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 'Actually, now that you ask, I can do even more. How about I modify the description so it's even easier to understand. I mind don't remember most Spirit Arts my previous hosts used, but it would be easy to modify one if I see it. This is only Rank 4 Spirit Art. The Lightning Spirit Art I told you about earlier, should be around Rank 6 if I remember correctly.' Ling proposed.

'Yeah, that would be perfect.' Xuefeng sighed in relief.

'Okay, let me use your Qi, I will start copying.' As she said that, he could feel as something started moving his Spirit Qi to and from the manual. He didn't struggle and let her work.

He started to feel that being a Fate Fragment Holder is not that bad. Even if it's associated with danger, he gets a lot of benefits too.

After 5 minutes, Ling said she was done.

'Okay, if you find anything else you want just tell me. But I can modify only one Spirit Art at a time. It will take some time if we gather a lot.' She informed him after he put it down.

Xuefeng then grabbed the next manual which was just near Shadow Clone. It was called "Rank 4 Elements Clone".

Seeing the similar title, he got intrigued. He repeated the same action and this manual also sucked one-tenth of his Spirit Qi.

'Thank god I'm absorbing Spirit Essence this whole time, else I would be out of Spirit Qi after just a few books.' Ling increased her value in his mind again.

This time, the vision showed the same shadow man who was creating clones out of elements in nature. He used his Spirit Qi to turn a earth into his clone. The vision restarted and this time he used water to create another clone. The shadow also created a clone out thin air and fire in the next two visions.

'Wow, this close art is also very cool.' He complimented in his mind. But as he already copied the Shadow Clone Art he decided to put it back on the shelf.

'Wait, don't put it back.' Ling suddenly said.

'Why? We already have one of these.' He asked confused.

'I might be able to compile these manuals and create one that is close to perfection.' Ling voiced her idea.

'You can even do that? You are the best, let's do it.' Xuefeng called out excited.

'Okay!' She said sweetly, happy from the praise.

She started coping this one as well and after 5 minutes she was done.

'Check if there are more Spirit Arts about cloning.' She said after finishing.

'Okay.' He agreed and scanned surrounding shelves.

After a second he noticed two that had a word Clone in their titles. They were just next to the previous two. Apparently, the manuals were separated from each other by genre.

There were only four Spirit Arts about cloning in this room. He copied the other two and moved to the other section.

Just under Clone Spirit Arts, there were manuals that looked to be a Movement Spirit Arts.

There were as much as 8 manuals on this topic. Movement Arts were much shorter than the previous ones. It only took him 20 minutes to copy the each of them into Ling Space in his Spirit.

The others in the room were shocked when they saw him picking manuals one by one and putting them back after a moment. He didn't sit down to read for more than 5 min on one manual.

They knew a person has to use his Spirit Qi to open and read the manuals. It was already hard to view a few manuals in one session, but he already looked through 12 of them. He even started from the most difficult sections, cloning and movement arts.

Checking them out, he probably lost like 70% of his Qi already. Even Wuying was worried about him.

She thought he will be compatible with most of the Spirit Arts, but he only looked through them and put them back away. She was not worried about his spirit Qi as she already knew he can recover it fast.

"Are any of these not suited for you?" she closed her manual and asked concerned as she approached him.

"Actually, they are all good. I already remembered the content of each one. I'm moving to the next section." He said joyfully.

"What?" she thought she heard wrong.

"I meant what I said. I have a perfect memory. I only need to look at the page to remember everything." He lied to her again.

"Really?" Wuying picked one Movement Manual titled "Rank 4 Phoenix Rush".

After opening, she asked suspiciously "Can you tell me what is written on the 6th page?".

Seeing her doubt, he smiled. With the help of Ling, he recited the whole 6th page without any mistake.

Her face and other 4 Spirit Kings who stopped reading their manuals turned into shocked ones.

"Amazing..." One black robed middle-aged man said subconsciously.

"In a few days, you amazed me so many times, that I'm not even shocked anymore." He faces turned back to normal. She felt that he is escaping from her with each step he takes.

'I need to work harder...' She thought secretly.

The next sections he saw were Saber Arts, Spear Arts and various others weapons. He directly skipped towards Fist and Sword Spirit Arts.

There were about 5 Fist Spirit Arts and 9 for a sword. It was the most popular, that's the reason for many Spirit Arts.

When he was finally done, already half an hour passed. He also used all of his Spirit QI. His consumption couldn't keep up with regeneration.

He decided to visit the top floor before going back. There were still other sections but he had no Qi anymore.

"Wuying, let's check out the 5th floor." He called out to her.

"Okay." She stopped reading and followed him.

The others sighed as they envied them.

On the 5th Floor, there was another barrier. There was a barrier before every floor that measured your Spirit stage, but this one only allowed you to enter if you had permission with your token.

They passed through it smoothly after their token was scanned.

There was only one person on this floor. An old man was reading a small manual sitting on a rocking chair. He was surprised someone entered the floor.

He chose this place to read as it was always peace and quiet here. Not many people possessed qualifications to enter the 5th floor.

"Hello Elder, we are just here to take a look. Don't mind us." Xuefeng said politely looking at the old man frown. He didn't know him but if he was here, he deduced he is an elder.

Wuying seeing the Old man panicked a little and hurriedly bowed her head, saying "Senior, we are sorry to disturb you. If you want us to leave, we will comply."

The old man looked at her and smiled recognizing her "Oh, it's you little Ying. No need to, you can take your time."

"Thank you, Senior. The man who came with me is Clan Leader son, Liu Xuefeng. I'm sorry for his casual tone. He doesn't know the Senior identity." She apologized on Xuefeng behalf.

'Oh, so it's Little Bei son. It's okay. I heard that he awakened Black Talent with the help of Six Petals Lotus Flower. Do you mind if I check your dantian? I wanted to visit you earlier but I was too engrossed with this manual." He asked Xuefeng kindly.

"Uhm..." He was quite stunned and didn't know what to say. 'Who is he if not an Elder? Ling, can we trust him?' He asked Ling in his mind.

But the answer never came. Ling was as quiet as a mouse.

'Ling? Ling?' He asked twice in his mind but still didn't hear any answer.