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 Xuefeng patted Nuwa's head before creating a barrier around them so that they wouldn't be overheard. He held Nuwa in his arms just in case she tried to do anything dangerous and said softly, "She is Shan's Master who took care of her when I couldn't. Be good." He knew that Nuwa was very direct in expressing her feelings. He didn't want to start any unnecessary conflicts.

"I still don't like her. She is looking at you as if you are a snack. I don't like that. If she tries anything funny..." Nuwa shrugged and glared towards Jiao as she warned her, but Xuefeng quickly stopped her, assuring her, "She won't. The most she can do is trying to flirt with me. Ignore all that."

Thinking it was still not enough to convince her, Xuefeng added, "Do it for me and stay put, okay?"

Unfortunately, just as he expected, Nuwa wasn't happy with it and commented, staying true to her words from before, "I told you already. If I don't like someone, I won't let that person get close to you. This woman smells trouble. Trust my women intuition and stay away from her."

Instead of waiting for Xuefeng to reply, Nuwa suddenly released the barrier around them with a wave of her hand and glanced provocatively towards Jiao. She also happened to be looking at Nuwa at that time and squinted her eyes, not knowing what she planned to do.

Nuwa only smirked at her and wrapped her hands around Xuefeng, suddenly kissing him deeply. Keeping his head in place, she gently brushed his hair at the back and continued to eat his lips, pulling one of her legs upwards.

Xuefeng couldn't just push her away, but after some time passed, she was still inside his embrace despite many guests waiting for them. Xuefeng decided to reach out towards her butt and grab it forcefully, urging her to pull away from him. Only with such sign did Nuwa stop kissing him and hugged his arm instead, looking innocently at him.

Caressing her cheeks against his arm, Nuwa looked at him apologetically and said, making sure she was loud and clear so that Jiao would hear them, "I'm sorry... You were away for so long that I couldn't resist myself. As your girlfriend, I can't get enough of you."

"..." Seeing her like that, Xuefeng turned speechless. Nuwa method to turn him mute was quite extraordinary. He has never seen anyone more shameless than her.

Nuwa didn't mind his expressions and suddenly pulled him towards the rest, calling out to him, "Come on, let me greet our guests. It's Shan's Master and Senior Sisters after all."

Hearing her sudden change in the attitude, Xuefeng knew that this wouldn't go well for sure. He even started thinking of not letting her talk more with Jiao but he knew it wouldn't work on her. Just to be sure that nothing goes wrong, Xuefeng got ready to interfere in everything happens.

When Jiao saw Nuwa's showcase, she also smirked, not bothered much. There were many wives that used to behave very similar to Nuwa right now but they still couldn't keep their men for themselves. It was just a matter of time for her.

Getting close to the group, Nuwa approached them, greeting them with a kind smile, "Hello, I'm Nuwa, Xuefeng's girlfriend. Nice to meet you." Nuwa didn't hide her name, feeling proud of it since Xuefeng learnt about it. She already had a man who learnt about it first so there was no need to hide it anymore.

Hearing the kind voice, Jiao wanted to reply accordingly, not showing any of her cards when suddenly a strong pressure clashed against her, causing her to be paralyzed. She couldn't move no matter what she tried to do and only after a great difficulty her eyes moved, spotting Nuwa innocent smile. She could feel that the pressure was coming from her, but none of her defences worked.

'It's her! Who is she to have such power...?!' Jiao panicked in her mind, realising that if she actually fought with Nuwa, the battle wouldn't be a competition but rather a one-sided slaughter.

"Good day Miss!" Not realising their Master condition, the girls called out happily, greeting Nuwa with smiles, knowing her connection to Xuefeng. Even if Xuefeng had one girlfriend, it didn't mean that he couldn't have more. For them, it wasn't that necessary to be the one lover as long as the man was a great man.

Fortunately for Jiao, Xuefeng quickly noticed her condition, standing right in front of her and quickly stopped Nuwa, squeezing her hand as hard as he could. Nuwa was totally going out of his control so there was nothing he could do other than convincing her to stop.

"Cough, cough!" Only after a few more seconds did Nuwa finally ceased her bullying and released Jiao from her Unique Power, causing her to cough abruptly, gasping for breath.

Unlike Yiren, Nuwa had complete control over her Inborn Ability, making her one of the strongest beings in this world. If Yiren was able to control it as well, even Spirit Monarchs would find it hard to resist her, even though with her low cultivation.

"Master?! Are you okay?" Hearing Jiao's coughing, her disciples immediately approached her to check out on if she was okay but Jiao waved her hand, showing she was alright.

Xuefeng already could hear bracelet's Spirit advice even without him speaking, asking him to do something about Nuwa's misbehaviour. Something had to be done and he already knew about it. Xuefeng also didn't like how she did anything she wanted.

Right when Xuefeng wanted to tell her what he thinks about it, Nuwa surprisingly admitted her faults as she said, "I'm sorry, it's my bad. Sometimes some of my power is leaking and I can't control. Are you okay?"

"I'm okay..." Jiao replied back, still keeping her cool. Being a Sect Master for the last few years taught her a lot and thickened her skin as well. She knew that Nuwa was just trying to intimidate her right now, but that didn't scare her away.

Princess Shan looked at both Jiao and Nuwa, having complicated emotions. Normally she would side with her Master but Nuwa was connected to Xuefeng so it was best for her to stay neutral. She already noticed the tension between the two of them from the start and she didn't like to be trapped in between.

Unfortunately, just as she thought about it, Jiao called out to her, going straight to the point of their visit, "Shan, you will have a sparring session with Young Master Liu."

"Me?" It would be strange if Princess Shan didn't call out in surprise after hearing her Master request. Jiao knew very well about her feelings towards Xuefeng. Why would she make him fight? Was it because of Nuwa?

Nuwa was also just as confused as Princess Shan, looking towards Xuefeng with a questioning look to which Xuefeng simply replied without waiting for Jiao to explain, "I got asked to join White Lotus Sect and I only agreed to do it if Shan can beat me in a fight."

Obviously, when Princess Shan and Nuwa heard this, both of them open their eyes wide, asking at the same time, "What?!" Of course, bother of them had different expressions when they cried it out. One was excited and suddenly all fired up to battle while the other got depressed, not expecting such turns of events.

It didn't take long for them to cry out once again at the same time, both having a different opinion this time:

"I agree!"

"I disagree!"