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 "Did you design these?" Nuwa asked as she sensed Xuefeng approaching her from behind. She was holding a white sexy bra, filling the texture with her fingers. Nuwa picked it as it matched with her dress, but she wondered why even wear one of these when they would only restrain her breasts.

"Yup, I did. Well, I just told the young tailor here about the concept and he came up with them. Honestly, he did a nice job here if I were to judge." Xuefeng answered her as he also picked one piece from the hanger and found the job really well done. Recalling the previous issue, he didn't forget to explain that as well, "Nuwa, Lady Riu is the owner of the shop. She is my partner in business. Nothing else."

"I know. I'm not that silly. I sensed that she was coming earlier when she saw you so I knew she must've known you. She was working in the shop before that so it's not hard to explain it. I just left earlier so that you have some time to talk." Dongmei revealed her thought process, making Xuefeng smile proudly. She was indeed a mature lady with experienced thinking which is why he should use a different approach to subdue her.

"Thank you. We did talk a bit about the business. I promised to draw some more designs for them so we will move backstage later." Xuefeng kissed her on the cheek as a thank you for that and asked, while looking at the many designs on the wall, "Did you find anything that you are interested in here? Take whatever you like."

"Can I only take the bottom? I don't think I would like wearing the top. I like them for free." Nuwa put away the white bra and picked white panties that matched the bra. She already scanned her butt and chose the right size right away.

"No problem. Take as many as you want. I will pay for them with my share of the earnings. Do you want some other colours too?" Xuefeng took a few of the same ones so Nuwa would have spare pairs and looked at the other designs in various other colours, planning to buy her what she wants.

Just when Nuwa wanted to reply, they both heard a conversation between two ladies who were whispering behind her back, thinking that they wouldn't hear just because they were on the other side of the room.

"Young Master Liu is so mature and manly. He is even buying undergarment for his women without even blinking or getting embarrassed. If only I could become his concubine or even a servant, I would be content with my life."

"Don't you have a boyfriend already? What happened to him?"

"Of course he can't compare with Young Master Liu at all. I wouldn't hesitate to break up with him. The young master, on the other hand, comes from a good background, has good looks and his cultivation is even better. Did you see his wings? He can fly already... I wish I could fly in his arms like that."

Listening to the young teens, Nuwa smirked and commented, "Should I tell them that you are also a big dummy as well?"

"Cough, I'm not a dummy... Okay, maybe sometimes. Quickly pick what you want and let's leave. I don't want to hear any more gossip about me." Xuefeng coughed when he heard her as he knew what Nuwa was talking and hurried her so they wouldn't have to listen to more of such conversations.

"Hehe, alright. I only want these few. I don't need anymore." Nuwa only laughed a bit at him and gave him the last pair before adding, "Let's go meet this tailor then. I didn't like any of the dresses on the base level. I hope he has some special hidden gems in his workshop."

"Mhmm, let's go then. After that, we need to go straight to my clan as probably something interesting is going on there. I overheard a nice piece of news which I need to check." Xuefeng took Nuwa by the hand and led her back towards Lady Riu who was waiting for them at the entrance. Xuefeng promised to help design some new clothes for them so she was obviously excited, waiting to lead them to the workshop.

"Ah! Young Master Liu!" Just as they passed the changing rooms, two girls went out from the same one that Xuefeng overheard some information and they quickly cried out when they saw Xuefeng.

They were quite shocked seeing him just after they talked about him and suddenly wondered if Xuefeng heard them which quickly caused the two teens to blush. At first, Xuefeng didn't plan to say anything, but in the end, he couldn't help himself from calling out with a playful smile, "Good luck at the selection."

Without looking at them anymore, Xuefeng walked away with Nuwa who only shook her head with a smile. She already knew what Xuefeng overheard and didn't mind his teasing towards the two teens, actually finding it funny.


"Young Master! You finally came back! Did you see how quickly we improved the shop? It's all thanks to your father's help. He provided us with everything the moment he visited our shop. I can't thank you both enough." The moment Xuefeng entered the workshop at the back, he was immediately spotted by the young tailor and received a bear hug from him. He was so happy that he treated Xuefeng as a friend but Xuefeng didn't mind at all, actually preferring it.

Just as Xuefeng expected, there were many workers working backstage, more than thirty actually, creating various dresses and lingerie like machines. Normally this much work would be impossible to do in such a short time but with the help of their cultivation, they could speed up some steps.

"That's good. I told him to take a look at it and I'm glad he helped." Xuefeng nodded at the young tailor and was about to introduce Nuwa when she let go of his hand, approaching the dress prototypes on the side which she didn't see in the shop earlier.

Turning to look at Nuwa, Xuefeng still introduced her proudly, "This is my girlfriend, Nuwa. We are looking for a dress. Do you have anything special? I will help you with some designs after she chooses something."

"Mhmm! Right away. I would never mistreat the Young Master's lover. I will definitely prepare the best dress she has ever seen." Young tailor finally looked at the beautiful lady on the side, being focused only on Xuefeng earlier and his eyes couldn't help but brighten.

