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 "Wuying, how are you feeling? Is yesterday's blood dose enough to last you up till now?" Xuefeng called towards Wuying, recalling the pressing issue from yesterday that was still bothering him.

"Mhmm, I am not thirsty at all. I think there won't be a need to repeat it in a while. I feel really great at the moment." Wuying leaned on his shoulder and replied honestly, showing a smile full of energy.

"That's great. I was worried you were gonna drain me like that every day..." Xuefeng breathed in relief, teasing her in the process to which Wuying playfully licked him on the neck while saying, "Well, I don't mind a drink if you were to offer..."

"Haha, very funny..." Xuefeng laughed sarcastically, slapping Wuying's butt as a warning before he turned to Yiren who laid down directly on top of him like a little kitten and asked, "Yiren, how are you feeling? Are you all healed up?"

"I am. Sister Ling already healed me completely. You need to thank her from me." Yiren leaned over and kissed Xuefeng once again, passing the thanks to Ling but Xuefeng couldn't help but tease Yiren as well saying, "Alright, I will make sure to kiss her in your place."

"Nooo, that's not what I meant... You can only pass my hug then..." Yiren quickly shook her head but then thought that Ling really deserved something in exchange so she hugged Xuefeng tightly, passing on her hugs instead.

"Haha, alright." Xuefeng agreed, being sure that Ling would be happy with either hugs or kisses before he finally looked towards the last lady in his embrace but then he noticed that she was glaring at him so he asked, "Wen, why are you making such a face?"

Seeing that Xuefeng finally noticed her, Xiao Wen suddenly sat up, throwing the quilt aside and continued to glare at him while pouting, "Xuefeng, it's my first night sleeping with you and yet we didn't do anything together... How are you going to explain that?"

"Look to the side first." Xuefeng just smiled and pointed with his head towards the second bed next to them while gently hugging Yiren who snuggled onto Xiao Wen's place when she sat up.

On the bed next to them laid Wu Lan and her brother sleeping soundly, slowly moving around under their quilt, waking up from their sleep. When Wen saw them and realised that she actually wanted to do some naughty activities with kids next to them, she blushed, hiding herself under the quilt again.

"Don't worry. We can do anything together but the time and place have to be right. I didn't forget about you." Xuefeng explained, finding her reaction quite funny. He already slowly started accepting her as his lover so Xuefeng wouldn't let her wait long before he would finally eat her up.

Xiao Wen laid on Xuefeng's chest on the same spot as Yiren before without arguing with her sister and whispered unhappily, "Sorry that I just wanted some cuddles from you..." She didn't understand how Yiren and Wuying were so patient, not claiming more of Xuefeng for themselves right away and just waiting for their turn.

"Don't be mad at me." Seeing her like this, Xuefeng pulled her up a bit and planted an apology kiss on her lips to cheer her up. Xuefeng knew that it was his fault for leaving them for the whole night, but once he arrives inside Ling's space, he couldn't do anything.

"I want one more..." Getting one short kiss, it was obvious that Xiao Wen would want more so she pleaded for one right away, but she didn't get it this fast as Xuefeng first gave two kisses to Wuying and Yiren before returning to her, saying softly, "I can't favour anyone. My feelings for all of you are equal so I try not to leave anyone behind. Do you understand?"

"Mhmm, I understand. Then counting all the kisses others received up till now, I want you to give me the same amount." Xiao Wen smiled smugly as she nodded and followed his rules just as she wanted.

"Oh, you want everything? But you know you have to give the same as well?" Xuefeng looked surprised at her as he listened to her claims, but he didn't mind that as he actually liked the idea. Patting two butts on both sides, Xuefeng asked with a playful smile, "You know, Wuying and Yiren were quite active girlfriends, am I right?"

"Of course, I would give you the same as well..." Xiao Wen agreed right away feeling that it was only natural for her to do so, but then she looked at Wuying and Yiren finding their faces embarrassed under her look. They quickly hid in Xuefeng's arms to avoid her gaze which made Xiao Wen a bit worried, thinking, 'How many times they have done it...'

"Alright, the deal is sealed. Don't regret it later." Xuefeng smiled and pulled himself up making all of them sit down, before sealing the deal with a kiss.

Thinking it was already late, Xuefeng didn't prolong their bantering and hurried everyone, "Wake Wu Lan up and go take a bath. We boys will enter after you girls. I have many things I need to do today, so we can't cuddle anymore."

