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 "Ah, I knew there would be side effects to that skill... The more she uses it in the future, the deeper the problem will be. What is your solution to fix it now, you genius?" The old man sighed, blaming his partner for the whole situation. If not for his mistake, they wouldn't have to deal with all that.

"Oh come on," The middle-aged man threw his hands in the sky speechlessly before explaining his merits, "Did you see how much power it gives her? If not for me, we would probably have to help them already. Now we only need to fix Wuying's desire for Xuefeng's blood and we are all fine."

Seeing him taking no responsibility for that, the old man asked sarcastically, "Oh, and how are you going to do it? We changed her blood urges from all people to Xuefeng for a reason. He had the biggest impact on her and could help her overcome this situation, making her stronger. Now she has to force herself to not look or touch Xuefeng as she is scared of hurting him. You know that changing her habits are impossible anymore, right?"

Being pressured by the old man like this, the middle-aged man opened his mouth to say something but couldn't think of anything so he had to postpone the question, saying embarrassedly, "I don't know... I will tell you when I think of something..."

"Sigh okay, let's try to think of a solution together. Hopefully, we are not too late." The old man sighed. He couldn't be too harsh on his partner as he also didn't know what should be done.

Looking at Wu Lan who sat in front of Wuying, he commented under his breath, "That little girl will probably involve herself in this..."


"Big Sis... How are you feeling?" Wu Lan asked as she leaned with her back on Wuying's chest. She talked without turning around as she looked in front of her at Xuefeng's back while brushing her brother's hair.

"Sigh..." Wuying sighed knowing that she couldn't hide anything from the little girl, so she explained while hugging her, "I am fine. I just can't look at him right now... The moment I see him I instantly get an urge to rip his throat apart and suck all the blood from him..."

"Sis, you are a dummy. You have to tell him. Big brother is a second fool and he won't realise how serious it is until you tell him. He already noticed that you ignore him, but he didn't delve deeper on it. At some point, he will ask you about it and he won't be satisfied that you were hiding it from him." Wu Lan advised, knowing both of their intentions. The last thing she wanted is them arguing so she would definitely interfere if Wuying doesn't talk with him about it.

"I don't want to scare him... If I tell him right now, he will definitely try to force it on me to fix it as fast as possible. I can feel that the side effects are still in power and it would be best to wait a bit. If it still doesn't change until evening or tomorrow morning, I will talk to him..." Wuying described her thoughts, thinking Xuefeng would only make it worse, but Wu Lan only shook her head.

"Big Sis, you should think about it differently. He is the support pillar for you and you should always talk to him first, no matter what is happening. Not only it will increase the bond between the two of you but trust as well. Don't you understand? Big brother is the kind of guy who would die for you if needed. If you lose his trust, it will be hard for you to regain it." Wu Lan analyzed the whole situation and tried to repairWuying's mind so she finally understands.

Hearing all the smart thoughts entering her mind, Wuying looked at Wu Lan weirdly, asking in shock, "Are you really twelve? You sound more mature than all of us..."

Wu Lan only laughed at that and said the truth about her struggles, "Hah, if you spend so much time listening to the thoughts of so many people around you, there would be no surprise in your mind anymore. The things I learned, the situations I could prevent from happening but couldn't because I'm weak. With such life, I had no choice but to mature fast."

Patting Wu Kong who ignored their conversation and was focused on watching the views, Wu Lan added, "I also need to take care of this little monster too... I'm the only one he has left..." When Wu Kong felt his sister pats, he leaned on her, awaiting more pats with pleasure visible on his face. For him, Wu Lan was more like a mother than sister as she took care of him for so long that he even forgot how his parents looked like.

"Don't worry, you guys have us now." Wuying hugged them both, thinking it was a good idea of Xuefeng to take those two with them.


"So you are telling me that the moment one reaches sixteen years old or enter the Central Region they will be detected by the special emissary from Heaven's Realm and they would have to sign a contract on the spot, promising great rewards but in reality, it's all a scam?" Xuefeng asked after listening to Xiao Wen's explanation. As they had a few minutes spare until they arrived at the border town, she decided to shed some light on some important rules of the Fate Holder Community in Central Region.

Hugging onto his back, while wrapping her hands around his waist, Xiao Wen replied, "Well, it is not technically a scam as it can really give you enormous benefits, but the thing is, you have no choice in accepting this contract. They will do anything to force you into signing it. After you do, you have to abide by its rules within the Central Region else you will pay a fine which sometimes can reach to even them taking one fragment ability from you."

"What is their goal by creating such an organisation?" Xuefeng asked, thinking there had to be something more to it than just gathering Fate Fragment Holders together.

"I don't exactly know myself as my Fate Spirit is not one of the strongest, but I heard that they are looking for the top ten Fate Spirits for a certain goal. That is why I didn't want you to enter Central Region so carelessly. Your Ling is the Fate Spirit they are looking for. I don't know what they want to do with her, but definitely use her something." Xiao Wen answered, kind of worried about him being a future target.

"Hmm, Ling also don't know about it as I asked her a moment ago. It has to be something secret..."Xuefeng thought about it for a moment but he didn't get any ideas of what that could be so he changed the subject, continuing asking, "How about the rules then? What you can or cannot do?"

"Well, the first rule is to never share any Fate Holder's information with any non-fate cultivators. This rule is basically the reason why no one knows about us, Fate Fragment Holders. The second-" Xiao Wen started explaining the rules but before she wanted to introduce him to the second one, Xuefeng stopped her, saying, "I know enough. I don't need to listen to more rules as just based on the first one, I won't be joining this organisation. There is no way I will keep my women in the dark about anything."

As he said so, he rubbed Yiren's cheek gently to which she moved a bit, clearly responsive even in her sleep. Her smile deepened, liking Xuefeng's touch the most and even in such state, she could feel it clearly.

"That's alright. I think with that portal with you, they shouldn't be able to stop you if you wanted to leave the Central Region. But what if they try to force you? If they can't pressure you, they will do so towards the people close to you. Xiao Wen nodded in approval, respecting his decision and asked, curious about his answer, "But what if they blackmail you with one of us...?"

"I will kill every single one of them, no matter how many there are," Xuefeng replied confidently right away, leaned behind with his head and kissed Xiao Wen as if to seal the deal with her.

She knew that it would be extremely hard for him to fight those people but she still appreciated his answer.


At the same time, a person with a black cloak and a hood on his head approached the gates of Xiao Family palace. When he was stopped by the guards, the person opened his hood and said calmly while looking at them with his black and white pupils, "Is this Xiao Family palace? I would like to hire myself as a highly skilled bodyguard."