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 "How long do you think it'll take you to set everything up to leave with me?" Xuefeng asked while caressing Nuwa's body in a bathtub. After the short shower, Nuwa dragged him into the hot bathtub, wanting to cuddle with him a bit more.

Nuwa leaned on Xuefeng's chest, directly hiding in his embrace as she replied, "I planned to leave in a couple of days but now I've changed my mind... I want to leave with you today..." Xuefeng's hands were rubbing on her breasts but she didn't mind, even encouraging him to touch her more, leading his hands around. She felt really safe in his embrace, even though she knew there was nothing that could hurt her here.

When Xuefeng heard her, his hands couldn't help but tighten, squeezing her breasts with a bit of force as he quickly exclaimed, "Today?! Are you sure?!" His grasp made her let out a single moan, but it was one filled with pleasure rather than pain.

When he realised he was squeezing her like that, Xuefeng loosened his grip but Nuwa stopped him, calling out softly while kissing him on the cheek, "You don't need to stop. I don't mind when you go rough on me... As long as it's you, I can handle it all."

Pressing on his hands which pushed him to continue, Nuwa added relaxed, "Why are you surprised? You pounded me so hard today that I don't want to leave you alone anymore... It's all your fault for making me like this... You should take responsibility and take me with you."

His voice sounded shocked but Nuwa took it the good way, thinking that he was this happy to have her by his side. The truth was that he was actually panicking, knowing that it would be impossibly hard to handle both Nuwa and Xiao Wen today.

Especially today, when Xuefeng already promised Xiao Wen to spend the night with her. He already sorted Ling but now he would have to figure out Nuwa as well. It would be much easier with any other girl, but Nuwa didn't choose no as an answer for anything.

"Yeah, I am a bit surprised... But more amazed at how great you handled it all. To think that you only needed a few days to set up the auction and all. I'm quite proud of you for what you have done. You're helping me a lot." Xuefeng wanted to change her mind at the start, but then he quickly changed his mind and began praising her work.

He was hoping that she would volunteer to make it even better for today and only plan to join him tomorrow, but that did not work on Nuwa at all.

Nuwa reached out with her arms and wrapped it around his neck, kissing him as a reward for his praise before saying confidently, "Mhmm, thank you. At least you know how much I tried. Don't worry, with Tangwei here, everything will run smoothly and you don't even need to do anything. As long as we provide Spirit Stones once in a while, together with some nice artefacts, there shouldn't be a problem here. After we leave the bathroom, I will conclude everything with her then I'll be ready to go."

"What about your people? Don't they need a Queen to run the Holy Land? What if the elves start to revolt and take over the palace?" Xuefeng asked curiously as he pulled away from her kisses.

He was hoping for one more day so he could avoid trouble but Nuwa surprised him with her answer once again, "I'm not needed here all the time. My mother can take over while I'm gone and no one will go against her too. She is not as powerful as me, but against normal Elves, they don't stand a chance. I'm mostly hiding in the palace anyway so no one would know that I'm gone. I can also come back every now and then to check if everyone is behaving nicely."

Changing her position so that she could sit on top of him and see his reaction, Nuwa added while chirping happily, "Isn't that great? I will be able to travel with you soon. Aren't you happy?"

"Of course... I'm always happy to have you around me." Xuefeng hugged her tightly and confirmed with a smile. He knew that the war was inevitable now so he could only accept it. There was no way he was going to tell Nuwa about his plans for today unless she asked him directly about it. He was worried that her hands while were gently rubbing his arms would suddenly move downwards and grab something tightly which would bring him a lot of pain.

Just as Xuefeng thought about it, he heard Nuwa asking the very same thing he was worried about, "So what are your plans for today? You can wait for an hour and I will go together with you. Are we going back to your clan? I still didn't miss the other girls so I'm looking forward to seeing who you were meeting while I was here. I only saw Tianshi, but I forgot the names of the last one. Was she Wuying? I think you told me about her."

