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 Knowing her brother's intentions, Wu Lan couldn't help but smile at his silliness and introduced herself too, "Nice to meet you too. I'm Wu Lan."

She could be partially responsible for Wu Kong's spoiled character as she knew she treated him too softly sometimes, but Wu Lan still planned to raise him into a decent man and seeing how he acted in front of Little Mei, she suddenly thought of using that.

"Little Mei, those two will be your new friends from now on. Hope you three can get along well." Xuefeng patted Little Mei on the head and explained the two siblings visit, knowing that she will listen to him.

"Mhmm, I will do anything for Big Brother." Little Mei leaned over to feel his pats more, almost purring like a cat from the pleasure.

Thinking that everything was done, Xuefeng decided to return back to his courtyard, planning on finally taming the raging beasts waiting for him there. "Alright, then I will leave you guys for now. My mom will take care of you all. Don't slack off in your training."

Unfortunately, before he could even move one step, Little Mei stopped Xuefeng from walking away by hugging onto him as she cried out, asking multiple questions right away, "Noo! Big Brother, are you leaving already? How long will you stay in the clan? You were away for a long time and you plan to leave again..."

"I will be leaving the Clan soon and I should be away much longer this time..." Xuefeng said truthfully, but seeing Little Mei's upset expression, he quickly added trying to save the situation, "Don't be sad... I will be coming back every now and then to see you. You are my little sister remember?"

Hearing Xuefeng calling her like that, her eyes dimmed for a second but they quickly regained their lustre and Little Mei proposed, "If you are leaving soon, can you come with us and watch our training? I want to show you my progress..."

Before Xuefeng could figure out any rejections, Little Mei added softly, feigning sadness, "Just do at least this much and It will make my day... Being away from you is really painful big brother..."

Sniff... For much better effect, Little Mei sniffed as if she was really close to crying and she was trying to stop it, which finally broke Xuefeng's line.

It didn't cost him much to just comply with her request, other than making his lovers wait a moment but that was also good. As long as they don't kill each other, the more time they spend with each other, the better for him. He wanted them to get along well.

"Fine... I will watch your training but only for a moment... I still have some things to settle tonight." Xuefeng agreed helplessly, which caused Little Mei to jump in ecstasy and lock her arms around his neck. Xuefeng only smiled seeing her reaction, expecting one like that from her already.

He didn't expect that Little Mei would suddenly turn to his mother and call out happily, "Auntie, it worked!" Mu Lan also didn't expect that and quickly tried to shush her but then stopped, seeing Xuefeng staring at her, which caused her to smile embarrassingly.

"What are you teaching her?" Xuefeng asked as he rolled his eyes at his mother, thinking that he was being played with. Did his mother just tell Little Mei that crying works best on him?

Having already been exposed, Mu Lan simply shrugged, only explaining it vaguely, "What do you want from me? It's important for a young lady to know some tricks. I was just teaching her the basics..."

"Sigh, whatever. Let's go. I'm short on time so let's not waste any more of it." Knowing he couldn't do anything, Xuefeng just let it go, urging everyone so that they could start earlier.

"Alright. Let's go." Mu Lan didn't have a reason to disagree so they all began leaving. The only one who was still quite sloppy was Wu Kong, who was still in a daze after meeting the beautiful Little Mei. Thinking of talking to her more, his legs suddenly moved on their own, following after her like a good boy.

Wu Lan knew everything that her brother and Little Mei planned, which made her sigh, not wanting her own blood to suffer like that, but there is nothing she could do. It's not like it was Little Mei's fault as she had the right to love whoever she liked. Wu Lan could only help her brother get out of this mess before he enters too deep into it.

'Kong and Big brother just can't compare... Having such an opponent from the start will hurt his feelings... I definitely need to get this out of his mind.' Wu Lan planned as she hugged her brother, loving him more than anything else in this world.


Back in Xuefeng's courtyard, the five ladies were laying down on the grass, looking towards the sky while also catching the last rays of the sun on their bodies. Contrary to what Xuefeng thought would happen, the ladies behaved quite peacefully, talking nicely while also getting to know each other.

Only Yiren knew her mother there, while the rest were basically strangers. The same thing applied with Princess Shan and everyone else, except Wuying who knew her beforehand. Princess Shan wasn't Xuefeng's girlfriend yet, but after some initial talking and their experiences she shared with everyone, they basically treated her like one of their own.

Knowing Xuefeng, it wasn't hard for her to move from a close friend to the lover's stage. Nuwa already accepted her as well, approving her personality and strength. The last thing they wanted was an iron ball that will drag them all down and they all had this understanding. No one wanted to stay behind and be left alone so they all had to work hard to keep up with everyone's skill.

"Xiao Wen, we know how everyone found out about their feelings for Xuefeng but what about you. Based on your story, you were not that eager to be with him before. What changed your mind?" Nuwa asked, planning on getting as much data as possible before she would even proceed with her tests.

They already described their first meeting with Xuefeng and Xiao Wen was the one who had a clashing relationship with him for the longest time. Even Princess Shan, who admitted she was a bit hostile at the start, quickly improved after learning the real Xuefeng. There was no place for lies between sisters, so none of them hid anything from each other.

"I had really bad experiences with men in general for as long as I could remember. Most of them just take one look at your body and that's it, they don't even care about what's inside. It took me a while to understand that Xuefeng was different from the rest. He cared about me even when we were just friends before, not expecting anything in return.

"Also, he didn't even think of being with me at the start. Xuefeng only focused on the women he had, which was also what I liked about him. It took me a lot to make him understand my feelings..." Xiao Wen explained it with her story, suddenly recalling the scene from the sofa where she had to confess three times before Xuefeng even realised what she meant.

She couldn't help but smile sweetly upon recalling their first kiss and mutter, "He is such a dummy..." Just when she said so, her eyes opened wide and she laughed. All five of them said the same thing at the same time which caused all of them to laugh together.

"But he is our dummy..." Wuying commented right after, to which everyone nodded, each thinking of their own special moments they had with him.

After finally learning all the basics, Nuwa suddenly changed the topic, saying calmly, "Ladies, we all know that Xuefeng wants to treat us equally, but it leads to him having no time to satisfy each of us properly. I suspect that all of you sometimes want to have some time alone with him, am I correct?"

"Mhmm..." The girls couldn't say no to that as it would be a lie, so everyone agreed. It was quite clear that each of them was only tolerating the sharing, but if they were to choose, everyone would pick having Xuefeng for themselves.

"Aside from that, Xuefeng needs to focus on his own training which leads to even more time being consumed. How do you think he can take care of everyone in the future if he can't even find time to train properly because he is trying to please all of us?" Nuwa asked, bringing a certain issue into their attention.

She didn't leave it at that and continued, "There is only so much time in the day which he can spend and it is almost impossible to fit everything well together while having a goal in mind to satisfy everyone. We need to support him instead of thinking of just our well-being. After all, it's not just Xuefeng's responsibility but ours too. I admit, I also think about myself a lot, putting my desires first but after looking at the situation and knowing Xuefeng's personality, this will not work. We need to change or at least sacrifice something, else we will not improve and move forward at all."

Nuwa's speech made the rest silent for a moment as they understood well that she wasn't wrong. What she mentioned was exactly what they have been thinking about since they moved into this relationship.

Xiao Wen was the first to ask, worried about her first time experience that was planned for today, "What do you propose?" She didn't want to give it up.