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 "I don't mind. I would be happy to check how much Shan has improved. I hope the Sect didn't save on resources while nurturing her." Xuefeng commented casually as he gave her a side glance. Xuefeng was actually eager to battle someone after getting his new abilities so such an opportunity was well timed.

If Shan really improved a lot then she would definitely be a decent opponent to test them on. Xuefeng didn't have much time to train with them yet, but he was confident that he would learn them quickly.

"Shan joined me quite late, but during the time she was under my wing, she never had anything lacking in her cultivation. Where one needed to pay with contribution points, Shan could have it for free. Don't underestimate the power of the Sect Master. I'm the law there." The sexy Sect Master explained with ease, not bothered by such comments. Copying Xuefeng, she placed her legs on top of each other and reached out for a jug of wine to pour herself some more when Xuefeng acted first, filling her glass like a gentleman.

"Here you go. A glass from me as a thank you for taking care of Shan." Xuefeng poured himself another glass as well and raised it up, planning to toast with her.


The glasses let out a clinking sound as they hit each other and the Sect Master took the first sip while smiling at him. The more time she spent with Xuefeng, the more attractive he was to her.

It wasn't a baseless rumour that she liked to seduce men who were already taken as she indeed had such a kink. Not only that, Xuefeng genuinely sounded like a great guy, being confident, smart, mature and even knowledgeable. It would be a surprise if she didn't find him attractive at that moment.

Seeing the gaze in which the vixen was looking at her son, Mu Lan decided to interfere, calling out to remind Xuefeng, "Son, where are Wuying and the rest? Weren't they supposed to be with you?"

Hearing the question, Xuefeng switched the topics, forgetting about the female Sect Master for a moment, "We separated earlier and Wen was supposed to bring them all back safely. Right, Father, do you have a method to contact Wuying? I forgot to give her a matching Signal Crystal so we could talk in case anything happened."

"Of course I do. She is still the leader of Shadow Guards so I need to a way to contact her. You took her away from me but she should still have one on her. Here try it." Liu Xiaobei pulled out a Green Signal Crystal and threw it towards his son, already a bit freshened up after having his show stolen by him. He didn't need to entertain the sexy Sect Leader anymore so he just relaxed now.

"Alright," Xuefeng stood up and walked up to the window, activating the Signal Crystal away from them so that he wouldn't bother them. Surprisingly, Wuying picked up the call right away and asked, "Xuefeng, is that you?"

"How did you know it was me?" Xuefeng asked with a smile, happy to hear a familiar voice. He didn't think he would be busted this fast but knowing Wuying, it wasn't hard to guess. This was the only way Xuefeng could contact her.

"Your father wouldn't call me knowing I'm with you so the only option is you arriving earlier and calling me. We are still an hour away from the Clan. Wu Kong was begging me to have a break so we could eat and looking at his puppy eyes, I couldn't reject. It has been more than 30 mins but he is still not satisfied. We will leave in a bit and continue our travels." Wuying reported, already knowing what Xuefeng wanted to hear.

"Mhmm, it's okay. You can just carry him away saying that I have much better snacks here. I have a small snack for you as well..." Xuefeng proposed, feeling himself in a playful mood and he didn't need to wait long to hear the sounds of a conversation in the background, "Wu Kong, we are leaving! Big Brother is waiting for us!"

"Noooo, my foooood!"

"Stop holding the chair, we are going!"

"Sis, five more minutes, please! We can't leave so much food alone!"



"Aaah! My own sister to betray me... Out of everyone I know."

Xuefeng could easily imagine what happened and couldn't help but smile listening to the siblings' interactions. It was then that Wuying's voice returned to the call and she reported, "We are heading out. Wait for me there..."


When Wuying started talking, the crystal suddenly cracked, signalling that the connection would soon break so Xuefeng didn't wait and said his goodbyes, "Alright, safe travels then. I will wait for you guys here. I love you."

"I love you too-" When Wuying tried to reply, Xuefeng only heard the first few words before the crystal cracked, breaking into dust in his hand. The Signal Crystals were not eternal. Once they were used too many times, they would simply break.

Xuefeng was glad that he was able to hear at least the first three words which were more naturally leaving their mouths recently. Knowing they were safe, Xuefeng didn't worry anymore and walked back to the table, informing his parents, "They should arrive in an hour. They were delayed because they stopped for some food."

"Yeah, we could hear. You were not secretive about your conversation at all." Liu Xiaobei rolled his eyes when he heard his son's report and asked while squinting his eyes, "Are you showing off in front of your father?"

"Haha, yes! Can't I brag a bit?" Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh after being exposed and patted his father on the shoulder, boldly agreeing to this statement. It would be strange if he wasn't proud of having such great girlfriends.

Just as Liu Xiaobei wanted to continue bantering with his son, the sexy Sect Master stood up and interrupted them, asking, "Shall we go and test Young Master's skills now? We still have an hour of free time."

"Miss wants me to fight Shan right now?" Xuefeng found it a bit too rushed but in the end, he didn't mind it that much so he agreed even before the beauty answered, "I don't mind. As long as Shan wants to, we can do it right away."

"Perfect. Thank you for spending your time with me Clan Leader Liu. I will depend on your son for the second part of the day." The Sect Leader bade farewell to Liu Xiaobei as she walked up to Xuefeng and gently hugged his arm, allowing him to lead her.

Seeing her leaving, Mu Lan didn't let her husband say anything and replied on his behalf instead, "No problem. It was a pleasure. Xuefeng will take care of everything." She believed that Xuefeng wouldn't do anything stupid with the sexy vixen so she decided to leave everything in his hands.

Nodding his head, Liu Xiaobei confirmed his wife's words, "I agree. Xuefeng is mature enough to handle anything related to his future. You two can go first. We will join later." Liu Xiaobei knew he had to please his wife for how he behaved these two days so they excused themselves as well.

Just as Xuefeng left his father's study, he glanced at the sexy beauty who was still shamelessly holding onto his arm and coughed, informing her gently about it, "Cough, the arm..."

"Oh, am I bothering you this much? I can let go if you really insist..." The sexy Sect Master tried to make a pitiful look, glancing softly at him but Xuefeng wasn't really moved and nodded his head, confirming, "Yes, please. My girlfriend will get jealous. If she sees you holding my arm like that, she will kill you."

"What...?" Normally if she heard such a threat, she would most certainly laugh in almost all cases but looking at Xuefeng's eyes, she knew he wasn't joking.

"If you don't believe me then let's go on like this and try for yourself. She is talking with Shan in my courtyard right now. She will definitely welcome you with an open heart. Well, at least one heart will be open." Xuefeng shrugged, continuing to walk forward while explaining, but before Xuefeng could finish explaining, the sexy Sect Leader let go of his arm unwillingly. She didn't completely believe Xuefeng's words but decided to play it safe.