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 'What? Can she even do that? I thought that only one Fate Spirit can be connected to the Fate Holder?' Xuefeng quickly asked, feeling the anxiousness in Ling's voice. If he was correct and Little Ming tried to break that connection so she can replace it with herself, it would explain why she cried, apologizing non-stop.

'I don't know... It shouldn't be possible to possess two Fate Spirits at the same time as the burden on the Spirit would be too much for it to handle... But... As we know who she is, maybe she has some methods that are unknown to me...' Ling answered with worry still lingering in her voice. It was definitely a bad situation for her.

Xuefeng didn't want to hurt Ling but he had to mention the main issue he thought of that Ling didn't exactly see. Wording out his message, he spoke cautiously, 'What if she does something bad like cancelling our bond with each other and replace it with her own? I definitely don't want that to happen...'

Hearing his message, Ling's voice began shaking as she asked as if she didn't understand his question, 'What...?' Ling quickly slapped her forehead, realising how blind she was. She wasn't connected with Xuefeng yet so just like she planned to leave Xuefeng at first, the bond between them could be removed by someone powerful.

Only being connected would make their Spirits bonded forever and that's what she was already planning to do. Without Xuefeng, she would be a free Fate Spirit, but at the same time, an extremely vulnerable one too. If someone caught her, it would definitely be a disaster for her.

'Xuefeng! She really can do it! Its a really long process but with enough time, she can definitely take control of your Spirit. If we don't stop her, she will separate us from each other...' Ling called out, clearly panicking at this point. She was rarely like that, but this time she actually had no options of fighting back herself and her fate depended on someone else.

Nuwa who was pulling him while hugging into his arms noticed that something was wrong and quickly asked, stopping right before they were to leave the cave, "Xuefeng, why are you frowning? Do you still feel unwell?"

"There is something wrong with my Spirit. Let me check what is going on." Xuefeng sat down cross-legged on the ground, explaining himself to Nuwa and asked in his mind, 'Ling, let me entered your space now." He knew that the situation was serious and he had to quickly fix it. Xuefeng definitely didn't want to lose Ling and that was his main goal.

Just as he finished his sentence, he appeared in Ling's space and Ling rushed into Xuefeng's arms right away. He could see right away that she was really bothered by this and even her cheeks had traces of falling tears which she forgot to get rid off.

"It's alright... No matter who it is, I won't let them take you away from me. You are mine already, remember your promise? You said you will stay by my side forever." Xuefeng said gently as he lifted Ling's chin and planted a sweet kiss on her lips, trying to calm her down a little.

Ling didn't say anything and simply looked at him quite upset, before returning into Xuefeng's embrace. It was the first time Xuefeng saw Ling behaving like this and Xuefeng actually started getting mad at Little Ming for doing such a thing to them.

He didn't want to jump into conclusions too early, but Little Ming wouldn't apologize if she wanted to coexist with Ling as his secondary Spirit. The chances of Little Ming's plan to be what they thought was pretty high.

Feeling he needed to do something quickly, Xuefeng grabbed Ling by the shoulders and asked her directly, "Ling, focus. Tell me if there is a way to reach Little Ming so that I could talk to her. What happened to calm and collected you? It's still not over. I can convince her to change her mind."

"It's all your fault... You made me like this..." Ling complained as she blamed Xuefeng for her behaviour right there but under Xuefeng's glare, she cleaned her eyes with Xuefeng shirt and said after some thought, "There is no way you can break into your Spirit if she doesn't want to let you in. She already took control of the inside so you can only beg her to let you enter."

"I would still like to give it a try. I hope she listens to me." Xuefeng said confidently, thinking that Little Ming should at least listen to him.

Just as he said so, they both disappeared from their positions as they transported to Xuefeng's dantian, right in front of his Spirit. It was standing gently just as usual as if there was nothing wrong with it.

Ling pointed at Xuefeng's Spirit and said while pouting, "You can try calling out to her. She doesn't listen to me." Ling knew already that no matter what is the outcome of this issue, she wouldn't be able to stay friendly with Little Ming.

Xuefeng first tried to enter his own Spirit's space and only when he realised that he also couldn't enter did he call out, "Little Ming, are you there? Can you let me in?" Just as they both expected, there was no response and the Spirit remained silent.

Even calling out once again while applying pressure on his own Spirit didn't help so Xuefeng was only left with one choice which he didn't want to try. He liked Little Ming but if she thought that he will let her do as she pleased and hurt someone he cared about then she was definitely mistaken.

"Little Ming, listen to me clearly, cause I'm not going to repeat myself. I don't know what are your plans and what you want to do right now, but I know one thing for sure. If a person ever... EVER... hurt someone that I care about, there wouldn't be a talk about forgiving at all. That person is simply dead to me and there is no going back. You said I will forgive you in the future for what you are about to do, but let me tell you that if plan to hurt others, I will hate you and never forgive you. I never tolerated it and I never will. I know you have a problem, but I can help you resolve it without hurting others." Xuefeng spilt everything that he wanted to say in one monologue before asking, "Are you going to let me in or you will continue to ignore me?"

Just as he thought that Little Ming will ignore him once again, the Spirit flashed with golden light and he was sucked inside. The first thing he spotted was a giant golden ball and a tall woman standing right in front of it. She was facing Xuefeng with her back but he could see just from this that her figure was impeccable.

Touching it with both of her hands, the women said in a mature voice without turning around to Xuefeng, "I have no choice. Even if you hate me later, I have to do it. You will understand why in the future, but for now, I can only ask you to stay away from this."

When Xuefeng heard the lady's voice, he somehow felt it was familiar, but he still asked confused, "Who are you...?"