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 Seeing that Xuefeng didn't reply at all as if he was contemplating it, Xiao Wen frowned and asked with a pout, "What? You don't want to? A wish is a wish. I thought I can get anything I want..."

"No no, I want to. It's just that I don't know if we can find time tonight... I'm planning to visit the Holy Land today as I need to pass the Spirit Stones to Nuwa and we also need to travel back to the Clan. I wanted to leave Wu Lan and Wu Kong with my parents as it is too dangerous for them to stay with us." Xuefeng quickly shook his head, explaining himself while pulling Xiao Wen into his arms.

He already knew that it would be hard to find time for all of his women but now he realised how hard of a challenge it was. He already promised to spend this night with Ling and now Xiao Wen also wanted to be with him at the same time. It wasn't easy to reject any of them.

"We only need half a day to arrive back in the Liu Clan if we travel at full speed. Can't you meet us there after you are done with your business? It shouldn't take you this long. Anyway, I already decided what I want. You can comply with it or not. It depends on you." Xiao Wen didn't understand where the problem was and gave him the choice to accept her wish or not. Obviously, she wouldn't be very happy if he didn't follow it.

After Xiao Wen said it, she pulled away from him and walked away towards the girls who played with Lulu's fur on the side, waiting for them to finish. Xuefeng didn't run after her right away but tried to figure out how to fix the situation instead.

If he were to agree to Xiao Wen's wish, he was sure that they would go wild for the whole night, even though it was her first time. He would have to tire himself out to satisfy her completely for the whole time as knowing her, she wouldn't let him sleep so he can sneak into Ling's space.

Knowing he had no other choice, he decided to talk with Ling to maybe resolve it somehow, but then he heard her reply even before he asked the question, 'You promised me that you are spending tonight with me... Are you going to break it?'

'Of course, I wouldn't do that... But how about I spend the evening with Wen and the night with you?' Xuefeng tried to reach the compromise but Ling followed Xiao Wen's example, saying sadly, 'I'm not the one who can decide what you want to do... If you don't want to meet with me tonight, I will understand it...'

'Ling... Don't be mad at me... I'm trying to resolve it somehow.' Xuefeng could feel the sadness in her voice which crushed his heart as usual. He didn't want to hurt anyone, but at the same time, it was impossible to satisfy everyone at the same time.

'I'm not mad at you... I will only be a little disappointed if you don't come. Don't worry, I'm already used to being alone...' Ling said weakly, making Xuefeng imagine lone Ling sitting on the throne alone while hugging her legs into her chest. He immediately felt bad for her and recalled the main reason he wanted to be there for her, to make her less lonely.

Xuefeng couldn't help but give in to her pleas and say with assurance, 'Ling, I will make sure to spend some time with you tonight. I will figure out something, okay?'

'Mhmm, thank you. I will wait for you tonight then.' Ling quickly cheered up with his promise but Xuefeng still sighed, knowing that his problem wasn't resolved at all.

Xuefeng walked up to the girls, planning to hug Xiao Wen from behind to calm her a bit, but Xiao Wen turned around before he could sneak behind her and passed him a ring, saying softly, "Those are the Spirit Stones you wanted..." She wasn't mad at him as she was sure that he will come back before tonight to be with her.

"Xuefeng! Is it true that you are not going back with us? Sis mentioned it just now..." Yiren asked as she threw herself into Xuefeng arms before he could even say anything.

"Mhmm, I need to return and give your mother some of the Spirit Stones that we earned. I will take care of everything there and we can meet back in the clan." Xuefeng explained while hugging the blond beauty.

He thought that she's be sad because they were separating but Yiren surprisingly took it very well and after a long kiss, she called out happily, "Sis Wen promised to teach me some fighting skills. I will learn theory from her while flying back then. Tell mom that I miss her and I will meet with her next time."

