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 Before they went down the stairs, Xuefeng suddenly stopped and asked, "What's your name, Miss? I don't like using such formalities." Xuefeng always quickly moved to call everyone as if they were his friends as it was much more comfortable, but when the sexy Sect Master heard it, she frowned, not meeting with such a question often.

She looked at him, curious of his next answer and commented, "I'm the Sect Master of a big Sect. I don't think it would be normal if you call me by my name, am I right?"

"Oh, don't worry about that. I'm already friends with much more powerful people. It would be more awkward if I called you a Sect Master instead." Xuefeng replied honestly, assuring her gently.

When listening to him, she couldn't feel even a bit of bragging feeling as if what he had just said was normal for him. It sounded like Xuefeng always interacted with powerful people and a Sect Master of her calibre was just a small figure, which made her quite depressed.

'Who is this guy...? Why can't I figure him out at all...? He is like an open book but still has a lot of mysteries even though you can see it all...' The Sect Master thought in her mind, frustrated about Xuefeng's behaviour. Normally she wouldn't have any problems in picking up a good approach in seducing a man, but she had trouble with this one case.

Looking him in the eyes, she decided to see how he will react later when her ladies know how he calls her and admitted, "You can call me Jiao. Only friends call me that..."

"Alright, Jiao, cute name. Let's go." Xuefeng simply nodded with a slight smile as he patted her on the head and continued walking down the stairs. Jiao couldn't help but blush when she heard him calling her name so casually as well as feel his gentle touch. Fortunately, she quickly shook her head and regained her focus which befitted a Sect Master.

Jiao liked to seduce married men, but that didn't mean she was this familiar with every one of them. It was rare for her to give her name to someone and even rarer if she allowed someone to touch her. She was an expert in seducing without even letting men place a hand on her. For her, men were only playthings that were supposed to listen to her every call.

'Tsk, show off. Since when did Xuefeng become so smooth and confident?' Ming commented sarcastically inside of Xuefeng's mind to which the bracelet's Spirit added, 'He was always like that but he needed a little push to change. I'm not staying with a little bitch so he'd better stay this way.'

Hearing that Xuefeng was being badmouthed, Ling also jumped into the conversation like a female tiger protecting their cubs, 'Who did you call a little bitch?!' She didn't care about the bracelet's Spirit powers when it came to Xuefeng.

Unfortunately, they couldn't do anything to him and he knew it too, not bothered to be kind at all, calling out right back at her, 'Of course I'm talking about Xuefeng. It's all because of you that he was like that. You girls made him too soft. Fortunately, I came in the right moment and set him on the correct path. With me by his side, no women will lead him by the nose.'

Hearing them arguing pointlessly, Xuefeng quickly stopped them, 'Alright, quiet down everyone. I can't focus if you shout so much. Go argue somewhere else.'Only after this did silence fill his mind and he could finally think normally. Listening to the conversation of three spirits at the same time was very tiring.

"Ladies first." When they finally reached the entrance, Xuefeng opened the doors and allowed Jiao to pass first, showing his respect for women which gained him even more admiration from the ladies who watched everything from outside.

Jiao wasn't new to this custom but still appreciated it, knowing that at least he cared for her a bit. When she passed him, her hand grazed by his chest as if by accident, using her nails to leave a teasing feeling behind. Xuefeng wasn't dumb, so he knew what was her plan since the moment he saw her look at him but he could only pity her instead of getting excited. Once she meets Nuwa, he didn't think there would be a nice ending to her flirts.

"Sect Master! Young Master Liu!" With the two of them out, their subordinates greeted them both at the same time. Jiao only smiled as she patted her disciples on the heads like a godmother and one could see based on their gazes that they idolized her.

"We are going to meet with your sister Shan now. Young Master Liu decided to have a sparring session with her. What do you think about that?" Jiao asked curiously as she gave Xuefeng a side glance.

