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 Not knowing where he should start, Xuefeng suddenly decided to just escape for a moment. He felt like a chicken who was about to be eaten by a bunch of hungry alligators.

Before calling out to the two siblings to steal them away, Wu Lan took her brother's hand and walked up to Xuefeng, asking sweetly, "Big brother, will you take us to meet your parents? We cannot join the Sect so we can only stay here. We will have to meet with them one way or another."

When Xuefeng heard it, he suddenly felt blessed to have this little angel by his side and thought that just cuddling her into his arms was not enough to express his emotions. He quickly nodded, grabbing their hands and called out to the ladies apologetically, "I guess I will have to do that first. How about you all get to know each other better?"

It was Nuwa who replied first, agreeing in everyone's place, only confirming it afterwards, "Sure, go ahead. We have a lot to catch up on with one another, right?" At that point, it would be quite hard on anyone who disagreed, so no one rejected the suggestion, nodding in agreement.

Only Yiren was too innocent to see what Nuwa was planning on doing, but the others were already too experienced in the art of schemes and deception, so they couldn't help but think, 'Is she planning to take the lead...?'

Xuefeng didn't know what the girls were thinking or planning, but Wu Lan did. When she realised what each of her sisters planned, a headache quickly appeared in her mind. She wanted to advise Xuefeng about it, but now decided against it, deciding to let them figure it out themselves. It wouldn't work out if Xuefeng interfered in the power struggle. It could only make it worse.

"Alright then, Wu Lan, Wu Kong, let's go." Thinking that everything was alright, Xuefeng walked forward with them but then noticed the resistance from Wu Kong who said while pouting, "But I want to stay with Big Sister!"

He knew that if he acted cute for a while longer, he would receive another snack, but Xuefeng didn't buy any of it and stopped using carrots, switching them with a stick while glaring at him, "I guess someone won't get dinner tonight then."

Surprisingly, the word dinner was especially effective and Wu Kong quickly regained his powers, happily following after Xuefeng. It caused all the ladies to laugh, finding it too cute of a scene.

Only after Xuefeng left did the ladies stop smiling and instead look at one another with a serious look. Nuwa, of course, gained the most attention from them all as she was the one with the most seniority among them, which caused her to smile.

"Did something happen? Why is everyone so quiet?" Yiren was the first to break the silence as she walked into the middle of the circle and started waving her hands in front of everyone's eyes, checking if they are alive.

"We are just checking out one another. Nothing too serious honey. One day you will learn that it's good to know your friends well, but it's best to know your opponents even better." Nuwa explained it to her daughter, gently brushing her fingers through her hair. She really liked this innocent personality of her daughter so she decided to keep it like that for as long as she could.

Yiren still didn't understand what her mother meant and asked, "Opponents? Aren't we all family here?" Yiren didn't yet realise that she was in the middle of a battlefield.

Replying only with a smile and a pat, Nuwa turned to the rest before asking mysteriously, "Shall we talk?"


Wu Lan was worried that Xuefeng would ask something related to her big sisters but fortunately, as they walked towards the Clan Leader's mansion, Xuefeng only asked about White Lotus Sect Leader instead, "Can you tell me what Jiao's thoughts were? What is her real motive in inviting me into her Sect?"

Wu Lan didn't mind revealing it as that was partially obvious and replied sweetly, "Actually, it's just another woman who is attracted to big brother. She wants to seduce you and steal you away from all of your lovers. She is also curious about your abilities and how you managed to seduce your women. Especially sister Wen as she seems to have figured out her origin."

Xuefeng only laughed at that and commented, "Hah, I wish to know an answer to this question too. When she finds out, I need to ask her then."

Xuefeng didn't worry about Jiao's attempts in stealing him away, as he knew himself best. He wouldn't be with anyone he doesn't deeply like so there was no option to sway him with seduction. He already had many lovers who could provide him with enough entertainment that it could lead to his death.

Hearing Xuefeng acting like he didn't know, Wu Lan reported to him based on her observations, "Big brother, you are really cool. Don't lower your value like this. You are kind, confident and caring to others, which everyone can see. You are also handsome so it's not hard to like you..."

Xuefeng didn't actually expect this many praises, so he smiled hearing them, "Oof, really? That's nice." He was confident about his looks and personality anyway so this didn't change him much, only improving his mood.

