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 The bracelet turned into liquid and covered Xuefeng's arm as he started walking towards Ming. Seeing her panicked expression he knew that the bracelet's power was just as the Spirit inside of it told him. No matter how strong the Fate Spirit is, they didn't stand a chance against his power.

"How did you-" Ming's face turned ugly when she realised that the situation didn't look good for her and decided to ask how did he do it but her words got stuck in her mouth. She had a really hard time even forcing the Spirit to talk to her and even harder when she wanted to convince him to stay with her.

"Didn't think I wouldn't learn about it, huh? The Bracelet is already connected to me so one day or another I would realise its powers anyway. Do you think that you can still blackmail me?" Xuefeng asked as he finally stopped in front of Ming, looking her straight in the eyes with a grin. He didn't like the mature Ming attitude from the start so he wasn't even a bit sad for threatening her.

Knowing she was already pushed to the wall without any escape routes, Ming quickly gave in without even fighting, "Fine... You win. I surrender." She understood the bracelet's powers much better than Xuefeng did so she knew there was no way for her to resist even with her vast knowledge.

"Haha," Xuefeng found that quite funny as he laughed and asked sarcastically, "Do you think that the problem is solved because you yielded?" Xuefeng didn't think she would be this shameless to not even apologize for her behaviour.

"Alright, what else do you what? I'm already your Fate Spirit. I can't leave you anymore and you can't hurt me either. If you hurt me, your Spirit would suffer as well so it's not like I'm scared of you even if you control the bracelet." Ming rolled her eyes when she heard Xuefeng's question and glared back at him, showing her previous temperament.

Only then did Xuefeng realise that he still didn't have a plan of what to do with her. Killing her definitely wasn't an option as the complications from doing that would be too much to handle. Not even taking their connection into account, her hidden aces alone were dangerous enough to change this idea. He didn't worry that she might hurt him but she could still hurt others which he certainly didn't want to see.

Thinking of a quick solution, Xuefeng shook his head and replied, "I'm not going to hurt you, but you are going to bring back your younger sister. I want to talk to her first before I decide what to do with you."

Ming looked at Xuefeng for a few seconds and showed him five fingers as she called out, "Five minutes. I'm not giving her more. She deserves punishment and she knows it too."

Xuefeng frowned seeing that her attitude didn't change at all and said sharply, "I don't think you are in a position where you can bargain with me. There are many ways to regenerate a hurt Spirit and I believe Ling can help me as well. If you really want to test my patience then go ahead."

"Five minutes." Unfortunately, Ming only repeated her first two words, ignoring him and started the transformation, suddenly getting shorter in height while having her face becoming young. In literally no time, mature Ming turned into the familiar Little Ming who Xuefeng spent a huge tonne of time in this world.

Her dress looked really buggy on her but she quickly changed to her usual pink hoodie instead and looked at Xuefeng with her cute round eyes. One could see a regretful expression on her face, but other than that, there was also the happiness of being able to meet with Xuefeng again.

Having only five minutes, Little Ming didn't waste any time and quickly walked up to Xuefeng, saying apologetically, "Xuefeng, I'm really sorry... I know that it will take a while for you to forgive me, but I will try my best to repay you..."

Before Xuefeng could say anything, Little Ming suddenly stepped forward, hugging him tightly as she continued, "I know that it was all my fault as I could definitely first talk to you about it. We would find the solution ourselves without dragging your Ling's connection with you into this. I'm really sorry once again."

"It's not me you should be apologizing but Ling. You tried to separate us while hurting her in the process. Instead of doing exactly what we just did, you wanted to take everything for yourself selfishly taking her place. And you are right, it will take a while before I trust you the same as before." Xuefeng pulled Little Ming away from him and turned her towards Ling who stood on the side, watching the ongoing situation.

"Mhmm, I understand." Little Ming wasn't mad at Xuefeng for those words as it was her fault, to begin with. She already expected such reaction from Xuefeng so she wasn't surprised as well.

Walking away from him, Little Ming walked up to Ling and apologized sincerely in a similar fashion as before to which Ling could only sigh, not having the heart to scold a little teen. It was different when it was mature Ming controlling her body as she felt equal with her at least.

"I know you must have a lot of question but I answer them after my punishment. I know I did wrong so I should suffer first. What I can say now is that even though my second personality might be quite annoying, she is still fundamentally a good person. I will try to talk to her so that we can work together as a team instead of fighting." Little Ming explained quickly, knowing that the time was ticking.

"Why can't you stay instead? I find her quite irritating. I would rather have you by my side if I had to choose." Xuefeng asked as he didn't like that idea of having mature Ming back this soon, but Little Ming only shrugged, saying warmly, "She is me and I'm her. We are inseparable and there is nothing I can do about it. She-"

Unfortunately, just as she wanted to finish her speech, Ming transformed once again, turning back into mature Ming once again before calling out indifferently, "Time's up."