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 "Sigh, Yiren, are you alright? How about we land somewhere so you could rest until he stops?" Xiao Wen asked as she felt Yiren's body began getting warmed once more as she leaned on her chest weakly.

The same already repeated a while ago and they figured out that Xuefeng was just being Xuefeng, probably playing around with Yiren's mom the moment he arrived in the Holy Land. After a small break, just as Yiren relaxed thinking that nothing else would happen between them, she felt even greater pleasure than before.

"There is no need... I'm already used to it... I knew what I signed up for when I decided to keep the connection between us..." Yiren quickly shook her head, knowing that she could handle this much. She was enjoying it after all and it's not like it hurt her or anything.

"But isn't it too much? They have been doing it for the last hour... I hope I can get this much care as well..." Xiao Wen asked while blushing and hugging Yiren from behind.

She was still not sure what to think about it but one thing she knew for sure. She would definitely remind Xuefeng what he promised about equality in the relationship and demand the same treatment.

"It's okay... I think he will stop soon. I can feel him reaching his limits..." Yiren opened her eyes with a clear sign of enjoyment in them and called out to assure her sister when suddenly, she felt the burst of ecstasy from inside of her which caused her to moan loudly, "Aaaah..."

"Sigh... This idiot... Not caring how we would feel at all..." Holding Yiren tightly so she wouldn't fall, already feeling too relaxed to keep her balance, Xiao Wen scolded out loud but hearing that, Yiren opened her eyes and gently hit Xiao Wen's shoulder with the back of her head while calling out quietly, "Sis, don't blame Xuefeng... He is a good man and I don't want anyone else..."

"I didn't say I want someone else... I want only him but he is a dummy sometimes and that's why we need to lead him or he will start chasing after other girls very soon." Xiao Wen knew very well what she felt for Xuefeng and knew that she wouldn't leave him but that still didn't stop her from expressing what she wanted.

"It's okay... As long as he loves me as well, I'm fine..." Yiren replied with a smile and continued to lean on Xiao Wen, soon falling asleep, being quite tired after the whole ordeal from a moment ago.

'Sigh... I can't wait for tonight...' Xiao Wen caressed Yiren's cheek, imagining her own sweet time with Xuefeng and couldn't help but smile, wanting to skip time so that moment would happen faster.


After buttoning her dress, Nuwa sat on Xuefeng's lap and called out towards the doors, "Tangwei, you can come inside now."

Xuefeng already wore his clothes earlier, as Nuwa persisted that she should help him first instead. Only after he was ready did she pick up her clothes, wanting full focus from Xuefeng as she wore her dress seductively, throwing provocative glances at him.

Xuefeng could only sigh, giving up on satisfying this little devil completely. Even after an hour of continuous hardcore pounding, Nuwa was still full of energy, wanting more and more. He didn't know from where did she take all that energy as even he needed Ling's help to refill his stamina.

Xuefeng also finally understood why Nuwa didn't have a problem with other girls. The catch she used was satisfaction level but looking at her at that moment, it would definitely be really hard to meet her expectations.

A second after Nuwa called out, the doors opened and Tangwei entered, still smiling. She didn't feel weirded by Nuwa actions of hugging into Xuefeng's chest and walked up to the sofa, sitting down right in front of them.

Looking at Tangwei, Nuwa acted like a girl in love and wrapped her hands around Xuefeng's neck, kissing his cheek as she apologized with a smile still lingering on her face, "I'm sorry you had to wait so long but Xuefeng was really crazy today. He didn't want to let go of me, hehe."

Tangwei looked at Xuefeng with knowing smile and waved her hand as if she wasn't bothered at all, saying sweetly, "Oh, no worries. I went out to check the supplies for today's auction and the after party so I was busy for a while. I expected that relaxation time would take a while so I found something to do in the meantime."

"Mhmm, we did relax thoroughly..." Nuwa nodded as she kissed Xuefeng on the lips giving them a playful lick afterwards. Even though Tangwei was right next to them, Nuwa didn't mind showing her love with her watching which she showed previously as well.