"Oh! But Sect Master, isn't that bullying? Young Master only started his cultivation recently. He shouldn't stand a chance against Shan with his cultivation stage right now..." One of the five beauties who had quite a good opinion about Xuefeng called out in his defence, or rather to warn him about Shan's power.

They all already witnessed her strength before they left for this trip and Shan established herself as a leading disciple by defeating them all effortlessly. After that, they began looking up to her a lot. She didn't try to disrespect Xuefeng but rather believed in her Senior Sister's strength.

Hearing the exact question she wanted, the sexy Jiao brushed her ice blue hair and replied proudly while looking at Xuefeng, "Well, we don't need to worry about that. Young Master Liu said he will be fine. No experts below-"

Unfortunately, before she could end, Xuefeng suddenly approached her and patted her head, calling out gently, "Jiao, stop fooling around and follow me. I will be busy later." He didn't wait for her reaction and simply walked away, slowly heading towards his courtyard.

The ladies looked as if they were paralyzed by lightning but when they saw their Sect Master blush, they couldn't help but exclaim, "Ah! Master!" Before they could get into details and ask what just happened, Jiao shook her head to get rid of the evil thoughts, making her hair messily fly around before she said sternly to her disciples, "Don't ask about it. It's complicated..."

She didn't plan on explaining or rather, she didn't know how to explain it. This was a completely new experience for her as she would almost never let a man touch her for the second or third time. Xuefeng's behaviour was putting her off from the start, not knowing how she should act around him.

The ladies glanced at each other with a knowing smile and didn't comment anymore, but that only made Jiao more frustrated about the situation. It wasn't what they thought at all. Xuefeng was just playing around with her...

Without stopping or turning around, Xuefeng waved his hand and asked, "Are you coming? We don't have the whole day." Seeing how cool Xuefeng acted, the ladies couldn't help but start jumping around, getting excited for their Senior Sister or possibly even their Sect Master.

Having no choice, Jiao stepped forward, catching up to Xuefeng while calling out, "We are coming!" The ladies only giggled and followed after their Sect Master, leaving a few Shadow Guard's members dumbstruck, trying to understand what they just witnessed.

"Sigh, let's give up, Young Master's game is too strong for us. With one move he can get them all excited and make them follow him around. We can't even convince them to talk to us. We will never get a chance to get such fine beauties..." A Shadow Guard member sighed, giving up on the top shelf, actually thinking of getting a normal wife instead.

Even the vice-leader who happened to be present couldn't help but glance at the beauties with yearning but still commented, giving more hope to his comrades, "Let's increase out cultivation first. Women only follow the strongest. Once we work hard like Young Master, beauties won't be able to resist us. Look at the Young Master. He started cultivating four months ago but he already caught up to us. Shouldn't we all be ashamed of ourselves?"

Hearing his words, the fighting will that they just lost was reborn once again and they all agreed at the same time, "Let's do it!"

Xuefeng didn't think that his fortune with women could motivate them to work harder else he would have already used this method. When they arrived back in his courtyard, he spotted Nuwa and Princess Shan sitting on the grass and conversing happily. Only when Xuefeng approached them closer did they stop and looked at him with smiles.

Pulling Nuwa into his arms, Xuefeng commented, "It seems like you two are getting along pretty well." In all honesty, Xuefeng would already be satisfied if Nuwa didn't try to kill anyone, so the scene of them talking normally was bliss.

"Yeah, we talked a lot while you were gone. She is a good girl." Nuwa snuggled into Xuefeng chest, not bothered by the other people in the garden and reached out to pat Princess Shan on the head as if she was praising a kid.

Princess Shan accepted her pat happily before finally glancing towards Jiao. Nuwa also happened to glance in that direction and asked, "Who are they?" When she noticed Jiao gaze towards them, she somehow didn't get a nice feeling from her.

"They are my Master and my Junior Sisters from the Sect." Princess Shan explained quickly before she ran up to Jiao, greeting her respectfully, "Master." Seeing that Jiao only nodded towards her, Nuwa whispered as she hugged Xuefeng around his neck, "I don't like her."