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 Senior Chen was just about to visit the training ground to test out the new blade he bought today when he suddenly spotted a bunch of young clan members overtaking him and rushing towards the same destination. He couldn't help but stop one of them and ask, "Where are you all running to?"

He didn't expect that the lowly Spirit Master teen would not give him enough respect to stop and reply but instead shoved his hand away and replied, "I will be late! The battle is about to start!" The teen didn't wait for Senior Chen to answer and ran away after everyone else in worry that he would miss the battle.

'Battle?' Senior Chen, of course, wouldn't miss anything interesting like a fight and immediately followed after the teen, catching up to him quickly before asking while running, "Who is fighting?"

"It's Young Master Liu! He came back and organized a show match right now! I don't know anything else." The teen replied right away without looking at Senior Chen but then he realised there was already no one next to him as Senior Chen disappeared, already being tens of meters in front of him.

Recalling his loss in a sword battle against Xuefeng a few months ago, Senior Chen couldn't help but mutter, 'Let's see how much stronger he is now...'


Xuefeng looked around him, seeing hundreds of Cultivators already waiting for the show to start at the edges of the Training Grounds and aimed his Black Flames Slayer at Princess Shan, asking politely, "Are you ready? The moment we start, you will not have any time to catch a breath."

Princess Shan glanced at the familiar black flames burning on top of the sword and didn't worry much anymore, pointing her own ice cold katana at him before chuckling as she replied back, "I should be saying the same to you. Don't forget who taught you how to use your sword, hehe."

"Heh, alright. Nuwa, can I count on you?" Xuefeng smiled at the confident Princess Shan and called out to Nuwa who Xuefeng chose as a referee for the match. She was strong enough to stop them just in time if any party was clearly going to get hurt. Xuefeng didn't plan to kill Princess Shan but he also didn't plan on limiting his powers. The whole point of this battle for him was to test all of his new abilities.

Nuwa glanced at both of them and suddenly created a small water ball on her palm before slowly rising above them, announcing to them, "When the ball touches the ground, the fight will start." Seeing them both give out a confirmation nod, Nuwa didn't hesitate to release the ball, letting it gently fall towards the ground.

Xuefeng was the first one to act, activating his Lightning Armour all around his body just when the water ball splashed. He planned to probe her skills first before he would use big guns so it was always better to stay protected if he had such a chance.

Princess Shan was also not lazing around as she started closing the distance at the same time while covering her body with a thin layer of icy hue around her body. She raised her eyebrow when she saw Xuefeng lightning armour but that didn't stop her at all.

It didn't take more than two seconds for Princess Shan to reach him and her katana's blade was already falling towards Xuefeng's shoulder, freezing the air around it while the cold emanated from it.

Clank! The blades clashed. Hot and cold touched each other, exploding from one another only to collide again in a similar fashion. Xuefeng was no longer the same swordsman as he used to be before and Princess Shan noticed it too after only a few exchanges with him. She couldn't help but praise him internally but this wasn't the time for that.

Having no chance to beat him in swordsmanship, Princess Shan quickly switched to tricks and spells, preparing an ice missile right after she jumped away from him but right as she landed, a raging fireball was already flying towards her.

Bam! Princess Shan dodged it but didn't expect tens more were already being aimed at her. Princess Shan could only hack with her katana, cutting and slicing the fireballs until her body was finally blown away by two of them. Of course, such an attack couldn't even break her armour so she was only knocked back, but that was exactly what Xuefeng wanted.

When the crowd saw their Young Master just blew his opponent away, everyone started cheering. It was quite unusual for them to see Elements in action and many didn't even know that they existed which made their blood boil from the start.

Princess Shan was not in the environment with a lot of water so her abilities were only limited to using her own Elemental Qi. Unfortunately, she couldn't waste it just like Xuefeng did, having only one Element, so she decided to just use her strongest ability from the start, finishing the probing.

Princess Shan landed on the ground gracefully and immediately started activating her Domain. Too bad she couldn't even focus for a second as she suddenly felt that something was moving underground and had to roll away.


Just as she escaped, an earth spike broke through the earth and exploded the dirt in every direction. Before she could take a breath, another spike broke the ground in the place she just rolled away from which made her wonder in her mind, 'How much Qi does he have...?'

Her question stayed unanswered as she continued to dodge all the spikes skillfully, now having a realisation of why Xuefeng warned her before. She really did not have any time to take a deep breath. She felt like a mouse that was trying to escape against an eagle.

As Princess Shan happen to glance at Xuefeng, she noticed that he already hid his sword and just bullied her from the distance with his spells which made her quite embarrassed. She wanted to show him her skills but so far she didn't do much, only running away from him.

'I guess I can try this Attack Multiplier first...' Xuefeng thought as he suddenly infused his Fate Qi into some Lightning Qi which he already stored in his hand to let out a Lightning Bolt. Seeing that Princess Shan was already quite pitiful, Xuefeng didn't want to bully her anymore. If he didn't have skills to test, he would already stop the battle, knowing she had little chance to win.

Reaching out with his hand, Xuefeng finally released his Lightning Bolt towards Princess Shan who was already being led into meeting it head-on. Princess Shan thought it was just a single attack so she was prepared to block it, but then the Lightning Bolt turned Golden, splitting apart as if being cloned, creating hundreds of identical copies following its master.

Maybe the Lightning Bolt was too fast for normal cultivators but with Princess Shan's reaction time, she quickly reacted by finally forcing her Domain to activate. To connect with nature, Princess Shan needed a lot of focus but time was of the essence in this situation.

Before the Lightning could reach her, Princess Shan's eyes suddenly turned ice blue. The coldness her body emanated momentarily froze the ground around her and a thin barrier from her body started spreading, swiftly drifting away from her, covering more area with each millisecond.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Hundreds of Lightning Bolts began bombarding the cold barrier, exploding on top of it but surprisingly, nothing was happening to it. The barrier continued to spread much quicker than the speed of Lightning and quickly swallowed Xuefeng as well.

He instantly felt the freezing temperature on his skin as everything started freezing and even the Lightning that was flickering as his armour began slowing down.

The spikes that were already preparing to strike from underground hit the frozen ground but got stuck, not able to penetrate the surface.

Princess Shan only smiled, seeing that her Domain worked perfectly this time and began to slowly approach Xuefeng, not bothered by the coldness at all. Before she even reached him, she couldn't help herself but call out to him with a playful smile, "Dear, let me show you the power of my Ice Domain."