It wasn't because Nuwa was an extreme beauty but because her body proportions were just perfect for the dress he was just working on. He was a tailor, after all, he was looking more at the body of the ladies instead of the face, switching on tailor mode right away.

Only after a moment did he notice some patterns that have been repeating whenever Xuefeng was coming here and couldn't help but ask while whispering, "On a side note... How does Young Master court so many top grade beauties? Can I know the secret? I'm still single, you know, cough."

Hearing the young tailor's question, Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh lightly and shrugged, saying with a grin, "Hah, I will tell you the secret when I figure it out, because honestly, I still have no idea." Probably all of his women were out of his league when they met, but they still somehow fell in love with him.

Hearing the question, the young tailor couldn't help but sigh, thinking that he would be single forever at this point but then regained his vigour when they approached Nuwa and called out, "Miss Nuwa, let's move to my private room. I have a special dress that I just started working on today morning and it's almost finished. I think it would be perfect for you."

"Alright." Nuwa nodded calmly, acting like a proper queen in front of them, which made everyone wonder from which big family she was from.

When Nuwa finally saw the dress, trying it on afterwards, she was actually pleasantly surprised, having both the colours and style that she liked. It was a light green dress having a skirt that extends down to the middle of her thighs with a small cut in the middle, exposing her fit belly. Xuefeng would argue that it exposed too much but she didn't mind that.

Her breasts were supported by a tightened material underneath while being wrapped lightly but soft material, acting like a bra inside the dress which she liked much more than the normal bras. Her sides were also covered this time which was quite a disadvantage for her, but the overall look was nice.

What she liked the most was the while petals flowers that were sewn into the actual dress, giving her the fresh look. When she wore the dress, they also opened as if they were still alive, releasing a pleasant smell. It was a surprise for the young tailor as those petals were chosen by him because of their properties.

They would never rot even if the petals were plucked from the flowers but now they looked like they were alive. He couldn't have known that Forest Elves were blessed by nature and just by being next to the flower, it would bloom as if it was in the best soil in this world.

"I like it." Nuwa announced after looking at herself in the mirror from every direction, deciding on taking it for herself. It was made from natural materials from nature so she felt even better in it.

"I'm glad. Miss, you can treat this dress as yours from now on. This will be the only copy of it so Miss doesn't need to worry that someone has the same one. Only unique dresses will be presented to you." The young tailor nodded happily seeing that his dress was matching Nuwa perfectly as if she was born for it.

Thinking what else he would add, he suddenly thought of a great idea, calling out excitedly while searching through a bunch of materials for something, "Miss, wait a moment! I have something that would look great with the dress."

What the young tailor pulled out from the pile of clothes was a pair of cute green sandals made from some type of plant, having two straps connected to them and said, "Miss, please try on those sandals. They will match perfectly with the dress."

Just as he expected, they added a great elegance and alluring feeling to Nuwa's legs. Even Xuefeng nodded, thinking her legs were even sexier than before.

Seeing Xuefeng's glance, Nuwa walked up to him and said while wrapping her arms around his neck, "Well, as long as Xuefeng likes it then I will wear it." She didn't mind the young tailor's presence and allowed Xuefeng to feel the dress from up close, whispering to him, knowing that he would be the one taking it off later, "Will it slide off easily too?"

"I like it as well. We will take it." Xuefeng replied out loud before whispering back to her with a mischievous smirk, "There shouldn't be a problem..."

"Perfect! How about we talk about some designs I have been working on? I would like some opinion on them." Young tailor exclaimed before moving towards the next topic, valuing both of their times.


"I guess no one knows much about the selection happening. We should just check it out ourselves and ask my father first." Xuefeng called out to Nuwa after they finally left the shops, heading towards the clan. He asked Lady Riu and the tailor about what he heard but he didn't get much information. They had been too busy to listen to the news.

"I wish to meet your sweet girlfriends. Do you think they already arrived?" Nuwa asked as she flew behind him, this time on her own. She didn't want to ruin her dress too much during the flight so she decided to go by herself.

"Maybe. Some time already passed. If nothing stopped them, they should be coming back around that time. Let's land in my courtyard first. We will see if they are there and only then visit my father." Xuefeng shrugged, not feeling anything from Yiren's and his connection so he guessed that nothing happened to them.

"Mhmm, but don't expect I will be nice to everyone just because they are your girlfriends. If I don't like someone, I will let you know." Nuwa reminded him before they landed, making him already imagine the headache he would have watching those scenes if that happened.

Flying into the clan grounds, they were not stopped by anyone, probably because the Shadow Guards saw them earlier and already reported that Young Master returned already.

They headed straight towards Xuefeng courtyard and Nuwa called out first, seeing a person standing next to the familiar pond, "Someone is there." She didn't wait for Xuefeng's reply as she dived down right away. Xuefeng could only follow closely behind her, landing a second later with a gentle thud.

At first he didn't recognize the woman in front of him but when he saw her face upon her turning around, Xuefeng couldn't help crying out shocked, "Shan?! What are you doing here?"