"Alright." Wuying and Yiren listened properly, walking up to Wu Lan's bed but Xiao Wen stayed put on top of him, sitting on his thighs. Seeing that the others didn't see, she suddenly kissed Xuefeng deeply once again, whispering afterwards, "Don't regret it later as well. I'm not letting you go..."

After those words, she boldly took off her nightgown right in front of him and dodged his hands which tried to pull her back when she jumped off the bed. Xiao Wen glanced at Xuefeng playfully as she threw her nightgown at him and slowly walked away, showing him exactly what he was losing by postponing their intimate moments.

'Gosh... That demoness...' Xuefeng thought as he felt the arousal just from looking at her naked body. Knowing her personality, he couldn't wait to see how crazy she would be when he finally decides to take her in completely.


"So you want me to defend against your attacks?" Xiao Wen asked, confirming Xuefeng's plan after they finally left the Border City, arriving outside of it in the forest area.

They didn't take much time bathing and eating as without Xuefeng inside the bath with them, the girls didn't play around too much. If Xuefeng decided to take a bath with them, the whole morning would be lost on their games and possibly something else as well.

"Yeah, I want to test this new ability. I can't use it in battle in the future if I don't learn how it works. It shouldn't take too much time. It didn't look this complicated based on Thousand Blades attacks and Ling's description." Xuefeng nodded as he pulled prepared himself to attack her with some long ranged attacks.

"I don't mind. Shoot at me, but if I can easily defend against all of your attacks, you owe me one wish afterwards. If you manage to push me back, I will give you one wish." Xiao Wen agreed, pulling out her golden sword and used a bet to motivate Xuefeng to work harder.

Hearing her proposal, Xuefeng couldn't help but get serious, motivation filling his veins. He knew that Xiao Wen wouldn't reject no matter what he asks her to do.

Pulling his Black Flames slayer, Xuefeng called out happily, "I'm coming, watch out!"

Just as Ling explained, the moment Xuefeng swung his sword to send a black flames ray at her, the attacks were already filled with a portion of Ling's Fate Qi. When they were mid-air, Ling suddenly used her Fate Qi to replicate the rays, creating more than twenty of them.

They all headed towards Xiao Wen but Xuefeng somehow expected that his attacks wouldn't have any impact on her. She wasn't a person that would bet on something without knowing the outcome beforehand, but that wasn't Xuefeng's goal.

Xuefeng only wanted to learn and see for himself how the whole ability worked. If he only needed to give Xiao Wen one wish then it was a worthy trade for him.

After the first trial, it turned out that his new ability only worked on the spells that were already launched towards the enemy. He couldn't replicate melee attacks as the Fate Qi didn't have time to work before the strike landed. Recalling Thousand Blades' daggers which flew around him as if a living shield, Xuefeng wished to repeat the same feat.


At the moment, Xiao Wen used her own attack to counter every black flames' rays and they all collapsed with an explosion, spreading the flames all around her. Xuefeng could, fortunately, extinguish the black flames with just his thought and that was also the reason he didn't use Fire Qi as they were inside of a forest. He didn't plan to burn and destroy nature.

"Is that all you have? I don't see how you can beat me like that." Xiao Wen taunted him as she raised her sword with a smile. She didn't know that Xuefeng would be fine even if he lost, knowing that she would probably want to spend more time with him with her wish.

"How do I control so many blades as Thousand Blades did? I don't think I saw the method anywhere to make my sword fly." Xuefeng put down his sword and asked, knowing that attacking Xiao Wen would only waste his Fate Qi.

"You can't control anything unless you obtain Metal Qi and connect it with your Air Qi." Xiao Wen explained but then asked confused, seeing that Xuefeng wasn't trying to continue his assault, "Why are you putting down your sword, don't you want to win?"

"Well, I already realised how my ability works. I thought I need more tries. If I use more Fate Qi just to beat you, it will be just a waste. Also, you seem to want to win a lot so I will give it to you, hehe." Xuefeng knew that he couldn't win but the way he admitted defeat sounded as if he was doing Xiao Wen favour which made her unhappy, but Xuefeng quickly approached her and patted her head, pacifying it right away.

"Alright, I win then." Xiao Wen called out happily and already deciding what she wanted before the fight, she whispered into his ear, "I want to do it with you tonight..."