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 "Sigh... You were in too much of a rush..." Xuefeng sighed, feeling her shivers as his arms wrapped around her in a tight hug, but as a response, Nuwa began moving her butt up and down to her liking while gently kissing him on the lips. Xuefeng could only reach out towards her hips and start helping her with her movements.

"What do you mean by settling everything here? Are you planning to leave everything in Tangwei's hands?" Xuefeng asked when Nuwa switched to kissing his neck instead while continuing to sway with her hips. Feeling her passion and technique, Xuefeng couldn't help but think that she has a degree in horse riding.

"Mhmm, I wanted to join you outside and travel around with you..." Nuwa nodded happily as she increased the pace creating multiple sloppy sounds of their hips hitting against each other and explained her motives while giving him a mischievous smile, "Dummy, I've missed you every day since you left. Now you won't have any excuse to leave me here. I will see how many girls you are hiding from me."

Xuefeng slapped Nuwa's butt playfully to which she moaned, her expression looked as if she was asking for more and said, "I never said that I don't want you there with me... It is just that I can only trust you with such important stuff. I brought one million high-tiered Spirit Stones with me today. Do you think Tangwei can handle this much alone?"

Nuwa smiled at this and kissed him as a reward for his hard work, playing with her hips by moving to the sides in a circular motion and replied confidently, "She can handle it. I have been teaching her for the last few days. She can basically do everything for me now."

Glancing downwards after feeling something throbbing inside of her, she turned back to him while slowing down her movements and whispered into his ear seductively, "I can feel you are going to burst soon... Tell me that you want to do it inside of me..."

She could feel he was ready, but right when he was about to shoot his seeds, she slowed down, holding him down in suspense. She wanted to tease him, wanting him to beg her to continue but then Xuefeng suddenly leaned over and sucked on her pointy ear which made her entire body shudder momentarily.

As he moved his hands from her voluptuous hips and grabbed her ears, gently rubbing them all around, Nuwa couldn't help but collapse on him, breathing deeply as she pleaded, "Hu... I was only joking..."

Nuwa wanted to dominate him completely today but she forgot that he knew her weak spot that could make even her, the Queen of Forest Elves crumble to her lover. The more a couple loved each other, the stronger the effects during their intimate moments and Nuwa got completely suppressed. Xuefeng couldn't help but tease her more as he whispered while licking her earlobe, "You seem over-sensitive today... Did you miss me this much...?"

"Aaah... I told you... I missed you a lot...Mhmm..." Nuwa moaned loudly, barely able to talk under the insane pleasure filling her body. She quickly continued her movements, wanting to please him as well but her legs had a little difficulty as they still shivered from the pleasure.

Xuefeng found it quite satisfying to be able to dominate her as such and suddenly pushed her onto the sofa, covering her body completely as he continued to rub her ears which immobilized her before saying with an evil laugh, "Silly, you thought you can stay on top the whole time? Let's see how your hubby will punish you for teasing me!"

Without waiting, he thrust inside of her with immense power reaching the deepest he could before pulling out up to the raging head and slamming his hips against her own once again. Nuwa's eyes couldn't help but widen while her tongue and mouth opened up completely, feeling the power behind each strike which made her body bend uncontrollably.

She wanted to beg for more but Xuefeng sealed her lips, catching her tongue off guard and played with it, giving it no chance to resist. She wanted nothing less from him and her hands together with her legs were wrapped around his body completely, acting as a countermeasure in case he wanted to run away.

"Huh..." Xuefeng breathed deeply after pulling away from her lips to get some fresh air and asked without stopping his assault, her gates opening and closing with each of his pushes, "I will burst soon... Do you want it inside? Tell me or I will stop!" He couldn't help but pay her back for her previous attempt of baiting him.

Unfortunately, Nuwa wasn't a person who was hiding her desires and she quickly called out with a loud moan, "Ahh! Don't! Fuck me more first! Let me come too!" Her legs pressed against his back, helping him with the movements while her arms pulled his head towards her so they could continue kissing.

Even though they started not long ago, Xuefeng's ear rubs together with his long-awaited member, Nuwa couldn't help but reach the limits of her pleasure already. Holding back every day so she could release her stress in this very moment was definitely a worthy trade for her.

