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 When the bandits saw Wuying's blood red eyes, they halted for a moment, not feeling good about it. Just then, the blood of their comrades which was all around them on the ground started to slowly flow towards Wuying, gathering under her feet. Normally they would bravely attack her but with the way things looked like, they suddenly lost the will to get any closer to her, knowing something will happen.

Their leader's reaction didn't help as the moment he saw Wuying actions, he suddenly turned around and run into another direction. He didn't even enter his own hideout to get his treasures but straight up ran.

"Shackles..." Wuying said one word with a different voice somewhat more mature, as litres of blood started climbing on her legs.

"Of..." She continued as the blood already reached her waist, scaring the other bandits, making them take a few steps back. The pressure coming from Wuying was suffocating, the smell of blood intensified and the angry look at Wuying's face deepened.

Thousand Blades could feel the rising pressure from below him but he didn't mind that, heading straight towards Xuefeng who somehow didn't die from his ultimate attack. Anyone below the Sage stage was basically a bug for him so he never thought Wuying or Xuefeng could threaten him. Only Xiao Wen had the power to kill him but he knew he didn't have a chance against her after she wore one of the three Rank 9 Armours under heavers.

Seeing that Xiao Wen already caught up to him, Thousand Blades only laughed and teleported once again, dodging her attack. This time she increased the length on her sword up to a few metres by covering it with fire using most of her powers right now, hating him to the bone for hurting Xuefeng.

"Hahaha, I will let you feel the pain of losing someone you love!" Thousand Blade cried out madly while laughing maniacally and didn't stop rushing towards Xuefeng. Meanwhile, he began creating many replicas of his daggers as they once again began dancing around him.

It was at that moment when Thousand Blades was just above Wuying, she cried out one more word, finally activating her ability, "...DOOM!"

On her body which was already covered with blood up to her neck suddenly had many bubbles forming from the blood. After less than one second each, the bubbles began to break and tens of crimson shackles launched out of her body in all directions.

"Aaaaah!" Everyone started to scream as the shackles pierced bandits one after another covering the whole battlefield in a moment. Hearing the cry even Thousand Blades looked down and he was glad he did as more than five shackles were aimed at him, flying towards him faster than he could do himself.

It would be a surprise if he wasn't shocked when the crimson shackles even dodged the barrier around him which was made from hundreds of daggers and it didn't react when it was attacked by them. The real surprise was the durability of those shackles with four claws sticking out at the end of them.

"What the fuck..." Thousand Blades cursed as he once again had to teleport away, leaving him with only a little Ether Qi he painstakingly gathered before. He didn't know what were those but he didn't risk testing its strength. The claws didn't feel and didn't look safe at all.

When he saw them losing their velocity after their target escaped, he laughed it off and once again rushed towards his target who was already slowly lifting himself up. He wanted to reach him before he would be ready to react, killing him for sure now before running away completely.

Unfortunately, his plans didn't happen as he planned and another pair of shackles were launched from Wuying's hands which were twice as thick. She stared at him with bloody eyes which somehow made him shiver.

Xiao Wen was also shocked by the power Wuying showed and seeing that the shackles were also coming after her, she decided to take a detour, rushing outside of the range of the chains.

"Who the fuck is she! She is only a punny Spirit Lord. How come she has so much power!?" Thousand Blades cursed feeling that it was definitely weird. The blood Qi consumptions for this art would be enormous but after looking at the battlefield, he realised where did she draw this much Qi from.

All of the bandits were pierced through their hearts but no blood was dripping from the holes and instead, it was being transported on top of the shackles towards Wuying. With a quick calculation, Wuying wouldn't be able to use those for long as the Blood Qi supply should end soon.

Feeling kind of frustrated at himself that he couldn't even do one thing he wanted, Thousand Blades checked the distance that he was lacking to reach Xuefeng position and cried out before the last two shackles reached him, "So what if you have such art! I shall still kill him!"

With the last bits of Ether Qi he had, Thousand Blades teleported for the last time, appearing only twenty meters from Xuefeng who was already halfway healed, having the main holes patched, leaving only some small wounds still not healed. Ling was channelling Fate Qi through his body but she couldn't repair all wounds at the same time.

"Die you bastard!" Thousand Blades shouted as he launched all of his daggers once again towards Xuefeng, this time trying to end everything so he didn't hesitate to add more of them than before, creating a sky formation of spinning daggers.

"Xuefeng!" Xiao Wen yelled in worry from behind and even on Wuying's face which looked like it was still under the effects of her skill, a single tear appeared under her eye. She wanted to help but couldn't, being rooted to the ground with countless shackles still pumping blood from the bandits. She expected it to end only after all of them were sucked dry.

"STOP!" Suddenly a loud voice resounded throughout the skies.


"Damn, my Wuying is so powerful! Let's help that Xuefeng. I don't think he can survive again this time." The middle-aged man exclaimed with a smile on his face as he looked at the many shackles being released by his favourite girl, only glancing casually at Xuefeng who happened to be in trouble.

"I don't think we need to do anything. Look into the distance." The old man shook his head indifferently as he pointed towards the distant sky. He looked a bit unhappy and his partner quickly laughed at that, "Hah, don't be so down. Your Xiao Wen is still useful, okay? She did warn Xuefeng about the danger, didn't she?"

"Shush, if that bastard was fighting fairly instead of only running, he would have no chance against my sweet Wen." The old man snorted, clearly dissatisfied that it wasn't Xiao Wen who defeated the threat.

The middle-aged man laughed again and asked, seeing the new person appearing on the scene, "Haha, anyway, do you think that elf girl can do anything? She doesn't look that powerful."

"She should do something. Look at her eyes. If she does not, you better her ready to step in else Father will cut us into small parts." The old man explained and only then did his partner saw the difference from the usual Yiren.


"What... Is... Going... On..." Thousand Blades was just about to stab Xuefeng's with his daggers when everything stopped. His body halted mid-air, his daggers stopped their assault and he found it hard to even speak.

He could hear someone approaching from the distance but his head was unable to move to check who that was. If he pushed hard, using all of his strength, he could move a bit but then another wave would be coming at him, holding him in place.

'Aaargh~! Fuck!' Xuefeng cursed suddenly feeling a great headache, a one which almost wanted to rip his head apart. He heard Yiren's shout and knew what power she was using right now. If he felt so much pain just through their connection, Xuefeng didn't have to look at Yiren to know how much pain she had to go through.

'Fighting back the pain that was shredding his mind, he lifted his sword, gripping it tightly and jumped into the sky with all of his wounds, worsening from that before thrusting it straight towards Thousand Blades chest.