Training the coldest techniques, Princess Shan's personality would naturally shift as well, becoming more distant and aloof, but when she saw Xuefeng looking at her like that, a rare smile finally appeared on her face as she called out in a sweet voice, "Hey, Xuefeng..."

Honestly, Princess Shan was extremely nervous the whole trip to Liu Clan and even now, before Xuefeng arrived, she was constantly thinking of what Xuefeng would say the moment they meet again. She didn't even know if he would come but her imagination couldn't stop creating various scenes of what could happen later when their eyes glance at each other.

When her Sect Master saw how she behaved, her curiosity began increasing the more she stayed in this Clan. At this point, she planned to stay here until he comes back. If he was here, there is no way she would do any selection at all. This was just a pretext to increase the time she could spend here. After all, some selection processes could last many days.

When Princess Shan looked at Xuefeng, she didn't mind his shock, somehow finding it cute of him. No matter what he did, she liked it, but she couldn't help it. Under Sect Master protection, she was no longer in danger because of Shen Zhao, the Sacred Sword Kingdom Prince, but her feelings still stayed the same, thinking of Xuefeng as her saviour and the pillar of support.

"Hey-" Xuefeng returned the smile and wanted to walk up to her to offer his greetings when suddenly Nuwa overtook him, hugging Princess Shan on his place while calling out, "Shan, what a cute name. You must be one of his girlfriends, right?"

When Princess Shan heard her, the cold facade on her face crumbled as her cheeks flushed red. If her Sect Master saw that she would definitely be shocked. Spending so much time shaping her personality, so that not many things could move her only to have it destroyed with one boy.

Seeing her looked down embarrassed, Nuwa eyes brightened, finding that adorable. She couldn't help but squeeze her tighter, finding some parts of herself in Princess Shan. Just like Nuwa, she was cold on the outside for everyone else but when it came to her lover, she would melt right away.

"Cold on the outside but soft on the inside. You seem to love Xuefeng a lot. I think I like you already. I was doubting Xuefeng pick up skills but it seems that he is choosing only the best." Nuwa praised as she let Princess Shan's head lay down her chest while she continued to gently rub her head.

Feeling the familiar pats, the same ones she used to receive from her mother when she was young, Princess Shan somehow felt the motherly love she was missing for so long. The mesmerising smell of the flowers on Nuwa's dress didn't help at all in pulling away from her and only pushed her to tighten the hug herself.

"Mhmm..." Princess Shan didn't want to confirm anything as she and Xuefeng were not exactly together yet, but she still nodded as didn't want to leave Nuwa's embrace. The two didn't know each other but If she was Xuefeng's friend, Princess Shan didn't mind getting close with her.

"Hey, what about me? Will I not receive a hug?" Xuefeng looked speechless seeing that he was ignored and reached out with his hands, planning to get a hug as well.

Unfortunately, his plans were ruined really quickly when Nuwa pretended she didn't see that, suddenly dragging Princess Shan away from him by wrapping her arms together and only leaving a note, "Shan, let's have a girls talk first. I need to learn more about you. Xuefeng can wait."

Just as Xuefeng thought he would be left hanging alone, Princess Shan suddenly let go of Nuwa and started running towards Xuefeng as she muttered to herself, "No, I can't wait anymore..."

She didn't mind Nuwa company, but she was waiting for this moment for too long to just give it up. When she jumped into his arms, Xuefeng almost fell from the momentum but fortunately managed to support himself. He immediately tightened his hug on her just as strong as she did.

Xuefeng considered Princess Shan as a very good friend and didn't mind hugging her after such a long time of separation. She, on the other hand, knew Xuefeng feelings were still not there, but that obviously wouldn't stop her. Xuefeng didn't say no when Nuwa asked if she was his girlfriend so she already considered that a win.

"I missed you a lot..." Princess Shan whispered after some time, still hugging onto his neck, allowing his hands to gently caress her back. If she could decide, their hug would last for hours until she was finally satisfied, filling the desires she had for the last few months.

"It's okay. I'm here..." Xuefeng smiled and assured her while gently patting her on the head, asking right after, "Did they take care of you there?" He also glanced at Nuwa to see her reaction but she was surprisingly smiling, patiently waiting.

"Mhmm, I was mostly safe thanks to my master... After I told her about you, she decided to make a visit and take me with her. If not for that, I wouldn't be able to meet you..." Princess Shan muttered happily, explaining her reason for the visit. It was extremely hard to get a pass to visit family in the White Lotus Sect, especially if someone just joined it, so she was blessed to have such a chance this quickly.

"I guess I will have to meet with her and thank her for taking care of you. Is she in the clan right now?" Xuefeng asked while wondering what did Princess Shan tell her master that would make her desire to meet him so much. They did have to travel a bit of a distance to reach here. He didn't believe that they came with the reason of performing the selection for their sect.

"Yup, she is talking with your parents right now in the Clan Leader's mansion." Princess Shan found herself much more comfortable now after staying in Xuefeng's arms for so long and wasn't nervous anymore, talking confidently.

Just when Xuefeng wanted to continue conversing with her, Nuwa called out from behind of them, interrupting him, "Shan, are you coming? There is a lot we need to talk about."

Reluctantly, Princess Shan let go of Xuefeng, dropping down to the ground and left a quick kiss on his cheek before running back to Nuwa. She was also curious of who she was to Xuefeng, looking like a twenty-year-old beauty but having the maturity of a mother.

"I will leave you girls alone then. You can join me when you finish." Xuefeng waved his hand for goodbyes and decided to visit his father study. There were a lot of questions he wanted answers to.

He knew that Nuwa went astray with her assumptions but he didn't try to correct her at that moment, leaving it for Princess Shan to explain. It would be extremely awkward between them if he suddenly rejected her in front of Nuwa.

Spawning his wings once again, he flew into the sky, heading towards the main building in the clan. When Princess Shan saw his wings once again, she looked amazed at how Xuefeng grew in those last few months. From a noobie cultivator into a full-fledged one that looked as if he had years of experience.

When Princess Shan arrived by Nuwa's side, looking at her curiously, she was met with a deep question right in the feels, "You are not his girlfriend yet, right?"

Realising she was busted, Princess Shan didn't lie anymore and said truthfully, "I'm not... Yet." When Nuwa saw the confidence in her eyes, she couldn't help but let out a laugh, commenting, "Haha, I like you a bit now. Now only you passed my test, you also had this nice stubborn me in you."

"Test?" Princess Shan asked confused, not realising she was already undergoing a test. Wasn't it too fast?

"I took you away from him the moment you guys meet. If you didn't run towards him to at least hug him upon greeting, I would kick you out right away. He needs support, not a weak lady. I'm glad you passed the test." Nuwa shrugged as she leaned over on the boulder, staring interestedly at Princess Shan frown. Nuwa already planned to test everyone Xuefeng wanted to be with so no one was safe.