Xuefeng hugged her waist as he glanced at Tangwei to signal Nuwa that she was sitting right there in case she forgot and said gently, "Well, you still seem like you didn't get your fill, but maybe let's settle work first. Tangwei was already waiting long for you."

"Alright." Nuwa quickly agreed, knowing that the faster she would get things done, the faster she could only focus on Xuefeng and called out to Tangwei, "How confident are you in handling the auction by yourself?"

"Hmm..." Tangwei looked at Xuefeng and quickly understood what her Queen meant, answering after a short calculation, "I think I can handle it well, but I will be much more confident with the former Queen assisting me. I don't think anything bad would happen with us two in charge."

"Perfect. I will inform my mother about it. I changed my plans. I want to go out with Xuefeng today, so I won't be able to handle the auction anymore. Here, take this." Nuwa stood up as she explained her decision and passed her the ring that Xuefeng gave her earlier.

"Are there Spirit Stones inside?" Tangwei asked curiously as she looked inside the ring and her eyes widened when she saw how many of them were actually inside, which even made her exclaim, "So many! This stock will definitely last us for a while."

"I know. Take care of it. From today on you will be responsible for that operation. If you do well, I will get you the reward you wanted." Nuwa patted Tangwei on the head and passed all responsibilities on her, but Tangwei wasn't mad at all. When she heard about the reward, her eyes brightened and she asked excitedly, "Really?!"

Tangwei glanced at Xuefeng happily and he replied with a kind smile out of politeness. He didn't know why that made her even happier but she looked back at Nuwa and she got a confirmation nod from her which made her exclaim right away, "I can do it! I mean, I want to do it!"

"Great. Let's go meet up with my mother first. I will explain some other stuff to you so I have to make sure everything works properly." Nuwa clapped her hands once with a smile, having everything work out great for her today.

Before leaving, she walked up to Xuefeng who already stood up and gave him a juicy goodbye kiss before saying softly, "I will be back in a moment. It shouldn't take a lot of time so you should wait for me."

Think it would be boring to just sit and wait, Xuefeng thought of visiting his little friend for a bit and said, "Actually, I will go visit the Wisdom Tree Cave for a moment so I will leave with you."

"Oh, alright. Let's go then." Nuwa, of course, didn't mind and pulled his hand, walking out of her room while hugging his arm intimately. She wasn't bothered that others would see her with him anymore, so there was no problem there. Nuwa already told everyone in the palace of their relationship and everyone took it quite well.

As Tangwei watched Xuefeng's back while walking behind them, she couldn't help but let out a smile recalling the reward she asked for before even beginning to help Nuwa.


'Little Ming, can you hear me? I came to visit you.' Xuefeng called out in his mind as he walked towards the Wisdom Tree. Nothing changed from the last time he was there and the Wisdom Tree was still standing strong, reaching far into the cave with its branches.

Unfortunately, no matter what he said, Little Ming didn't reply to him at all. There was silence the whole time which he found weird. Even after calling out loud, he didn't get any response.

"I know you are there... Why are you ignoring me? Did I do anything wrong? I know I should have visited earlier, but I'm here now. Won't you even greet me?" Xuefeng asked out loud knowing that Little Ming had to be there but that didn't help at all.

"Sigh..." Xuefeng breathed out deeply, not knowing what to say and touched the trunk with mixed emotions.


Right when he touched the rough bark with his right arm, he felt as if his mind just exploded. The golden bracelet on his wrist started shining brightly and it quickly enveloped him completely. Everything around him turned golden together with the walls which were covered with a golden hue.

The Wisdom Tree was the only thing that remained colourful, continuing to have nice colours of leaves in different parts of its crown. Xuefeng tried to pull his hand away from the tree but realised that he couldn't.

"What the f..." Xuefeng asked himself confused, not even completing the curse when he felt the bracelet suddenly change.