"Is this how you should ask for something?" Xuefeng asked as he suddenly stopped moving, teasing her entrance by gliding with his tip, but then Nuwa pressed on his hips, forcing him to enter inside as she whispered gently into his ear, "Hubby, I'm waiting... Come inside me..."

As Nuwa said so, she bit on his ear, sending a strong electric current throughout his body which acted as the last straw, forcing him to burst out, sending his seeds deep inside of her. Feeling the current as well, their bodies shivered together as love juices started flowing out of her, mixing together with his golden seeds. With Xuefeng in her arms, she finally felt relaxed, allowing her mind to drift in the dreamland of pleasure.

"Good boy... You will be mine forever..." Nuwa whispered satisfied, feeling that Xuefeng's powers started returning towards his body. The current wasn't small, completely immobilizing him as well, but she knew he wouldn't complain as that also benefited him, pushing his Lightning Qi storage to the brim.

"I don't think it was necessary... I was just playing around..." Xuefeng replied as he lifted himself up from her embrace. He could still feel his muscles being numb from the electric current she sent through him. Just as he wanted to pull out from inside of her, Nuwa grabbed him and wrapping around him while still being connected and called out, "Carry me to the bathroom. We already made enough mess in here."

Xuefeng saw her juices all over him and nodded, picking her up, carrying her to the bathroom with him. He could see the smirk on her face as if she was really happy right now. He smiled as well and asked, "You seem to be in a really good mood now. I'm glad I could help."

"Of course, it's because I have you. I wanted to punish you for leaving me alone for this long but I guess I'm satisfied with your performance just now. This Queen will forgive you this time." Nuwa kissed him lightly as she caressed his cheeks before acting as if she was mercifully nullifying his faults.

Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh at that and slap her butt which created a crisp sound throughout the bathroom before asking with a grin, "Oh, really? Do you think that we are done already? I thought the great Queen of Forest Elves, Nuwa, wouldn't be satisfied with just one session like that."

Nuwa laughed and kissed him deeply, biting on his bottom lip seductively and asked playfully, "Heh, are you trying to bait me into ravaging you once again? I don't mind pinning you into the wall and having fun for the whole day with you. I also thought you couldn't handle this much pleasures from this great body of mine."

"Heh, I guess the Queen doesn't mind this King to continue then, right?" Xuefeng asked playfully as he pulled her hips away and thrust inside her with power while she was still sensitive after her cumming earlier which caused her to let out a loud moan, finally admitting the truth, "Aah! Alright, maybe this Queen needs a short break... You were slamming against me so hard that I can still feel it... My King, do you want my insides to take a shape of you or what?"

"Of course. I will make you love it so much that you won't be able to think of any other man out there. You will only think about me." Xuefeng said happily, realising how much he missed bantering with her.

Walking up to the shower, Xuefeng finally pulled out from her and placed her down on the ground, pouring warm water on the both of them. With the water running, he embraced her tightly while looking into her eyes with their foreheads touching and they both couldn't help but giggle to each other.

Inside his arms, Nuwa felt like a teenager who happened to fall in love for the first time and just started experimenting with her lover. In the Elven years, Nuwa was still a young lady and that's how she felt being together with Xuefeng. He was the first man who let her taste the love she didn't want before.

When Nuwa met Xiao Feng, he was only a method for her to get pregnant, nothing more. Nuwa knew that he was not going to stay there for long so she didn't even try to open her feelings for him.

"Dummy... I already only think about you... Can you take me outside with you? I don't want to miss you like that everyday..." Nuwa pleaded softly as she brushed his hair, waiting to hear the only answer she planned to accept, a yes.

Right now, there wasn't a day when she didn't think of Xuefeng, imagining what he could be doing which made her understand how deep of a pit she fell into. There was no going back anymore but she was fine with it. Having someone by her side turned out to be much more enjoyable than she thought.

Xuefeng did the same, brushing her hair away from her face so he could see her completely. Her usual playful expression was exchanged with gentleness and longing. Xuefeng could trace a bit of sadness in her eyes and knew he wouldn't be able to reject her, so he nodded, kissing her right after when a smile returned onto her face.

The water kept falling on their heads but they stood still, connected in the passionate kiss. One was thinking of many new things they would be doing together while the other, well, how to survive in the future. Xuefeng knew that with the Queen present, his life would be far from boring.