this. He definitely didn't want to ruin that, thinking it was a good way to motivate her and nodded, "Of course, I didn't forget. But you know there is definitely a lot more you need to improve on for that to happen so continue working hard, okay?"

Knowing that Xuefeng still remembered his promise caused a deep smile to appear on her face and Little Mei hugged Xuefeng, assuring him, "Yes! I will definitely put a lot of effort into training."

"Mhmm, I believe you." Xuefeng smiled kindly while patting her again and while she was still holding only him, Xuefeng suddenly thought of an idea, calling out in his mind right after, 'Ling, Ming, can I transfer the Elemental Cultivation arts to someone? Like sending knowledge or something?'

Before Ling could reply, Ming already went ahead and advised, 'Hmm, you can, but that will only include your understanding of the subject, which may not work on someone else. After all, you are no longer a human anymore. Your methods will always have a little difference in them. What you can do is write the copy of what Yiren taught you and pass it onto someone so they can learn from it, understanding it themselves on their own. Just find me a Spirit Manual where I can paste the Cultivation Technique and you are set.'

Knowing it would take too much time by heading to the Spirit Tower, Xuefeng turned to the only person who might have such goods and asked without explaining, "Mom, do you have any Spirit Manuals on you?"

Mu Lan didn't understand the sudden question but nodded, pulling out a few manuals from her Storage Ring and presented them to him, asking curiously, "Why do you need those? I only have five of them."

"Perfect. I needed exactly this much. Little Mei, wait a second." Xuefeng pulled Little Mei away for a moment and took all five manuals from his mother's hands. That was his entire job, as everything else was handled by both Ling and Ming. The content of those manuals was quickly disappearing from them and it was quickly replaced by all five Cultivation Techniques for all five elements he knew.

Obviously, Mu Lan realised what he was doing and quickly tried to stop him, not expecting her son to destroy the manuals, "Xuefeng! Stop!" Unfortunately, Xuefeng seemed to not care much and continued, filling one manual after another. To calm his mother a bit, Xuefeng threw one of the finished manuals to her, now titled, "Water Element Cultivation Technique."

When she saw one technique after another landing in her hands, she finally recalled that Xuefeng knew the Elements. Why didn't they think of that earlier?! Such cultivation Techniques were priceless! Unfortunately, before Mu Lan could enjoy this moment to the fullest, Xuefeng reminded her after finishing the last manual about Air Element, "I am not gifting them to the clan so only those close to our family can study them. Don't let anyone else access them."

"I understand. We will only share them with trusted people." His mother quickly understood the value of those Cultivation Techniques and even forgot that Xuefeng erased five other Spirit Arts, knowing those five were enough to pay back for her loss.

Taking the Air Element manual, Xuefeng gave it to Little Mei and explained, "I want you to start studying this technique in your free time. If you master it, you will be able to fly in the sky just like me."

"Really?! I will study!" Hearing that she could fly with those beautiful wings like Xuefeng, Little Mei couldn't help but get excited, not planning to wait any longer before she starts.

Knowing that Little Mei was settled, Xuefeng pulled the brother and sister to his side as well, calling out to them, "You guys can also join her in studying too. I have high hopes for you."

"Yes, Big Brother. I will make sure both of us study well." Wu Lan nodded, promising for the both of them which made Xuefeng nod in satisfaction. His lovers were still waiting for him so he finally decided to leave.

"I will be going back today but we will see each other tomorrow, okay?" Xuefeng called out to everyone and this time no one complained, only nodding in return. Even Little Mei was engrossed with studying the manual, letting him go after one short hug.

With Xuefeng gone, Mu Lan busied herself with reading her own manual for Lightning Element manual while giving out Fire and Water Element to the Wu siblings. Wu Lan finally took the lead and could start her teachings.

"why are you standing here like a pole? Take your manual and go up to her, proposing to study together." Wu Lan whispered to her silly brother, waking him from his trance.

"But... Won't I disturb her?" Wu Kong asked back worriedly. He didn't plan on ruining his chances from the start, so he was extremely careful.

Wu Lan could only roll her eyes and push her brother towards Little Mei after reminding him, "If you don't take initiative, you won't be able to get what you want. Do you want her to be taken by Big Brother Xuefeng? If you can't even get closer to her, how are you going to win against him? Go and sit beside her. You don't need to talk to her too much, just the presence alone is enough for now."

Wu Kong could only gulp, bracing himself and just went for it. If only she talked with him for a moment, he would be content with that. Walking up to Little Mei, Wu Kong sat down next to her and without saying anything, he just started reading the manual, his mind too cloudy to ask a solid question.

Knowing that Little Mei didn't even think about her brother, Wu Lan could only sigh. Little Mei was too engrossed with the book because it was a present from Xuefeng. After accepting his request, there was nothing else in her mind other than that.

I guess it will be much harder than I thought... One was dense while the other is obsessed with someone else. I guess only time will tell...' Wu Lan thought as she watched the two sitting next to each other and smiled helplessly.