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 "You are saying that because of this new skill, Wuying has a great urge to drink your blood?" Xiao Wen asked to confirm after listening to Xuefeng's explanation. She could see that something was wrong between the two of them and Xuefeng explained the situation to her after being asked.

"Yes. Do you know why that could be happening?" Xuefeng nodded and asked while hugging Wuying into his arms. She didn't want to let go of him until she sees him being better. Xuefeng lost too much blood because of her which would kill a normal person and it was hard for her not to blame herself for that.

"I have no idea, but I heard from my father that there are forbidden skills that can change your personality the more you use them or simply have bad side effects that will hurt you. I think that the skills Wuying received in the Blood Inheritance Grounds were such skills." Xiao Wen explained what she knew.

"Is there any way to stop it? Will Wuying get better if she stops using them?" Xuefeng asked in hope, thinking it would be easier if they asked Xiao Wen about it earlier.

Xiao Wen replied as she shook her head, "I don't think so. Once someone starts, I think there is no going back. The best way would be to overcome it or embrace it. Let's see how long she can survive without taking any blood. If it's a few days, I think you can sacrifice yourself a bit if that means increasing her powers. I can feel that her aura has increased by a lot just now."

Hearing her, Wuying confirmed it with a nod when Xuefeng glanced at him which made him sigh, accepting the sad reality. He wanted what's best so they will have to experiment with what method is the best and use it to help her.

"Wuying, you will be fine. Xuefeng will take care of us, hehe." Yiren also commented happily as she stood up and reached out with her hands so Xuefeng could pick her up. Her eyes were slowly closing from tiredness but she was in a good mood.

"I think we should all go to sleep early today. There are two beds in the bedroom this time so we can split between them. Yiren, how are you feeling?" Xuefeng decided, knowing that all of them had a rough day. He was still drained of energy after Wuying's bloodsucking so he really wanted to sleep right now.

"I'm sleepy... Can I sleep with you?" Yiren asked as Xuefeng picked her up. She knew the answer but still wanted to confirm it before her eyes would close.

"Mhmm, I think we can all fit in the same bed and leave the second one to kids." Xuefeng nodded as he patted Yiren's head and asked while looking at Xiao Wen, "What do you think?"

Xiao Wen blushed as she imagined herself naked in Xuefeng embrace but after realising that nothing would happen between them today due to everyone being tired, she calmed down a bit and replied confidently, "I don't mind."


"Dummy... You almost forgot about your promise..." Ling called out to Xuefeng as she knocked him onto the grass and hugged onto his belly.

"I'm sorry... Too much stuff happened today..." Xuefeng apologized, still in confusion after having his consciousness suddenly pulled into Ling's space. He was just hugging both Wuying and Xiao Wen in their sexy nightgowns with Yiren laying on top of his chest when his mind was suddenly sucked away.

"I know, that's why I will forgive you this time." Ling realised she had to be more shameless with him else with so many ladies around him, he would quickly forget about meeting her.

"You have been working overtime this whole time because of me and Wuying. Thank you." Knowing that he wouldn't go back any time soon, the girls will think that he already had fallen asleep so he didn't worry, focusing his attention on the lady in his embrace.

"Mhmm, it's quite hard to keep up with your bleeding. If she sucked any more of it, you would probably lose consciousness for a while until I fix you. By the way, the supply of Fate Stones that we gathered is slimming down pretty fast because of that. We barely have one thousand left and it's without me even absorbing them for myself. You need to visit Nuwa and get another batch." Ling sat down on his waist and conversed with him while looking at him with an unusual smiling expression.

"I will do it tomorrow. We are not in a hurry. I doubt we would be involved in any fights by tomorrow," Xuefeng replied, already having such plans and reached out towards Ling's legs out of instinct, rubbing the smooth skin on her thighs. He didn't expect her to suddenly catch his hands which started moving upwards, under her dress and ask with a defensive glance, "What are you doing?"

"I'm touching your legs. Do you want me to sit and do nothing while we talk?" Xuefeng asked as if it was natural for them to do, moving his thumbs around, feeling up her porcelain skin.

Ling blushed a bit, recalling a certain act, thinking that Xuefeng wanted to do exactly that after she mentioned it to him the last time he was here and said while looking to the side, "We are not going to cultivate now..." But then Xuefeng pulled her by the knees so she would be closer to him and looked at her with a playful smile which made her overthink once again as she muttered quietly, "I just wanted to casually talk with you today... Let's leave that for another time, okay?"

"Hah," Xuefeng laughed as he lifted himself up and leaned over holding his face just a few centimetres away from her face and asked with a gentle smile, "Do you know you are cute when you are shy like this?" His hands embraced her back and he didn't lose his gaze from her eyes which made her even more anxious than before.

Ling didn't know exactly what she wanted as her mind only planned a nice talk involving a few hugs here and there. She blushed even further feeling his warm hands roaming around her body but fortunately, Xuefeng didn't push her too far yet as he pulled a bit away from her to allow her some space and said, "Don't worry, we can't cultivate as I'm currently sleeping in real life."

His statement definitely calmed her down for a moment a bit but his next sentence made her anxious again. "But we will see later about tomorrow. I really want to try this method." This time Xuefeng's hands swiftly slipped under her dress before she could stop him and he gently grasped her butt, leaning over to whisper into her ear, "Don't you want to try it too?"

Xuefeng was sure Ling would kick him out of her space right away for being so bold but to his surprise, she didn't and instead slowly whispered back, "If it can help you grow faster... I-It's my responsibility to help you..."

"Dinner for the body then supper for the mind. Only tasty dishes around me... Gods are probably cursing at me for my luck." Xuefeng muttered under his breath as he glided with his hands from her upper thighs up to her delicate feet, secretly surprised how flexible her body was.

Placing her hands around his neck, Xuefeng saying seriously while moving closer to her face, "I really want to kiss you right now." Ling didn't know how to respond to that, so she looked to the side and asked, "What happened with our talks and hugs...?"

"One hug..." Xuefeng said as he kissed her on the right cheek before turning her face to the other side by her chin, kissing the other cheek, saying sweetly, "This is the second hug. I'm sorry, my hugs are a little different." Holding her chin as she faced him, he asked while looking at her cheery lips, "Can we talk now?"

Ling somehow knew that his talking will also be different than the normal talking but still let him be, muttering in agreement, "Mhmm-" Xuefeng didn't wait before she finished it though and closed the distance separating them.

Xuefeng knew he couldn't prolong their kiss else he would scare her but still made sure she would never forget her first kiss with him, staying gentle till the end, thinking of leaving her in desire for more.

He didn't say anything after he pulled away and instead only hugged her, placing her head on his chest before laying on the grass with her. For the next moment, everything she thought of were his soft lips that she still felt on her own for a while.

"Can we stay like this for the night?" Ling suddenly asked as she touched her lips with her fingers, secretly thinking of repeating the motion from before a few more times.

Before he replied, Xuefeng asked the important question first, "Can you heal my real body and provide treatment for Yiren while being busy with me like this?"

"Of course, I can multitask without problems. Your body is already completely healed. I should be done with Yiren by tomorrow morning. So... Do you want to stay? I won't force you if you do not want to..." Ling explained before looking at his eyes, expecting to hear her answer for the first question.

With her finger aimed at the sky, the sun began setting and the sky darkened. It was obvious that she wanted to spend that night with him, so he couldn't say no to her, "It depends on how you will entertain me during that time, but yes, I can stay."

Just as Xuefeng agreed, the sky darkened completely, but he could still feel Ling's face appearing in front of his own and he gave her what they both wanted.