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 "Mhmm... You always know what I want." Nuwa said sweetly as she smiled while opening her eyes. Before Xuefeng could pull away she leaned over for much more, tasting his lips as she wished. She didn't mind exchanging kisses for waiting like that.

"So everything is ready? We can leave right now?" Xuefeng asked as he stood up and pulled her up with him. They both had the Storage Rings so there was no problem with luggage for them.

"Yup. When you were away I talked to Tangwei for a bit and she left, already knowing what she needs to do. We can go on an adventure whenever we want." Nuwa nodded as she showed him the ring on her finger. She was already ready and packed a few days ago the first time she thought about it.

Knowing there was nothing else for her to do here, Xuefeng pulled her towards the throne which had a portal beneath it and said, "Let's go then. The others are very interested in meeting you. Yiren is also missing you."

"Alright. I also want to see what is your taste in women. I hope they are as great as I think they are. Tianshi was somewhat okay." Nuwa said with a curious look on her face as she pushed the throne away and asked while reaching out to him, "Hubby, are you ready?"

Xuefeng didn't comment on that but grabbed Nuwa into his arms and jumped into the portal while holding the token. The throne moved, returning to its place right when they dropped and soon they reached the end, sinking into the water.

Nuwa also felt much different today, compared to when she does it alone. She didn't pick a destination and instead left it all in Xuefeng's hands. She felt a sweet sense of assurance, having the sureness that she would be well if she stays inside of his arms. Nuwa wasn't worried at all to leave her safety in his embrace which felt like one of her small goals was achieved.


Getting out of the lake this time got complicated as they happened to be unlucky meeting some people camping nearby. He wanted to swim towards another shore to get out of the water, but Nuwa apparently didn't realise that her outfit would be even more provocative than normal if she got wet and headed straight towards the closest shore.

"Look! Someone is swimming in the lake!" Before they even reached the shore, Xuefeng heard the cultivators on the beach cry out and he saw them pulling out their weapons. Xuefeng only cursed as Air Qi wings spread from his back and spun once, lifting him out of the water.

Xuefeng quickly reached Nuwa who separated from him and caught her like an eagle, pulling her into his embrace before flying into the sky under shocked gazes of the cultivators.

"Dummy, why did you separate from me?! Can't you see you are all wet and they can ogle your body like that? All your clothes are sticking into your skin..." Xuefeng scolded right away when they rose above the forest to quite a height but when he saw her smile and felt her gentle hug, his anger slowly began to dissipate.

He quickly ran Fire Qi through their clothes to make them dry but that wasn't enough. The way she was dress would bring too much attention to them and people would stare at Nuwa which he definitely couldn't allow. It was the same situation with Yiren who wore similar clothes to her mother.

"I just wanted to see your reaction, hehe. You look so cute when you get worried about me. Can you scold me more? You can punish me too. I love when you get angry." Nuwa wrapped her arms around his neck and giggled, happily asking for him to show more emotions, but that only extinguished his enthusiasm to scold her anymore.

"We need to get you changed. You can't be flying and walking in the city like that. I don't want others to look at you." Xuefeng grabbed her skirt and pulled it down a bit, before holding it tightly so it wouldn't show her undergarments. From the side view, Xuefeng was just holding Nuwa's butt yet in reality, he was protecting her.

"Now I want to see a jealous Xuefeng..." Nuwa thought out loud, even planning something evil, but then Xuefeng slapped her butt with some power, showing his dissatisfaction with her idea.

Xuefeng was following bracelet's Spirit advice and didn't let Nuwa get on his head, saying sternly, "Don't even think about it. If you misbehave, I will send you back to the Holy Land right away." This sentence quickly forced her to cease her plans, feeling in Xuefeng's voice that he wasn't joking at all.

"I was just joking... I wouldn't do anything like that. You are the only man I will ever touch. Are you happy?" Nuwa rubbed her nose against his face and quickly began pleasing him, countering her previous behaviour.

With her like that, it was hard to get mad at her but Xuefeng didn't plan on allowing any more of similar teasing anymore and slapped her butt again as an answer to her question before saying while changing the topic, "Let's just fly straight towards the city. We will quickly visit the tailor before anything else and get you a nice dress."