"Let's go and visit my father now. Hopefully, we will also be able to meet Little Mei. She is around your age, so you guys can hang around together with her. She knows this clan very well." Xuefeng proposed, recalling that it has been some time since he met his little friend. Now she shouldn't be lonely with two friends he will bring her.

"Little Mei?" Surprisingly, it was Wu Kong who got interested, knowing there will be another lady in his age around them. Xuefeng only smiled at that without replying and brought them to the mansion.


After hearing Xuefeng's explanation, both of his parents were amazed and his father quickly asked in wonder, deciding to test it right away, "Really? Is there such an ability? Hey sweetie, tell me what are Uncle's plans."

"Uncle plans to do some naughty stuff to auntie tonight. You wish to try new pos-" Wu Lan smiled and accepted Liu Xiaobei's wish, but before she could finish, Uncle Xiaobei shushed her, "Shhh, I believe you! No need to say more..."

Unfortunately, it was already too late as Mu Lan's expression changed and she slapped the back of his head, cursing, "What are you thinking you idiot?! There are kids here!"

"Hehe, we will be leaving quite soon and I hope Wu Lan and her brother can stay with you. She can maybe help you in many business transactions? Knowing the enemy's intentions can be quite advantageous." Xuefeng smirked seeing the scene and proposed as he patted both kids' heads. No one would target an unknown kid next to his father and she would be able to slowly grow.

His father was also fully healed and his Cultivation also increased really quickly. He couldn't sense his stage which meant he had to be above Spirit Overlord stage. Such a safe environment was best for her.

"Of course! We would gladly take care of them. Don't worry, you will feel like at home. I'm already training Little Mei so there shouldn't be a problem if I add two more people to my schedule." Mu Lan was the one who accepted it first. Her mindset when it came to kids was; the more, the merrier.

"Thank you, Auntie." Wu Lan moved forward right away, hugging onto Mu Lan waist which made her smile shine brighter. Mu Lan wanted to have more kids, but knowing they would be moving soon, she didn't want to put her child through this.

"Where is Little Mei?" Wu Kong suddenly asked, curiosity visible on his face.

"Little Mei should be here any time soon as we are supposed to start our evening training session. Don't worry, you will be able to meet her. You three should get along well. She is such a sweet little beauty." Mu Lan answered and Wu Kong immediately got excited when he heard it.

Knock, Knock.

Just as she said so, they heard the sound of knocking and Mu Lan smiled, calling out towards the doors, "Oh, there she is. Little Mei, you can come in." Just as the doors opened, Wu Kong blushed, seeing a great beauty around his age entering the room. He felt his heart beating faster for no apparent reason and the time paused around him. The sounds from the room faded in the background while Little Mei appeared in the centre of his focus.

Just then, Little Mei happened to look in his direction and let out a cry of ecstasy, "Big brother!" She didn't waste time and immediately rushed towards him which made Wu Kong stop breathing for a second.

Her arms were reaching out for a hug as she ran towards him and he subconsciously reached out his own too. He didn't expect that Wu Lan would suddenly pull his hands down without saying anything and only a moment later did he understand why.

Little Mei didn't run to him but changed her route at the last moment and jumped into Xuefeng's arms, calling out with longing, "I missed you so much..."

'What happened with me just now...?' Wu Kong asked himself in his mind, totally confused about what just happened. It was the very first time he felt like that, so he wasn't quite sure how to act.

Seeing her dummy brother like that, Wu Lan rolled her eyes and decided to help him, whispering into his ear, "Introduce yourself to her."

"Okay..." Wu Kong blinked twice and nodded, walking up to Xuefeng who just put Little Mei back on the floor.

Unfortunately, before he even said anything, Little Mei spotted him and smiled, introducing herself sweetly, "Hey, I'm Little Mei! Who are you?"

Seeing her smile, Wu Kong paused for a moment, actually forgetting how to speak and only when his sister pinched him from behind did her say nervously, "I'm K-kong..."

"Nice to meet you, Kong." Little Mei replied politely and even reached out for his hand, shaking it like a little adult.

Compared to her calmness, Wu Kong's mind was a mess as one thought kept rumbling in his mind, 'Why is she so pretty...?'