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 Hearing no reply from her, Xuefeng called out calmly, knowing that it was his mistake in the first place, 'Are you going to ignore me? Do you also want me to ignore you in the future?'

Just as he said so, he suddenly felt dizzy, forcing him to sit down on the ground and he appeared right in front of the balcony entry from the cold throne room. Ling was standing on the balcony, watching the distant nature. She was a Fate Spirit so she didn't need to sleep like humans, so most of her day Ling would spend watching the nature she created outside.

"I'm not ignoring you," Ling said quietly without turning around to him as he entered the balcony and instead continued to play with a small bird that was chirping sweetly on top on her finger.

Before Xuefeng could say anything, Ling added, "Don't you need to hurry with your business? You promised to meet with Xiao Wen tonight. If you are late, she will be quite upset with you."

"Ling, if there was a method to spend time both with you and Wen at the same time, I would definitely use it. You could hear what she was saying. How can I reject her?" Xuefeng approached Ling and hugged her from behind, explaining himself, but then Ling vanished from his arms and he found her standing on the other corner of the balcony, staring at him unhappily.

"What about me? You want to cultivate with me, but that's my first time too... You say everyone deserves the same, but I don't feel like you treat me the same..." Ling expressed her feelings as she wrapped her arms under her chest, expecting a good explanation from him. She also had feelings and for her, Xuefeng didn't actually think too much of that.

"You also promised me something and I never heard about that since then. I also felt betrayed at that time. You shouldn't be mad at me now since you didn't treat me the same either." Xuefeng didn't ask for forgiveness and instead brought up the issue from before that was still fresh in his mind.

The moment he mentioned it, Ling's eyes changed and she stopped glaring at him and instead there was guilt in them. Obviously, she knew that her lying to him before was a much bigger issue than Xuefeng's promise that he can't keep.

"Sigh, I was trying to resolve it nicely, but you ignore my tries and you don't notice how much I care about you. If you want to keep behaving like that, then I don't know what else I can do here." Xuefeng sighed as she glanced at her with a pained expression and turned around, planning to walk back into the throne room.

"Wait!" Fortunately, just as he did so, Ling called out worried and appeared in front of him to block his way, hugging him instead. She knew how frustrated he was from his thoughts, so Ling immediately acted to stop him.

"I am sorry." Ling stood on her toes and kissed him as she apologized, before saying sincerely, "I just wanted more of you, that's all... We don't have to meet tonight, okay? I am fine with postponing it for tomorrow or the day after. As long as you spend more time with me, I will be satisfied."

"That's the issue but not the main one. You know I can't say no to you when you are playing on my emotions. I don't like that. We should be open and honest with our feelings, but we shouldn't use them to get anything from the other person. I will be more assertive in the future so that such a situation won't repeat, but I hope you can support me with anything I do, instead of pressuring me. Does this even make sense?" Xuefeng embraced her and spilt what was laying on his heart, not knowing if it even made sense in the end.

"Mhmm, I understand you. I'm sorry, I actually forgot myself for a second... I'm your Fate Spirit and my main priority should be supporting you but I started dragging you down." Ling nodded, actually feeling that it was all her fault. She wasn't supposed to have feelings for him in the first place but she couldn't help herself.

Just as she was about to blame herself more, Xuefeng spanked her butt. She felt it coming but she didn't stop it, knowing that she deserved it. Only then did Xuefeng's thoughts came to her mind and she understood why he spanked her. Ling was surprised as it was completely opposite of what she thought.

Xuefeng grasped her butt tightly on the same spot he spanked her so she could feel that he was angry and scolded, "You are not my Spirit but my women. You did what you thought was right and I want you to continue living this way. I want natural cold but sometimes shy and cute Ling, not a robot who will just help me when I need it. If you think you are just a Spirit to me then I will spank your butt until you understand the truth."

Ling looked at him from up close with the thoughts of distancing herself from him passing through her mind but in the end, she couldn't resist kissing him. What else did she need other than having someone who treated her like Xuefeng did?

Ling wasn't the same compared to before. How could she tell him that the only reason that she didn't mention connecting her soul with his own was because she wanted to separate from him in the future? Only after she spent more time with him did she realise that he wasn't as bad as she thought. If Ling could, she would go back in time and change it, connecting with him so they could stay together forever, but it was too late now.

Ling didn't want to have a male Fate Holder but now her whole opinion changed completely. She wanted to stay with him, she wanted to spend more time with him and make him fall in love with her. She wanted to share all those feelings and her only solution was to make sure she was the best Fate Spirit he could have. Even if Ling wasn't perfect and her feelings disturbed her a bit, causing her to get off the track, she still didn't neglect her job as a spirit, helping him to all of her abilities.

Ling didn't want him to hate her after he learns the real reason but she also didn't want to hide it from him anymore so she muttered while enjoying his embrace, "Xuefeng... I can't tell you the real reason why I did it, but I can tell you that I'm no longer like that... That reason doesn't matter anymore as I already changed my mind... I don't mind staying with you forever..."

Before he could say anything emotional, Ling wrapped her arms around his neck and proposed, "Maybe it is too late now, but there is a method to exchange half of our souls between each other... If you want to try it in the future, I wouldn't mind. It's not a full connection, but at least it would make us inseparable. You will also be able to use my abilities to some extend... What do you think?"

"Wow, why didn't you tell me earlier? Isn't that great?" Xuefeng asked pleasingly surprised. He thought that it was already over after they missed their chance before.

"I wanted to tell you about it eventually... I didn't earlier because there is a catch that I was not sure if we can surpass right now..." Ling said, quite embarrassed when she thought about it.

"What is the catch? If its nothing excessing, I don't mind connecting with you. I already said that I wanted to do it. You are my women, remember?" Xuefeng kissed her as a confirmation to his words and Ling didn't hesitate to extend it for a little while, holding his head in place. She didn't know how he would react so she was bracing herself with the prolonged kiss.

After finally pulling away from him, she didn't wait and said in one breath, "The catch is that we need to love each other endlessly. If you like someone else together with me, the feelings have to be equal, else the connection will not work and we will both lose half of our souls." After saying that, she closed her eyes and hid in Xuefeng's embrace, waiting for his comment.