Seeing Xuefeng so cool and manly, Nuwa suddenly got excited and decided to let him spoil her more, saying sweetly with a kiss on his cheek, "Carry me then. I like being in your arms... You should protect your Queen, okay?"

"Alright, hang onto me tightly then." Xuefeng didn't mind that as this way he would be sure she doesn't do anything stupid and flew straight towards the city.


Just as they arrived above the city, heading toward the young tailor shop, Nuwa noticed there were a lot of people standing on the street in a nicely ordered line and asked curiously, "Why are those people queuing there? What are those ladies waiting for?"

Xuefeng couldn't reply right away as he was also in quite a shock seeing how the tailoring business grew in a span of a few days and muttered quietly, "To think they already have this much clients..."

Seeing that Xuefeng was heading towards the crown, Nuwa realised that it was their destination as well which made her wonder, "Those clothes must have some good quality. It seems a lot of ladies are going crazy for them."

"Mhmm, they are ones of the best. After all, your hubby was the one who designed some of them. I'm actually the co-owner of this shop." Seeing that Nuwa got interested, Xuefeng couldn't help but brag a bit.

Nuwa glanced at the smug on his face but she didn't give him this satisfaction and decided to postpone praising him to after she actually sees the product itself. Xuefeng didn't mind that as he knew she would like the lingerie that he designed for sure.

As they got closer to the ground, Xuefeng noticed that the tailor shop was much bigger than a few days ago. The neighbouring shops were now part of the tailor shop and even Shadow Guards were assigned to protect the business while keeping the order.

"It looks like my father decided to invest in the business when he saw how many ladies are interested in new clothes and lingerie. The production probably increased as new personnel was hired." Xuefeng commented, already waiting to hear from his father's praise of how good of a business he created.

Just as Nuwa wanted to reply, some ladies from the queue looked upwards towards him and started screaming. Of course, they were not scared but rather excited, shouting with happiness, "Everyone, look! It's Young Master Liu! He came back!"

With one cry, another one followed and soon all ladies on the street were crying out while reaching out to him, "Young Master! I love you!" Hearing such cries, Xuefeng felt dumbfounded, not knowing how to react. He never expected he would get so many fans out of nowhere.

Feeling that suddenly the hands wrapped around his neck were tightening, Xuefeng paled as he finally glanced at Nuwa and saw a chilly smile on her lips. When his women were smiling when they should obviously behave differently, Xuefeng knew that his time would be really rough in the next moment.

"You seem to be famous here. So many ladies are willing to throw themselves in your arms... You must be smiling even during your sleep, huh?" Nuwa asked as her smile turned into a sweet one instead, no longer looking that threatening but for him, it was much worse when he couldn't figure her plans.

"Nuwa... You know that I don't even know them, right? I wasn't in the city for the last few days so I also don't know what is going on. I don't even recognize any of them. They probably know I was the one behind the clothes so they want to please me now... They were not like that before." Xuefeng didn't need to but he still explained himself, proving himself innocent and Nuwa expression changed noticeably.

Unfortunately, before Nuwa said anything, an emerald-eyed lady walked up from the crowd and called out to them as they hovered above the crowd, "Young Master Xuefeng! Welcome back!"

When Xuefeng saw her face, he recognized the lady right away as the young tailor's sister, Miss Riu. He didn't hesitate to call out to her with a wave, "Lady Riu! Long time no see!"

"Hmpf!" Only after Nuwa snorted and jumped out of his embrace did Xuefeng realise what mistake he made, quickly facepalming himself. Xuefeng somewhat wondered if someone above was ruining his life or it was just him who was this dumb.

He didn't hesitate to chase after Nuwa who descended in front of the shop, walking towards the entrance, without looking at anyone around her.

"Young Master Liu!" Just as Xuefeng landed, the ladies decided to approach him as he had no women around him anymore which made them much bolder than before but unfortunately for them, Xuefeng wasn't interested at all and just gave a glance as a signal to the Shadow Guards standing by the entrance to fix it.

