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 "Mhmm... Xuefeng, we can't do it anymore... It's already morning outside...Mhmm..." Ling muttered as she tried to break away from Xuefeng's constant kisses but each time they separated which allowed her to speak, Xuefeng would pull her back into his embrace and seal her lips once again.

Over the course of the whole time she spent with Xuefeng, Ling learnt a lot of techniques from him. She only needed to turn them into reality and she realised that it wasn't that hard in the end. After the few initial tries, testing every skill in her inventory, she made even Xuefeng intrigued.

With the light gone, cutting off their main sense of sight, they could only use the rest which were left but it only made their act even more sensual. For the whole night, they were making out passionately, forgetting about their initial plan to talk and hug.

The whole space here was controlled by Ling but inside of Xuefeng's embrace and their tongues engaged in a continuous battle, she forgot her ability to control everything. She never had the opportunity to let go of her Spirit Body's restrains but now Ling knew that she could also take a bigger part in Xuefeng's life, becoming something more than just a helping spirit.

Xuefeng stretched her bottom lip as he added playfulness to his kiss, sucking on it passionately and asked while breathing hurriedly, their pace never slowing down, "Do you really want to...? Just a few more kisses please..."

Ling said she wanted to stop but when he pleaded for more, her tongue wrapped around his own which was already waiting for her. Every once in a while she would slow down, throwing a sentence out there before returning even stronger, kissing, licking, sucking, "I want to but we don't have much time anymore... Your girlfriends are slowly waking up... Also, your hands started to become naughty for a while now..."

"I'm still surprised that your dress is still on you after a whole night..." Xuefeng teased her as his hand grasped her buttcheek firmly, onto to be suddenly relocated onto her back out of nowhere.

Each time he decided to take more advances on her, she would switch his body position as the master of this world. Of course, that didn't stop him from trying over and over again. Xuefeng thought that she would give up after a while and fully accept him but that didn't happen. The situation continuing back and forth just like that for the whole night with Ling not giving him any chance.

"I like kissing... No need to mix it with anything else..." Ling said as she suddenly dove down on his body and kissed him on the neck. She was on top of him this whole time as she didn't let him switch positions but for the last few minutes of their act, Xuefeng tried once more for the last time.

Xuefeng grabbed her tighter and rolled with her on the soft grass, appearing above her. Before she reverted the situation, Xuefeng leaned over and whispered into her ear, "Let me be on top for the last few minutes we have together... "

Surprisingly, Ling listened and stay put, for now, letting him stare at her face in complete darkness.

"Make it brighter. I want to see you." Xuefeng expressed his desires, imagining how beautiful Ling looked. As she listened once again, the sun started slowly raising from the horizon, illuminating Ling's face further and further.

After the whole night, her hair became messy from all the times he brushed his hands through them, but for Xuefeng, in connection with her blushed cheeks and blue eyes that gave her a shy look, Ling was especially breathtaking.

"Why are you staring at me so much..." Ling asked embarrassed, now regretting making it all bright again. She didn't want Xuefeng to see her like that, all hungry for his kisses.

"You are really beautiful, that's why I'm enjoying my view. To be honest, I also wonder how your whole body looks, but I know you don't want me to see anything..." Xuefeng answered as he touched her slim waist through her white dress, thinking of ripping it apart so he could see it all.

"It's not that I don't want you to see... I didn't want our first night to be like that. Wasn't it nice like that, only having our lips to ourselves, putting the whole focus into one thing to make it more special?" Ling asked quietly as she sat down, making him his on her thighs and rubbed his cheeks with thumbs.

"Yeah... It was great." Xuefeng couldn't help to admit that she was right, even though he wanted to proceed much further with her. Their connection with each other definitely increased in value after tonight.

Ling touched his lips with her forefinger and played with them as she asked softly, "If you liked it so much... How about we repeat it tomorrow...?" They still had a lot of time that they need to spend with each other, so they didn't need to hurry. She knew all of Xuefeng's thoughts when he was inside of her space so she was aware of how much he wanted to do all the naughty stuff to her, even though she didn't show it on her face.

To make him desire her more, she grabbed his hand and pressed it against her chest, whispering with her face heavily blushing, "I will let you touch them like that..." It took her a lot to pull such a scene as after a moment, even before he could grasp her breast firmly, Ling quickly pulled it away. With how his thoughts got turned into a mess, she knew that her mission was successful.

"Of course we can! You think I would refuse you after tonight?" Xuefeng replied happily, kissing her deeply. In his mind, the softness of her chest was still lingering, making him want to reach out and experience it again.

Ling already knew his answer but she smiled anyway, saying as a goodbye, "I'm glad. See you later then." Ling didn't continue their conversation and suddenly his body disappeared from her embrace.

She already shamelessly prolonged his stay as she didn't want him to leave and only informed him that it's morning when the girls outside began trying to wake him up. Together with his own persistence to stay longer, they made the girls outside quite worried.

With Xuefeng gone, she reached out towards the spot he was before, already feeling that there was something missing there. Falling onto the grass, Ling sighed deeply, breathing the smell he left behind and smiled satisfied, recalling their whole night together.

At first, Ling thought that it would be awkward between them but it surprisingly went really well. There wasn't much she could do better as even if she let him do much more with her today, his excitement would die down fast. She didn't mind keeping him like that for a while so he would stay as passionate each time as just now.

"I think I'm getting his pervert disease transferred onto me the more I stay with him..." Ling thought as she began thinking of what their future nights would look like and all she thought of were scenes similar to how Xuefeng did it with others.

"It's for cultivation... It will help him greatly, so I can't delay it anymore... I can't be selfish..." Ling commented out loud after finally bracing her heart for what is bound to happen before suddenly closing her eyes, returning to her everyday job, keeping Xuefeng alive.


Xiao Wen's voice was the first thing he heard after opening his eyes with his real body, "Xuefeng, you are finally awake. Were you inside Ling's space? We couldn't wake you up for so long."

"I'm sorry, I was busy for a moment," Xuefeng muttered as he rubbed his eyes to get used to the light as this body was different than the one in Ling's space and kissed all three ladies one by one.

Having tasted all of their lips, he hugged them all into his arms, having an urge which Ling created by teasing him for the whole night. This urge was having something soft in his hand and Xuefeng instantly satisfied it by reaching out towards two butts on both sides.

Xiao Wen wanted to ask more but having her buttcheek squeezed tightly shut her down. She was really anxious about their first night together thinking that Xuefeng would not let her sleep at all, but after him being so quiet whole night, she relaxed to a certain degree.

"Ah..." Xuefeng couldn't help but let out a breath of relief, finally being free to do what he wanted.

'You didn't need to wait for the whole night to do that...' Xiao Wen muttered in her mind as she snuggled into his arms, allowing his hand to roam as it pleased just a bit more before she pretended to be angry.