"Mhmm, we are going back to my Clan today as I planned to drop Wu Lan and her brother there so my parents could take care of them. I told you about them. The girls will be waiting for us there unless we are earlier than them..." Xuefeng nodded, explaining their plans for later.

Noticing that Nuwa was smiling continuously while obviously having a good mood right now, something inside of him pushed him to take a risk and tell her more, "Do you remember Xiao Wen? I think I told you about her before..." He didn't think where it would go from there, but he suddenly realised that the longer he kept her in the dark, the angrier Nuwa would be when she finds out the truth.

Nuwa thought for a moment after hearing the familiar name and finally recalled, nodding while asking curiously, "Mhmm, Tianshi's sister if I remember correctly, right? What about her? What is she also your woman now?"

When Xuefeng heard her hit the nail right at the start, he froze for a moment but nodded after taking a deep breath. He preferred honesty but still found it hard, suddenly feeling guilty to have so many women. All of them were great so it was the only reason he was still continuing his actions, not letting any of them go.

Looking at his reaction, Nuwa chuckled and wrapped her arms around him and forced a kiss on him before asking with a bright smile, "Were you scared that I would get mad or that I would scold you?"

"You won't?" Xuefeng asked surprised, actually feeling like he was dreaming. Was it the same Nuwa that he knew?

Nuwa traced her fingers on his cheek and spoke slowly with a playful smile,

"Well, I'm in a good mood right now, so I'll let it pass... I want to spend a great time with you, so I don't want to talk about other girls. I know that you've been playing around a lot, but don't worry, as long as you satisfy me properly, you can fool around with whoever you want."

Finishing with a sweet kiss where she attacked his tongue passionately, Nuwa whispered with confidence, "Aren't I the best girlfriend? I can satisfy all of your desires as long as you stay mine..." Hearing her seductive whisper while smelling her sweet fragrance, Xuefeng suddenly got aroused once again and knocked against her entrance, trying to enter without an invitation.

"Hehe, just in time..." Nuwa chuckled lightly as she reached out into the water and aimed his awakened member right inside her once again. She was already waiting for that moment, planning to get as much from him as she could to recharge her batteries.

"Aah-" Feeling himself entering deeper and deeper Xuefeng, couldn't help but breathe out before he relaxed only to have his lips sealed by Nuwa. He didn't mind going for another round with her, deciding to satisfy her properly so there wouldn't be any problems tonight.


After waking up early in the morning, Tianshi arrived in the training grounds once again, still motivated after yesterday's loss to her new bodyguard, but after battling him continuously for close to an hour, she couldn't help but drop to the ground, already knowing that she didn't have a chance to win.

"Sigh... I give up. I can't beat you." Tianshi called out, impaling her sword into the ground. No matter what she did, Pio would always find a way to block her sword. Even after his corrections, he still beat her easily while only using one hand.

Pio pulled out the sword from the ground and handed it back to her while asking, "Young Princess, are you giving up already? I thought this was just a warmup? If you don't learn quicker, you won't be able to meet your man. Didn't you say you would work hard to meet with him? I don't see you working at all."

"Aren't I training hard? What else do you want? There's no way I can beat you in this amount of time. Even Yi can't handle a few moves from you and she learned swordsmanship for many years..." Tianshi complained as she took the sword unhappily.

"It's not my fault that Young Princess was slacking her whole life. Already at this age but still so unskilled. Does Young Princess want your boyfriend's protection for her whole life?" Pio scolded without mercy, not caring about Tianshi's status to which she could only pout, knowing her father would only agree with that.

"When Xuefeng visits me, I will definitely tell him to beat you up..." Tianshi glared at Pio as she stood up again, ready to fight.

"I welcome him at any time. Hope he is much more skilled than Young Princess." Pio said gently and also prepared to battle, having one hand behind his back.

Hearing him, Tianshi rushed towards Pio already irritated as she cried out, "Go to hell!"