They quickly understood him and quickly moved, appearing in front of him and the crowd and one of them shouted, "Those who leave the queue will have to go back to the end!" This one sentence stopped the heated ladies from rushing up to him and returned to their spots. After all, they spent too much time waiting for their turn.

That still didn't stop them from calling out to Xuefeng, hoping that he would glance at them for a moment, but Xuefeng didn't plan on stopping, entering the shop second later.

"Sigh... This is over for us... Young Master already won the heart of all the ladies... If only we had just a bit of his fortune, we would die happy." The young guys who stood on the other side of the street couldn't help but sigh in envy when they saw Xuefeng having such fortune with women while not even needing it. Xuefeng already claimed the best beauties based even on the one he just had in his arms.

"Young Master, can you see how many clients we have?! It's all thanks to you. I'm sorry for now believing you before." Lady Riu said happily as she walked into the store behind Xuefeng. She was really excited seeing her business blooming in just two days after striking the deal with Liu Clan. There was nothing else that could make her happier right now.

"I'm happy for you. I will try to help you design some new clothes for women later. Do you know where my partner could go? She entered before us but I can't find her." Xuefeng smiled at Lady Riu, knowing she should be ecstatic right now, but he was more focused on searching for Nuwa who suddenly disappeared inside the giant shop.

The small tailor shop from before wasn't that small anymore after all. They listened to Xuefeng's suggestion and made ready dresses which they hang around in the shop for the clients to look through. He knew that in this world, all the clothes were handmade and each piece was unique. Xuefeng, however, wanted to change this and make it in a similar fashion like on Earth.

Even if the clothes were not unique, they would be cheaper than traditional ones but also prettier than them so the old customs wouldn't matter anymore. Having multiple sizes of the same dress ready to buy right away was their advantage. At that moment, there were many ladies looking through the various dresses on the hangers to the point they had to limit the entry as it would be too crowded.

Some of them noticed Xuefeng right away but seeing that he was talking to Lady Riu, they didn't want to disturb them, only throwing some flirtatious glances instead.

"That's great! My brother made many designs himself based on the ones that Miss Tianshi drew before but they were not as good." Lady Riu smiled happily knowing they would have more great designs before looking around the shop to help with searching and muttered after not spotting Nuwa anywhere, "Maybe she is on the second floor? We placed the lingerie on the second floor to make a separate section for it."

With that suggestion, they both went upstairs and Xuefeng finally noticed her, walking around while touching different underwear. Knowing she was fine, Xuefeng turned to Lady Riu and asked, "How is lingerie selling? I see some nice new designs so your brother must have worked on that."

"Ugh... Don't mention it. He spends so much time on them that I sometimes think he is a pervert. Anyway, they are selling well. Much better than dresses. Because of that, we decided to assign more people into making those instead. Liu Clan provided us with many talented tailors from different cities which helped us a lot with the production speed." Lady Riu explained with a wry smile.

"Excuse me," Xuefeng wanted to talk more, but then he spotted Nuwa looking towards him, giving him the "glance" and he quickly changed his plan, walking up to her instead.

Just as he neared Nuwa, Xuefeng happened to hear a part of the conversation when walking next to the changing rooms, which made him slow down for a second to hear some more.

"Gosh, you look so pretty in those. They should bring you a lot of luck when you take part in the selection tomorrow. I will cheer for you from the side too."

"You should also come with me, I bet you will have some chance too. Who knows what they are looking for. Maybe our talents are not the best, but we might win them over with some other qualities. I hear it is a Sect Master who came herself this time. To think that they would create a special enrolment time and even pass by our small city. Heavens are helping us."

"Alright! I will go as well. They were in our city since yesterday, staying inside the Liu Clan but no one knows how long they plan to stay there so we need to grab this chance. I guess if not for Liu Clan, we wouldn't be this lucky. Did you see the Liu Clan Young Master? I heard he is a hottie. Maybe we will be able to meet him-"

When Xuefeng heard they were talking about him, he continued walking forward as if he didn't hear anything. After overhearing this, Xuefeng couldn't help but think to himself, 'Did Sect Master from the academy came to recruit me?'