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 Xuefeng smiled seeing a happy expressing and patted the place next to him, saying warmly, "Oh, no problem. Come, I want you to sit next to me." When Wuying heard it, her eyes constricted, but she still nodded and approached him.

"Is everything alright?" Xuefeng asked the moment Wuying sat down next to him, making sure that nothing was happening again. It was obvious that Xuefeng cared a lot about all of them, without avoiding anyone.

"I don't know, maybe I am still feeling bad from the skill I used in the battle. It was the first time so I am still not used to it..." Wuying replied casually as she reached out with her fork towards the dishes on the table. After she said it, she turned to Xuefeng and looked at him with a smile while her eyes were cutely closed.

"Mhmm, we will rest earlier today after we eat dinner. You all worked hard today so you deserve a good night of rest." Xuefeng nodded finding her really cute and patted her head before pulling her closer and kissing her on the cheek. He aimed for her lips but Wuying somehow shifted in the last second which made him miss.

With Xuefeng's kiss, the whole time Wuying worked in the bathroom to calm down went to waste as her eyes changed once again into crimson red and her mind began filling with thoughts of eating Xuefeng up. She wanted to start by kissing his lips before biting on them so they would shed some blood onto her thirsty tongue.

To distract herself, she focused on eating food but that didn't help with stopping her urges at all. Wuying thought that it would be easier as the time went on, thinking that she would get used to it but it was only getting worse with each minute.

"Yiren, what do you want to eat? How about this chopstick looking snack wrapped in a leaf?" Xuefeng asked Yiren who sat sideways on his lap with her head supported on his chest and shoulder.

"I can eat something light and vegetarian..." Without looking at the dishes Yiren said what she wanted, wanting him to choose. She enjoyed acting spoiled and Xuefeng serving her like this, giving her much more care than he used to in the last few days.

"Mhmm, let me test it... Yes, just as I thought, it's fish and rice wrapped in a leaf." Xuefeng tasted it after picking it up with a fork and immediately tasted nice fish meat which melted in his mouth. He put in front of Yiren after blowing on it for a bit and said, "Here, it's not cold anymore. You can try it now."

Seeing such care in Xuefeng's eyes, even if the dish was awful, she would still eat it as long as he could feed her like that. Fortunately, it wasn't bad and rather quite yummy so she received a double pleasure.

They were talking together while eating, knowing that even if they didn't finish it all, Wu Kong who didn't stop eating could end everything. This is why they ate some from each dish, feeding each other playfully. Halfway through the feast, Xuefeng noticed that Wuying didn't join their playful fights as often as she used to so he asked, patting her out of worry, "You look down. What happened? Are you still feeling unwell? You don't need to keep it in yourself if you need to rest."

Wuying felt the warmth of Xuefeng's hand and answered with her eyes shaking ever so slightly, "No, I'm feeling good... It's just that I'm thinking about something and I can't stop..." She couldn't hold back anymore, slowly deciding to tell him the truth before she goes crazy.

"Oh, what is it? Do you want me to feed you too? You didn't eat much earlier." Xuefeng asked attentively, knowing that Yiren was already full and picked up the last roll of fish with his fork, pulling her gently by the hand so that she looks at him before saying, "Do you want to try it? It's really good."

Up till this point, Xuefeng had no idea if there was anything serious with her and only when she looked at him did Xuefeng notice her crimson pupils, realising there was an issue. He didn't need to figure out what caused it as she said right away, "I want to try something different... That's what I have been thinking about this whole time..."

"Oh..." Xuefeng muttered, finally realising what was the problem. 'The skill must have increased her urge for my blood...' Xuefeng thought and decided to react on the spot, asking the blond cutie in his arms, "Yiren, can you stay here alone with Wen for a moment? I need to talk alone with Wuying."

"Mhmm, I can. Don't worry, I'm feeling much better now compared to before." Yiren nodded, as she stood up from Xuefeng's lap and kissed him while giving him a gentle smile to show that she was alright.

"Alright, we will be back in a bit. Give us a moment..." Xuefeng patted her on the head for being so understanding but then before he could finish, Wuying pulled his hand and they disappeared together. She was too impatient and couldn't wait anymore.

