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 "Princess Shan, this will be your room. In the centre is mine and on the left is where Wuying stays." Xuefeng pointed to the room on the right when they arrived inside his courtyard.

"So, she is living with you? What teacher lives with his student." She teased.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Wuying called out in his stead irritated.

"Okay, girls. No fighting in my courtyard." Xuefeng stood between them to stop them from arguing.

"Princess, you can take your veil already. It's only us present here." He turned towards her as he remembered she was still wearing her veil. He wanted to see her whole face.

"Oh, if you are really that curious, you can take it off from me." She said boldly as she got closer to him.

"Well, if you insist." Xuefeng didn't shy away and gently took off the veil. She looked beautiful as he had thought, but it didn't shock him like Wuying sitting on the rock this morning.

Her pretty face didn't stun him but her next words did.

"I once swore to heavens that I will marry the first man who takes off my veil. I hope you will take good care of me." She said before placing her head on his chest. Her full peaks pressed on him, making him unable to move.

'Can you be even more unreasonable?' He asked himself.

He has seen many shameless people, but she was definitely in the top 3.

"You cannot do that! That's unfair!" Wuying shouted as she fumed.

"Everything is fair in war." She pulled out her tongue at mad Wuying.

"Okay calm down, Princess what was your real reason for staying at Liu Clan?" He calmed Wuying and asked helplessly.

"I wanted to become friends with you, but who would have thought you will take off my veil?" She separated from him and complained as if wronged.

'Just let her be, it will be easier for you to get Fate Fragment. You will take care of her later after we get what we want.' Ling suddenly proposed.

"Okay, whatever. We will talk about it later. Look what Artefacts I got." He rolled his eyes at her shamelessness and put it at the back of his head. He waved his hand and a ring appeared on his finger.

"A Dimension Storage Ring!" They both cried out instantly as they saw it.

"What? You told me to get one. Why are you so surprised?" He asked confused.

"It's because most Storage Rings are rank 3 and above. It's hard to put space into a Ring, so if someone can do it, he won't place a small one cubic meter space inside, because it won't be profitable." Wuying explained.

"So that's why. Well, this ring has few tens cubic meters of space inside." He passed forward what Ling said.

"Rank 4... to think you managed to get one. It is not easy to make one acknowledge you." Princess confirmed in her heart that her choice was right.

After he pulled out Rank 5 Spirit Armour and Rank 5 Defensive Aura she was even more right of her choice.

"Did you also get a Rank 5 weapon?" Wuying asked looking at him weirdly.

"Yeah, check this out." He chuckled and pulled out his red sword.

In the Spirit Treasury, the black flames were small as they were being suppressed by the space inside. The same happened in his dantian. The sword didn't want to hurt his master, so it didn't realise the flames.

When it appeared in the outside world, after all these years, it could finally realise it's flaming to the fullest.

Black flames surrounded the sword giving him a scare. Hopefully, he didn't drop it to the ground and he noticed they didn't burn him.

The girls instinctively ran away. Wuying vanished and appeared 10 meters away. Princess also used weird movement and increased her distance in the blink of an eye.

"What a powerful aura." Princess looked at the sword with her eyes lit up.

"Is this Founder Sword?!" Wuying asked shocked as she recalled what she read about the swords in Spirit Treasury.

"Isn't it cool?" Xuefeng played with it, giving it a few swings. With his last slash, the sword suddenly sucked one-fourth of his total Spirit Qi and created a croissant-shaped ray of black flames.

Princess Shan who was on the way hurriedly dodged to the side. The black ray passed by her and then struck a boulder near the pond.


The boulder smashed into pieces. Even the flowers near it were not spared. Black flames burned on the remains of the rock.

"Ups." Xuefeng gulped.

"My Lilies!" Wuying cried watching her favourite flowers being destroyed.

It wasn't even five seconds after the explosion before multiple shadows started appearing out of nowhere.

"Young master, are you okay?" Men in black hoods appeared near Xuefeng and asked. Soon they looked shocked after feeling the aura of Red Sword covered in Black Flames.

Looking at their surroundings they realised it was their Young master who created a commotion.

"Extinguish the flames, first!" Wuying commanded seeing the black flames spreading.

"Yes!" Seeing their Young master safe, they dashed towards the flames.

Xuefeng already put the sword away afraid he would destroy something else.

"Are you really only in Spirit Grandmaster stage? If I didn't react in time I would be killed." Princess approached him and complained unhappily. She dirtied her dress from the grass while rolling on the ground.

"That was an accident, it shot the ray on its own." He blamed the sword.

"You shouldn't wield it until you learn basics of wielding a Spirit Artefact." She warned seriously. She wasn't joking about the power of this attack.

'Ling, why didn't you warn me?' He asked Ling wronged. She could at least warn him.

'How would I know you would swing a Rank 5 Sword with flames on it like an idiot.' Ling pushed it on him without mercy.

'Sigh, those artefacts are dangerous, Princess Shan is right." He thought in his mind and decided to be extra careful next time he uses one.

It took 10 minutes for Shadow Guard members to extinguish all the flames. When they finished, they looked at him in fear. Some of them even used half of their Spirit Qi to put out the fire.

"Okay, you are dismissed. I will take it from here." Wuying called out to everyone with an autocratic voice.

"Yes, Milady." The disappeared one by one.

'Ho ho, so she is the one in command of Shadow Guards. Interesting.' Princess deduced.

Wuying came to their side and struck Xuefeng lightly in a chest with her finger.

"Promise me, you won't use Black Flames Slayer before I teach you basics. It's dangerous to play with high ranked artefacts. What if you hurt yourself?" She asked worriedly.

"I promise, I won't." He promised as he was also afraid.

"How is your Spirit Qi? Don't they drain a lot of Qi when they are in your dantian? You are Spirit Grandmaster but already have three Rank 5 artefacts. You could even create an attack like this. Aren't you drained right now?" Wuying asked suspiciously.

"Oh, I am refining Spirit Essence as we speak to replenish lost Spirit Qi." He said subconsciously. Ling was doing that for him, so he didn't think it was important.

Hearing him both ladies looked at him in shock.