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 "You laugh, so it's good, right? It's Attack Multiplier, I knew it. So lucky... It has so many uses. It is one of the best abilities after the top ten as well." Xiao Wen nodded in approval, happy for him, but then Xuefeng didn't confirm her guesses and said instead while grinning, "I thought that one can only get the main ability from the Fate Fragment holder. Well, I just happened to get two of them."

"What?! Impossible!" Xiao Wen cried out in shock when she heard it, not believing it at all. Every time she seized any Fate Fragments, she would always get only one and it was also a common rule in the Fate Community. It was impossible to get more than the main ability as they were not stable enough within the Fate Spirit Body.

"Well, check this out then," Xuefeng said cooly while smiling and decided to prove it. He fixed Yiren's position by hugging her into his chest while supporting her butt with the second hand and cooperating with Ling, he suddenly disappeared together with Yiren.

"This is the stealth I received. The more Fate Qi I use, the more hidden I will be. Can you tell where am I right now without using my voice as a pointer?" Xuefeng asked and Xiao Wen heard his voice behind them but she couldn't tell exactly where was he, even after scanning the whole area with her Spirit Awareness.

"No, I can't... Amazing." Xiao Wen shook her head, watching Xuefeng who appeared right after with wonder, asking curiously, "How come I could tell where Thousand Blades was and I can't see you?"

"Because he was stingy when he used his Fate Qi. One had to pay an additional price to be able to dodge the Spirit Awareness of others. Heh, quite a useful ability." Xuefeng explained and praised, already knowing where he would put this ability to work. Sneaking inside of Xiao Family palace to meet Tianshi without getting caught sounded like a good idea.

"Mhmm, how about the other one? Is it the Attack Multiplier?" Xiao Wen asked more as her eyes brightened. With the current boost, Xuefeng would be much more powerful which worked best for her.

"Yes, but I have Yiren in my hands so I won't be testing it now." Xuefeng nodded, satisfied with the haul from this expedition before deciding to not test anything else to not disturb the sleeping beauty in his arms to which Xiao Wen could not agree more.

Turning to Wuying, Xuefeng asked with a worried voice, "Wuying, are you really fine? To create such an ability, it must have put a heavy toll on your body." Xuefeng could see how powerful that ability was. There is no way it could be used without any aftereffects.

"Mhmm, I'm fine. Nothing is wrong with me. I actually feel much better. I gained a lot of Blood Qi and my stage increased by a lot. I'm already very close to Overlord Stage." Wuying approached him and explained as she fixed Yiren's hair instead of looking at him.

"That's good. You did a good job." Xuefeng sighed in relief and reached out to grabbed her hand, rubbing her palm with a loving gaze. He didn't feel Wuying's shudder the moment he touched her as she quickly forced it down, only letting him touch her for a moment before she pulled away from him and said indifferently, "We should probably collect all of the money on them. They stole a lot for so many months. I bet they gathered a fortune."

"Mhmm, we should." Xuefeng nodded, wanting to propose the same, quite sad that he couldn't help but Yiren was much much more important for him than any amount of money.

"Big brother!" Just as he thought about it, from the sky, Xuefeng heard a loud yell of Wu Lan. When he looked into the distance, he saw Lulu flying towards them with two kids sitting on her back. When Lulu landed, Wu Lan called out happily, "We can help you gather those! We don't mind dead bodies."

Wu Kong nodded happily confirming his sister words as he rubbed his hands together, already counting how much food he could buy by all the money they could find.

"Alright, I need to take care of big sister Yiren so you guys can get to work. For each one hundred Spirit Stones you find, I will give you one." Seeing them so eager to work, Xuefeng proposed a deal which they happily accepted.

"I will check the hideout." Wuying proposed right after feeling that Xuefeng was about to ask her something and run towards the hideout, not waiting for anyone's agreement.

Xuefeng could only nod in approval, praising her in his mind as he actually wanted to ask her to do the same. Xiao Wen, on the other hand, approached Thousand Blades body and took off the many rings he had on his fingers, looking at their contents.

"I knew it was that bastard who ordered to kill you. He paid quite a sum of money for killing you. What an irony, now all of the money that was used to pay for your assassination belong to us. Thousand Blades did not spend much of it I guess." Xiao Wen threw a fireball towards Thousand Blades head in anger after reading the order which was given from the Tang Family's Young Master. She also counted the money inside the ring and almost all of it was right there which somehow calmed her down a bit.

"Assassination seems to get you a lot of money," Xuefeng thought out load before asking curiously, "How much did he pay for my head? Was it at least fifty thousand high-tiered Spirit Stones?" Xuefeng wasn't this proud of himself but he believed that he deserved at least this much. He wouldn't accept anything below that sum.

"Ha! What is fifty thousand for a future son-in-law of the biggest family under the heavens? It was one million dummy. You need to understand who you are. Liu Xuefeng is not only a member of Liu Clan but also the only male inheritor of Xiao Family, your family. You are no longer the outsider, do you get it?" Xiao Wen approached him and explained who he was right now, changing the way he looked at himself.

'Right... To think that two of this world most influential Princesses are my women now...' Xuefeng thought, looking into Xiao Wen's eyes with a proud smile, causing her to blush a bit and finish her introduction, "You also managed to convince two daughters to like you so that place you even higher than normal Young Masters..."

Hearing her speaking as if it was all his fault, he countered her words while teasing her, "Oh, I convinced you? I thought it was you who came to me first? Who it was that said she wants me so many times?"

"Dummy, not romantic at all... If not for Yiren in your arms I would hit you right now." Xuefeng pouted right away and kept all the rings into her own, stealing the fortune before saying with a grin, "I guess I will take all of this before you learn how to take care of your lovers properly. Too bad you killed him before taking away all the treasures he was hiding inside of his dantian. Most Spirit Artefacts he was using were there and they dissipated the moment he died."

"Hah, okay. I was just joking. Don't mind it so much." Xuefeng couldn't help but surrender seeing her like that. The last thing he wanted was to argue with her. Unfortunately, his way of smoothing her over didn't work and she only sniffed, walking away to show her point.

The whole treasure hunting as what Xuefeng called it ended quicker than he thought when Xiao Wen used her Spirit Awareness to help the kids in search and they quickly localised all the Storage artefacts. In total, they found more than three hundred thousand high-tiered Spirit Stones and a couple thousand middle-tiered. In this area, many merchants used high-tiered stones so those were higher in quantity. The leader alone had more than half of the whole haul.

Just as he promised, Wu Lan and her brother received about three thousand Spirit Stones from the help so they could spend it on whatever they want. Of course, it was Wu Lan who took control of all the money as Wu Kong would straight up spend everything on delicious food.

After they burned everything, all of the bandit's bodies together with the hideout, it was time for them to leave, going to the border time to claim the bounty from finishing the mission. They took the bandit leader's head as the proof and were ready to travel.

Just as Xuefeng wanted to decide how they would separate for the flight as he looked towards Wuying, she suddenly picked up Wu Lan and her brother, placing them on one eagle, deciding for him before he even said anything "Xuefeng, I will take the kids and you should travel with Yiren on Lulu. It will be much safer this way. She needs to have a comfortable flight."

"Oh, alright. I don't mind. I wanted to propose the same..." Hearing her decision, Xuefeng accepted it without problems but found it weird she didn't even look at him while talking to him. Hearing the call from Xiao Wen who was obviously happy with such scenario, Xuefeng put that aside for now, not thinking much of it.