They reappeared inside the bathroom with their lips and tongue entangled with each other. Wuying didn't waste more time and suddenly bit on Xuefeng's lip just as she planned, beginning to suck blood from it. While under the effects of her urges, Wuying pinned Xuefeng to the wall, immobilizing him and continued to suck more blood from him until his wound healed.

Thinking she was done, he grabbed her hands and pulled her away. She didn't resist so he held her cheek and caressed it but then her eyes opened. Her eyes looked at him with desire and she muttered, "I want more... Just a bit more please..." Wuying even tried to hug him and sneaked her way towards Xuefeng's neck but he didn't let her.

Xuefeng caught her, hugging her from behind and asked while holding both of her arms, "Tell me, what is going on? You don't seem like the Wuying I know. You are being controlled by desire. We said we will work on it. This much should be enough, okay?"

"Nooo, it wasn't enough, please Xuefeng, just a bit more..." Wuying pleaded but seeing no reaction from him, she explained quietly, "I can't stop thinking about it... Each time I look at you, I can't stop thinking about drinking your blood. Earlier it was tasty, but now nothing I eat taste good other than your blood..."

"How is that possible? Is that because of the skill you used? How come it is so extreme...?" Hearing the begging in her words and the anxiousness that she transferred through her body, Xuefeng couldn't believe the situation would turn this serious so fast.

"I don't know... I can somehow control myself when I don't look at you, but then I get really hungry and the food from dinner didn't help at all to satisfy my hunger... On the other hand, when I look at you, I get the urge to take and drink your blood... I don't get the same kind of feeling from other people." Wuying shook her head desperately, only fine for a moment with the little bit of blood she got from his lips but now she was feeling that the urge was coming back.

Each time it was appearing in her mind, it tried to control her body to satisfy its needs. At those moments, nothing else mattered other than fulfilling her desire for blood.

"Does this urge tries to take control over you?" Xuefeng asked as he hugging her tighter. He needed to know every detail before he could think of a solution for that unusual situation. At this point, Wuying reminded him of those vampires he used to see on TV on earth. The symptoms were exactly the same as the person turning into a vampire.

Unfortunately, this wasn't a real drama but a real world and vampires were not a thing here. He didn't know if she will calm down after getting blood from him or her urges increase in power.

"It does... I want to bite on your hand right now... I can still control it, but it's getting harder each minute the longer you are holding me" Wuying admitted honestly, staring at his arm that was right in front of her.

"Then make a cut with your dagger and drink until you are satisfied. If you feel like you don't need to anymore, stop. I don't think we have any other choice. We need to somehow overcome and my blood seems to be the only solution to this. We can also ask Xiao Wen for help." Xuefeng let go of her arms and placed his wrist right next to her mouth.

Xuefeng didn't need to ask Wuying's twice as she did exactly as she was told without delay. She pulled out her dagger and slashed his wrist gently, before putting it up to her lips, sucking greedily. It was much different compared to a small cut as the blood was flowing out much faster than before. He could feel that his strength started diminishing the more blood was leaving his body.

Even with Ling quickly replenishing the lost blood, it was still spilling out faster than Ling could make it. He dropped to the ground with her in his arms and she continued to suck his blood away while leaning on his chest. Only after Xuefeng's face became pale did she stop, with a pleasing smile on her face.

It only disappeared when she saw Xuefeng's pale face and Wuying suddenly felt like crying. She was hurting him with what she was doing. She could see golden lines running on Xuefeng's skin, returning his skin the rosy colour but that didn't change the fact that it was all her fault.

Xuefeng looked at her sad face and called out, pulling her closer to him, "If you blame yourself for all of this, I will spank your butt."

"But-" Wuying tried to explain, but then Xuefeng suddenly kissed her, saying warmly right after, "I love you. Even an idiot like me can see that you plan to blame yourself for that. It will hurt me more if you leave my side, so I hope you don't intend to do anything stupid. We will get through this together. Do you understand me?"

Hearing Xuefeng's confession while looking at his genuine gaze, Wuying didn't know when but her eyes trembled and tears fell from her eyes. She reached out and hugged him as tight as she could, promising with a gentle nod, "Mhmm..."