"Alright, I will pass your kiss onto her... When we will meet back in the clan, I will train your special ability with you." Xuefeng nodded as he picked her up, placing her on Lulu's back. He somehow felt proud that Yiren was slowly maturing, wanting to learn more to be of help to him and he wouldn't mind helping her to achieve that.

"Mhmm! I will be waiting." Yiren agreed full of positivity, making Xuefeng glad that at least one of his girlfriends didn't bring him too much trouble.

Patting Wu Lan and Wu Kong's heads, Xuefeng turned to Wuying, asking warmly, "Will you take care of them alone? If I'm not there before you guys arrive, you can bring them to my parents yourself, but I should be on time."

"Mhmm, I will." Wuying nodded and also hugged Xuefeng deeply before whispering in his embrace, "What do I do if I suddenly feel thirsty on our way...?" As his answer, Xuefeng bit himself on his palm and put it up to Wuying's lips. He didn't feel much about the pain as he was doing it for someone he loved, so it was lower than normal.

The moment Wuying felt his blood, she immediately started sucking on his palm even though she wasn't thirsty yet. For her, it was the best delicacy she could get so she wouldn't let such an opportunity go.

With Xuefeng's palm healed, Wuying closed her eyes, savouring the last bits of the sweet taste she had in her mouth before, calling out while hugging him tightly, "Xuefeng, I love you..."

"Are you loving me or my blood?" Xuefeng teased her as he used some Water Qi at the end of his finger to clean up Wuying's face from his blood and finally kissed her, saying warmly afterwards, "I love you too. We will see each other in the evening."

"Mhmm," Wuying nodded happily, satisfied after receiving a nice meal. She let out her double-winged eagle from her token and started putting both kids on its back. Even if Xuefeng had to sacrifice some of his blood, Wuying also was the least troublesome which made him relax with those two.

He was only left with the three which were much more demanding. One of them was Xiao Wen who was watching everything from the side, waiting for her moment.

"Aren't you going to hug me? We won't be seeing each other for a while today." Xuefeng reached out with his arms to her and she couldn't resist anymore, running into his embrace as well.

Without looking at him, Xiao Wen muttered while laying her cheek on his shoulder, "Are you going to come back to the clan tonight...?" Xuefeng could hear in her voice how much she wanted that to happen, which made him sigh internally. He didn't want to say no when Xiao Wen was asking him like that.

"I will try to be earlier and spend the whole evening with you. I'm not sure about the night as we are probably going to sleep all together." Xuefeng hugged her tightly and explained his stance. He thought that she will understand, but the next works she whispered made him mute once again, "Can't I have at least one night with you alone? It's my first time... I want it to be just you and me... I want it to be special... Wuying had her first time alone with you..."

Before he could find some words for a reply, Xiao Wen added, "I don't want to wait anymore... The more I wait, the harder it is to resist and I think about it all the time... Why can't we do it tonight? I think the girls will understand if I ask them..."

The same feeling he had when talking with Ling happened again. He just couldn't reject her right when she said so much. Beating himself in his mind for being like that, Xuefeng called out quietly, "Alright... Tonight it is then..."

"Really...?" Xiao Wen quickly replied as she looked at him with a bright smile which finally appeared on her face. As long as she had his word then she didn't need to worry.

"Mhmm, I will figure something out. I can't say no when you are like this..." Xuefeng nodded, trying to smile to her but inside of his mind, he was panicking. He already knew that Ling would comment in a moment. She couldn't see everything happening so there was no way to hide it from her even if he wanted.

"Alright! See you later today then!" Xiao Wen called out happily and kissed him deeply, before hopping onto Lulu's back, right behind Yiren.

"Yeah, take care." Xuefeng waved towards them with a light smile and reminded, "Wen, protect them while I'm not with you girls."

"Don't worry." Xiao Wen assured him and with a light pat on Lulu side, she jumped with the sky followed by the eagle together with Wuying. In a moment he was left alone with one problem he had to fix.

Walking towards the lake which was nearby, Xuefeng called out in his mind, 'Ling...?'