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 "What? You can already split your consciousness into two? Even if you did, it's still hard to multitask." Wuying asked shocked.

"Uhm, I guess?" He said dumbfounded and asked Ling in panic 'Is it that hard to split your mind and multitask?'

'Well, it is hard, but I can teach you later. For now, I will do that for you. We have so many artefacts in my space, that I would do it anyway to sustain them.' Ling explained.

Princess Shan and Wuying looked at him as if he was a monster. The basic step, in Spirit Gathering step, was to split your mind into two, so you can enter your Spirit and cultivate. But during cultivation, you have to focus on feeling Spirit Essence in the air, absorbing it and refining.

It's a whole different stage if you want to walk, talk and cultivate at the same time. You would have to have an extremely flexible mind to do that.

To check if he was telling the truth, Wuying activated her Spirit Eyes Art. Her pupils shone with light and the invisible Spirit Essence in the air became visible.

She could see as strings of Essence gathered around him and disappeared inside his body as if his body was a vacuum.

"He wasn't lying... How did you learn so much in just one day?" Her eyes returned to normal and she asked suspiciously.

"I mean, it just came naturally for me..." He lied faking shy expression.

"Really..." Both ladies left jealous. They still couldn't do it after so many years, but he did after 1 day.

"How about we eat something before we start training? There is still a lot of time left today." Xuefeng tried to fix the situation.

"Actually, I already asked the kitchen to send dinner today. They should deliver it soon. Before we do, let's visit Spirit Arts Tower." Wuying said and glanced at the Princess.

"Oh, I forgot about these. Can Princess go with us?" Xuefeng noticed her gaze and asked.

"No, that's why we passed by our courtyard. She can wait for us here." She said with a smile.

"Well, I don't mind. I still need to change my clothes. You can go." Princess didn't mind and went into her room. She couldn't show herself with dirty clothes outside.

"Okay, we will be right back," Xuefeng told her and she waved without saying anything further.

"Let's go." Wuying grabbed him by the hand and lead the way.

"How many Spirit Arts I can learn?" Xuefeng just let her take him by the hand.

"Normally, there is a limit to the floors you can enter, but you have a special access to all floors." She explained while dragging him out of the courtyard.

"Oh, how many floors there are?" He asked.

"There are five. From rank 1 to 5, each rank has its own floor. 5th floor is only open to people with Clan Leader permission." People were staring at them, as they walked but Wuying didn't care anymore. If she doesn't establish dominance, she might lose him someday.

Xuefeng watched her determined face and decided against saying anything. He would also feel threatened if some guy tried to flirt with Tianshi, so he understood her.

It didn't take them a long time to arrive at Spirit Arts Tower. Even from afar he could see the 5-story tower with a diameter of at least 50 meters. It was entirely made out of some type of blue limestone. It was really eye-catching as it was the only building made of this stone.

"It's made of Blue Fire Stone filled with many formations. Even if you replicate your earlier attack, you wouldn't even scratch it." Wuying explained when she saw him watching.

"Let's go inside." Xuefeng led the way to the entrance. This time it was him who grabbed her hand and pushed her forward. She tried to walk with a calm face, but she still had some blush on her cheeks.

It was easier for her when she was the one who took the initiative.

To enter the tower, you had to show your token to the Guards. Every member of Liu Clan had his own token. The token reacted only when the person holding it was its owner. It was useless in the hands of others so stealing was not an option.

Xuefeng was also given the token years ago. He pulled it out and showed to the Guards. Even if he was Liu Clan Young master, he had to abide by the rules.

"Young master, you can go inside. Enjoy your time." The Guard recognized him and checked the token before letting him pass.

The entrance to the Spirit Art Tower was not a normal door either. After the Guard check, you had to pass another barrier which was scanning you for any ill intent. If you thought about destroying anything inside, you would be instantly denied entry. This showed how serious a clan was treating their Spirit Arts collection.

Wuying also entered seconds later after him. What he saw after entry was just a normal library. There were bookcases everywhere with tons of manuals or Spirit Arts books.

'Is it just a normal library?' He thought as he approached a bookcase.

He picked a random book and read the title. "Rank 1 Tiger Fist."

Intrigued, he opened it, but he didn't see anything inside. Just blank pages.

"Is there something wrong here?" He asked Wuying who was standing behind him.

"Just pour a little of Spirit Qi inside and you will see." She advised.

He did as she said, and his vision suddenly blurred. In his mind, he could see a shadow of a man, gather Spirit Qi in his fist and destroy a tree after releasing it with a cool move.

When the scene ended, his mind retreated back to reality. He looked at the book in surprise and he saw a text appear on the blank pages, explaining the move in detail.

"Wow so cool." He exclaimed loudly. The other people looked at him strangely, but when they recognized him, they smirked secretly. They were also excited like that when they read Spirit Manuals for the first time, but they were 10 at that time.

'Young master, you are 16 years old now, keep your cool.' Everyone thought. The people staying on the first floor were mostly Spirit masters with weak talent, so they didn't voice their opinion out loud.

"Let's go to the upper floors. These rank 1 Spirit Arts are weak." Wuying commented and walked towards the stairs.

Xuefeng put down the manual and followed her excitedly.

The clansmen on the first floor cried internally when they heard her.

'They are not weak, okay... you are just too strong...' They lamented.

They skipped second and third floor and entered directly into the fourth one.

The amount of Spirit Arts on this floor was much less compared to others. There were only about 100 manuals placed on 4 bookcases. There were also only 4 cultivators reading the manuals.

Seeing someone enter they glanced at the newcomers, but soon went back into reading. The time they could spend inside the tower was limited. They were not like Xuefeng with an unlimited entry.

"Take a look at the manuals and check if something catches your eyes. Some Spirit Arts might suit you, but some don't. If you can't see anything after sending your Spirit Qi inside, it means it doesn't fit you." Wuying explained before picking a book and starting to read it.

Xuefeng looked at the manual in her hands and it was called "Rank 4 Blood Daggers." He guessed that she was a daggers user. He decided to use a sword, so he didn't need to look at this one.

He approached the bookcase on the very left side and picked the first manual. The title was called "Rank 4 Shadow Clone".

He poured Spirit Qi inside and this time, he had to use much more than when he checked a Tiger Fist manual.

After using one-tenth of his total amount, a vision finally appeared in his mind.

A shadow of a man ran through the forest being chased by someone. Suddenly, he emitted a huge amount of Spirit Qi and his shadow transformed into an identical clone of himself. They split, running in two different directions. The enemy mistook the clone for his opponent and followed it.

The vision ended at that moment.

Xuefeng was really impressed. 'That Spirit Art would be quite useful in the future.'

He looked into a description and his face fell. It had almost 50 pages with each detail written.

"Can I take them away to read at home?" He whispered to Wuying as he read the first page. It would take him a lot of time to read the whole thing, so he might as well take it back with him.

"No. You can only read them here. If everyone could take manuals home for a read, there would be nothing left for others." She explained without lifting her head. She looked really focused on reading the manual.

'Then it will take me forever to read all of these. I thought it will be easy, but I guess I was wrong.' He contemplated trying to think of a solution. After a moment he finally thought of something.

'Ling, can you copy the books, so I can view them later?' He asked shamelessly in his mind.