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 When Xuefeng landed in front of his parent's mansion, he saw a few cold looking ladies with white dresses that covered most of their bodies. They were standing together with Shadow Guard members but it didn't seem like they were talking with them. They were coldly looking around at anyone who was approaching and didn't seem to be bothered by the Shadow Guard's members questions.

"Young Master Liu!" The moment they saw Xuefeng, Shadow Guard's members called out happily, greeting him, glad to finally see someone familiar who could help them subdue the cold ladies. Xuefeng was known to have a good fortune with women so they thought of him as their role model.

"Good day. Is my father in his study?" Xuefeng asked as he nodded towards them, greeting them back, before smiling softly at the ladies. The beauties heard many stories from their sister about the guy in front of him and they had to admit that he was indeed impressive. The wings on his back which looked like some type of skill gained their attention from the start while his handsome face and fashion added even more points to their opinion.

"And who could you ladies be? Did you come here to my Shan? Are you her sisters from the Sect?" Xuefeng asked as he looked them from head to toe, deciding to help his subordinates a little.

"Yes... We are White Lotus Sect's disciples. We are also Sect Master's protectors and also Shan is our Sect Sister... Our Sect Master is awaiting Young Master." One of the girls stepped forward and introduced themselves with a slight smile, before recalling that her master wanted to meet Xuefeng and quickly created a way for him.

"Oh, that's right. That's the exact reason for my visit. I already met with Shan and she told me about it. I will excuse myself then." Xuefeng cancelled the wings and acknowledged their focus on the job, no longer wasting time. Just as he was passing them, he saw how his Shadow Guards were looking at him with puppy eyes and Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh internally.

He didn't plan to leave his brothers without help after all so he called out to the ladies while patting one of them on the shoulder, "Ladies, be kind to my people. They belong to my finest Shadow Guard with the best talents in the clan."

Without saying anything else, Xuefeng walked into the building, making the shadow guards stare at him with thankful gazes. They knew that it should be enough as the look on White Lotus Sect's ladies changed when they looked at them, not blatantly ignoring them like before which was great progress.

Normally Xuefeng wouldn't knock on the doors when he planned to meet his father but this time there was a special guest there, someone who took care of his friend so Xuefeng didn't want to look impolite.

"Oh, It's Xuefeng! We were just talking about you. Come join us." Liu Xiaobei called out happily upon seeing that it was Xuefeng who entered, pointing towards the seat next to the unfamiliar lady.

His father's cheeks were already rosy from the wine they were drinking which could explain why he sounded so joyfully. Fortunately, there was his mother sitting next to him, carefully protecting him so he wouldn't do anything stupid.

Xuefeng walked up to his parents, greeting them both with a hug before finally walking up to the sofa the supposed Sect Master was seating on, greeting everyone again, "Good afternoon. What did I miss?"

The lady next to him was observing him from up close but he only smiled at her softly and introduced himself, "I'm Liu Xuefeng. Is Miss the Sect Master of White Lotus Sect?"

"Indeed, I am." The Sect Master admitted with her crispy sweet voice and asked, "And you should be the boy that my disciple is always talking about, right?"

"I guess that's me. Thank you for taking care of her. I didn't like the situation she was in so I'm glad it was handled in time. I wasn't strong enough earlier so I couldn't help her." Xuefeng smiled and thanked sincerely, causing the Sect Master's eyes to brighten. She already had a good first impression of Xuefeng, someone who knew what were his strengths and wasn't rush with his things.

"That's good. One should know their strengths." The sexy beauty praised him as she gave him a sweet smile and moved a bit closer to him on the sofa, asking while blinking her eyes alluringly, "How about now, are you confident that you can beat him?"

When Mu Lan saw her son being flirted right in front of her, she couldn't help but curse in her mind, 'That vixen. First trying to seduce my husband and now she goes for my son...' She wanted to say something to her already but her husband stopped her, assuring that nothing would happen between them and that good relations with another Sect were always appreciated.

Hearing the question, Xuefeng only smiled and replied confidently, looking straight into her eyes, "I'm sure that I can beat anyone under Saint Stage."

"Cough, cough... I don't seem to believe you." The Sect Master quickly coughed twice, almost choking on the wine she was drinking, finding his words too hard to believe.

Normally it wouldn't be that impossible as there were many young geniuses in this world but she knew from Princess Shan that Xuefeng only started his cultivation a few months ago. His progression in less than half a year up to Spirit Lord Stage was already a miracle for her but he also claimed that he could beat anyone under Saint stage which was a very bold statement.

"It's okay. It's not like I care this much to prove it. Miss asked so I answered." Xuefeng shrugged, not bothered much by her doubt. Pouring himself a cup of wine, he gently took a gulp before asking, "I was told that Miss wanted to meet with me. Is there anything I can help you with?"

The Sect Leader watched how natural Xuefeng behaved, knowing exactly who she was and couldn't help but evaluate this boy once again. The seed of curiosity was already planted and it was blooming higher the more time she spent with him. She didn't actually have any particular purpose for this visit, planning to just visit and meet with him, but now her thoughts started changing.

Weighing the possible paths she could take to get him on her side, she suddenly thought of a genius plan and proposed, "Actually... I heard that you have many excellent females around you. I wondered if they can join my White Lotus Sect? It's an all females Sect so you can be sure that they will be safe."

Unfortunately, Xuefeng didn't think too much about it and shook his head, quickly rejected her with a simple flat refusal, "No." He already knew what his women would say if they were asked such a question. The answer would be the same. Another reason would be his own unwillingness to separate with them, planning on being shameless with it.

Even with his refusal, the Sect Leader didn't get angry or anything, thinking it was fair for him to do, but still asked for a reason, "Why? Do you think my Sect is too lowly for them to join it?"

"It's that at all. They just don't want to separate from me and the other way around, I don't want them to leave me too. I planned on joining the Sect but I intended to take them all with me. I don't think that White Lotus Sect would accept a male like me." Xuefeng explained, causing the sexy Sect Master to fall into contemplation.

Thinking that they were done, Xuefeng called out to Liu Xiaobei, "Father, I like how you settled the tailor shop. I told them to invest all of our profits into improving the shop and the quality of the materials. You don't mind, right?"

Hearing his son maturing so fast, Liu Xiaobei felt really proud, leaving everything to him, "Mhmm, it's your business so you can do what you want. I only helped a bit when you were away. Even without my help, I know you would do the same."

Just as Xuefeng wanted to continue talking about other topics, the Sect Leader muttered out loud, "You can join too."

Xuefeng broke his train of thoughts with this sentence and looked back at her, asking confused, "You want me to join your Sect? Isn't it only females Sect? Wouldn't the main Sect disagree to it if reported? I know that your Sect is just a brunch of the one in the Empire."

"Don't worry about the Empire. You said you can defeat anyone under the Saint Stage? Prove it by defeating Shan and I will allow you to join together with your women. What do you think?" The Sect Master just smiled, not bothered by the main Sect opinion.

To her, Xuefeng didn't exactly understand the value of such genius. If she could find a cultivator that could battle Emperor Stage Cultivators in less than six months after starting cultivation, the White Lotus Sect in the Empire wouldn't care if he was a male or not. They would take him and put all of their resources to groom him.

Hearing that he only needed to defeat Shan, Xuefeng couldn't help but ask, "That's it?" Xuefeng didn't want to be rude when he said it, but he was rather confident in his abilities now. If he were to use his Fate Holder abilities, even Saints were not a match for him.

To his confidence, the Sect Master only laughed and said lightly, "Heh, if you think that Shan is still the same weak girl you talked to three months ago, then you will definitely lose."