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 "Don't worry young man, If I wanted to hurt you, it wouldn't even take a second. Come closer." The old man beckoned him.

"Don't worry, Senior is kind, he won't do anything," Wuying assured him.

"Okay." Xuefeng didn't have a choice and came closer to the Old Man. He just hoped that Ling was hiding well.

He thought that the reason she doesn't answer is because of the Old Man. If his cultivation was high enough, he could sense her existence.

"Don't resist, I will just check your body. I always wanted to check the after-effects of Six Petals Lotus Flower." Old Man placed his hand on Xuefeng shoulder and sent his Spirit Qi inside of his body.

It was only a little bit but he could already feel the imperious power behind it.

An old man was quite surprised to see 3 Rank 5 Spirit artefact on a Spirit Grandmaster body but didn't comment. He checked the quality of the Spirit Qi and didn't find any problems. The Qi looked exactly as a Black Talent Qi looked like. Nothing was different.

Next, he checked the Spirit but didn't go deep as it could hurt the other party. After a few more minutes, he didn't find anything out of order.

"Were you really not born as a Black Talent? I can't find any changes." Old man withdrew his Spirit Qi and frowned.

"No, Senior. I just ate the plant the old beggar gave me." Xuefeng told him the story.

"How did the beggar look like?" He didn't think Xuefeng would lie and asked.

"I don't remember clearly, but he had a sword tattoo on his arm." Xuefeng thought of another lie quickly.

"Oh, did it look like this?" The old man suddenly pulled his sleeve up and they saw a Sword tattoo with a dragon around it.

"Oh yeah, it kinda looked like that." He faked excitement.

"Hahahahaha so that bastard is still alive." The old man laughed.

'Wow? I didn't know It would be that easy.' Xuefeng thought he was bad at acting.

"When was it?" Senior asked further after he finished laughing.

"More than one week ago in the city. He had really shabby clothes, but his eyes were sharp." Xuefeng said after getting more confidence in his lying.

"It has to be him then. Young man, thank you for providing me with that information. There is only one man who can roam freely around 5 regions and still giveaway Six Petals Lotus Flower as it's nothing. He is my sworn brother who decided to roam the world 200 years ago." The old man confirmed his guess. He then happily told them the story about him.

It turned out that he was from the Azure Dragon Empire. As his life is coming to an end he decided to find his lost brother and reunite with him before death.

"To think I would find a clue about that bastard in a small country like that. Thank you, young man. Here take this token. If you one day land in the Empire, you can find Sword Dragon Academy. Tell them, It was gifted to you by Senior Wang, they will definitely accept you as a disciple." Senior Wang gave him a token with a Sword and dragon engraved at it.

"Thank you, Senior." Xuefeng was shocked when he heard the old man lived for at least 200 but still received the token.

It will definitely come in handy if he visits the Empire in the future.

"Okay, you can do your stuff, I will take my leave. Oh yeah, I noticed your Spirit Qi was almost depleted, you can take this Spirit Replenishing Pill. You probably exhausted it by reading manuals." He remembered from his earlier examination and threw a round pill at him.

"Thank you, Senior. I really needed one." He bowed before eating the pill without hesitation. If he wanted to hurt him, he wouldn't need to use poison. One snap of fingers was enough. Even Ling had to hide from being discovered.

Senior Wang nodded seeing him take the pill. If he was hesitant, he would think that he was lying to him.

The moment the pill dissolved in his mouth, Xuefeng felt a surge of Spirit Qi dashing towards his dantian. The almost empty dantian turned full after only a few seconds and even increased his total amount of Qi. The process stopped when his dantian capacity enlarged by at least 10%.

"Wow, amazing. What a great pill." Xuefeng commented in awe. He would have to cultivate for a week to get such results.

"Well, its rank 6 pill after all. Here you take one as well, you are a really polite girl. You should take good care of her young man. Don't let others snatch her." Senior Wang turned to Wuying and also gave her a pill.

"Thank you, Senior!" She bowed and smiled sweetly. She looked at Xuefeng expecting to see, how will he react at Old man reminder.

"Yes, Senior. Who wouldn't." Xuefeng said honestly.

Hearing him, Wuying heart felt at ease. Images of her being together with Xuefeng flashed in her mind.

"Alright, I will be going then." Senior Wang said before vanishing. The barrier around Spirit Arts Tower shook but it didn't keep him inside.

'Uff, that old man is finally gone. He was definitely a Spirit Saint stage or above. If I didn't seal myself he would detect me for sure. I'm too weak at the moment.' Ling came back as soon as the Old man disappeared.

'Spirit Saint... Yeah, I understand, down worry.' Xuefeng imagined how nice it would be to fly in the sky.

'The Token seems to be harmless, but it actually has a hidden mechanism inside of it. The other party can track you down as long as you hold onto it. If you try to get rid of it, he will also know about it. This Old man is not simple.' Ling warned after she scanned the token in his hand.

'Well, there is nothing we can do right? I don't think we should be too worried. If he wanted to harm us, why leave a token.' Xuefeng used common sense card.

'Maybe you are right. If I regain my prowess, I might be able to seal it, but that's definitely a plan for the future.' Ling informed.

'Okay, let's just forget it for now. We should focus on this floor.' Xuefeng placed the token inside his Storage ring and walked towards the bookcases.

"Wait for me." Wuying came back from her dreamland where she imagined their life together and followed him.


In the Clan Leader Mansion, Liu Xiaobei was sitting in a study room when a person appeared out of nowhere before them.

"Did you finish the mission?" Clan Leader asked knowing who the person was.

"No, Young Master still tells the same story about the beggar in the city." A person who arrived was the very same Senior Wang, Xuefeng and Wuying met on the 5th floor.

"It's okay, I didn't expect him to tell anything new, he is too smart. Did you notice anything weird inside of his dantian?" Clan Leader continued asking.

"No, It looks the same as if he was born as a Black Talent. I don't think it was the Six Petals Lotus Flower doing. It usually leaves some traces but I couldn't find anything." Senior Wang thought out loud.

"Hmm, interesting. Did you maybe find out what healed his dantian? A normal cracked dantian can be healed with rank 3 pills, but his dantian was completely destroyed. He would need at least Heaven ranked pill to heal it." Liu Xiaobei tried to figure out that mystery for a few days but couldn't.

"I also have no idea." Senior Wang sighed. It was really a weird situation.

"That's unfortunate. I thought you will figure something out. But it doesn't matter, I am slowly regaining my strength. After I reach my peak, we can go along with the plan." Clan Leader decided.

"Are we going to tell Milady first? She still doesn't know anything." Senior Wang asked as his eyes lit up. His master might finally come back home.

"Not yet. You don't need to worry, I will take care of everything. You only need to protect Xuefeng when he meets life and death danger. We still have some time, before we can start our operation. You can go." Liu Xiaobei waved his hand.

"Alright." Old man acknowledged and turned into air.

"Oh, Feng'er, Feng'er. What did you do..." Clan Leader has fallen into deep thoughts again.