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 Contrary to what Ling thought, Xuefeng considered this connection seriously and asked, "Is there a method to test the level of affection so we can be sure? I'm open to trying anyway. I think that we have a big chance of success actually."

Hearing his, Ling opened her eyes and a happy smile appeared on her face on its own as she asked with hope, "Does that mean... you really love me too?"

Even if Xuefeng was a dummy sometimes, Ling knew that he was a good guy and really cared about her. If it was any other guy, they wouldn't care about her feelings like Xuefeng does and probably just treat her like a tool. Even if Xuefeng was too kind sometimes, she enjoyed spending time with him and only wanted more every day.

Xuefeng picked her up and kissed her before confessing while leaning over the wall of the castle, "Of course, you are my woman. I told you already. We are going to spend our whole lives together and I want to have you by my side during that time. If there is a method to make us inseparable, I don't mind using it even if there is a chance of getting hurt. My feelings for you are not inferior to others at all. I don't want any of you to leave me and I do try to stay fair to everyone. Even if it doesn't work most of the times, my intentions are still there."

"You know that you won't be able to get rid of me in the future even if you want to, right?" Ling asked to make sure he understood what the connection between them meant but Xuefeng nodded right away, saying happily, "That's exactly what I want. I don't want you to have a chance to escape from me as well, hehe."

"Mhmm, we can do it in the future then. I really want it too now..." Ling agreed, pleased with her decision to tell him about it. She was considering it for a while now and she doubted that she would say it this soon without the push from him but now she was glad she did.

Kissing him for the last time, she finally let go of him and hurried him on his way, "Alright, you should go now, I will explain the process to you on your way. You planned to meet with Nuwa, right? She is probably missing you a lot, so go and surprise her."

"Okay, I will be going now," Xuefeng nodded, also knowing it was time for him to go, but still didn't let go of this chance to hug her for the last time while rubbing gently on her butt, directly slipping his hand under her dress as he said, "Don't worry, I will find time to compensate you later. You also deserve to get your share of pleasures..."

This time Ling didn't push him away and silently approved his intimate touch for a moment, before sending him away, with the warmth of his lips still lingering on her neck for a long time.

Looking towards the distance, Ling recalled the promise she made to the Thunder Goddess before separating from her and muttered with a sigh, "I'm sorry... Xuefeng is the right man for me... I will still help you, but I can't come back to you..."


On his way towards the lake, Ling explained to him how there was a soul crystal that can sense the connection between the two people if they both place their hands on it, but from what she remembered, the only copy of it is already owned by someone else in the Central Region's capital. As long as there were no other crystals found to this day, they would have to travel there all together to find the one which they know about.

Xuefeng's mood improved a lot after his talk with Ling as he finally got everything under his control. At least, for now, he didn't need to worry about it. He already expected that many such situations would happen in the future where there would be disagreements between his women but he chose this route and he couldn't turn back anymore. The only possible way was to push forward and store it deep in the mind to never repeat the same mistakes.

But well, for now, the thing that was pushed forward the most and stored deep was Xuefeng's member which Nuwa seized the moment he appeared in the holy land. Xuefeng couldn't help but moan the moment he felt Nuwa's lips wrapping around it after a long time of absence, "Aaah, so good... You know that we can take it slow, right? You don't need to jump into it right away..."

Nuwa smiled seeing his expression and pulled away, calling out while stroking his erected staff with both hands, giving it gentle licks all around its head, "But I want to. Don't mind me, continue talking, mhmm..." Without waiting for him to begin, she carried on sucking on the top while getting it nice and wet with her tongue saliva, perfect for a good stroking.

When Xuefeng arrived in the Holy Land, he found Nuwa talking with Yiren's childhood friend, Tangwei and Nuwa immediately jumped on him the moment she felt him. Not bothered by Tangwei staring at them, she began kissing him without even saying a word, not letting his lips go for even a second.

Tangwei only smiled sweetly and left Nuwa's room, leaving the two alone. She already knew about her Queen liking Xuefeng as she mentioned it to her many times as they worked together on the auction.

"Nuwa..." Xuefeng called out her name as he pulled away from her, wanting to walk but Nuwa only smiled playfully and grasped his hand, dragging him towards the sofa. Throwing him with force, she quickly jumped on top of his lap and hugged his neck, continuing to kiss him deeply.

Xuefeng knew she would miss him but he didn't expect her to be like this, not waiting even a second of her time so he went along with her desires, feeling a bit guilty for leaving her like this. When her tongue entered into his mouth, Xuefeng followed along while embracing her slim body with his arms.


Just then, the t-shirt Xuefeng was wearing was ripped apart by Nuwa as she reached out towards his chest and she slid it off from him together with his black jacket through his arms, making his whole chest naked. Her hands roamed all around his upper-body before she pulled away from him, throwing her dress to the ground by unbuttoning one of the clips which held everything together.

"Just sit down and let me play. I wanted you so badly today and you suddenly appear." Nuwa said while smiling happily at him as she led his arms onto her ample breasts so he could grab them tightly just like he used to do before asking playfully as she licked her lips and slipped her hand into his pants, "Do you think I will let you go without satisfying myself?"

Feeling her warm hands rubbing on his member, Xuefeng couldn't help but suck in a breath of fresh air and say while continuing to caress her breasts, "Ah... Of course not. I just thought we would talk before we got down to serious business."

"You can talk. Tell me what happened in the last few days while you were gone. Anything interesting?" Nuwa asked without stopping her hands from work as she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, turning him completely naked. She didn't crouch on the floor like the usual to have a better angle but instead lay down on the sofa, leaning on his hips instead.

This is how Xuefeng arrived in this situation where he would report what happened in the last few days while Nuwa continued to play with his erect member, licking it all around, sucking, kissing before taking it deep down the throat with multiple repeated motions.

As Nuwa started stroking with both hands, making it all wet with her saliva, Xuefeng continued his story "...We also had a giant battle with many bandits where Yiren used her special power to help with killing a Sage Stage Cultivator. She was hurt a bit but... Ahh! Don't worry, I managed to heal her to full health after the battle. Wuying was also amazing, slaughtering all bandits with one move like a Blood Goddess."

When he mentioned Yiren getting hurt, he could feel Nuwa's grip tightening which caused him to exclaim and quickly follow up with an explanation which made her hand relax. Xuefeng was helping her keep the hair away from her face with one hand while rubbing her bottom which was sticking out alluringly with the other one.

Xuefeng could feel that he wouldn't be able to last long if she carried on with suck intense attacks but then she pulled away, sitting on his lap instead and said, "I will train it with her. I should be done settling everything here and I can join you guys outside very soon."

Without waiting for his reply, Nuwa aimed with member and let it enter inside of her with one strong push. With the whole staff completely inside, directly touching her base, Nuwa couldn't help but take a few breaths while leaning over his chest before continuing. She was always amazed at how deep he could reach inside of her each time, making all of her moments special and filled with excitement.