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 'Fuck, he also mastered Ether Qi!' Xiao Wen cursed when she realised what happened.

At this point, to overtake Thousand Blades, Xiao Wen had to either teleport again in front of Xuefeng but that wouldn't work anymore. There was too little time left and if she tried, Thousand Blades would reach his goal before her and possibly hurt Xuefeng.

Her only option was to chase after him as she would still be faster by just rushing on her own instead of channelling her Spirit Qi. Using fire which blasted with full force out of her legs and hands, she flew after Thousand Blades and cried out with her voice full of worry, "Xuefeng! Behind you!"

Xuefeng was at the moment swinging with his sword left and right, cutting one bandit after another with their bodies being piled around him, burning with the black flames of his sword. The Bandit Leader which could give him a little bit of trouble was instantly blasted away from him with a blast of Air Qi he wasn't prepared for which pushed him back into the middle of his bandit ranks.

Xuefeng's strategy was to kill them all as fast as he could so he could rush and help Xiao Wen with Wuying so he didn't hesitate to use all of the power at his disposal. Elemental Qi was being used by him in between of his battle as with one hand he cut the bandits with his sword while with another he kept throwing lightning bolts or fireballs strikes to kill the ones that rushed at him from the other side.

Even if some of their attacks landed on him, they were not strong enough to penetrate his Lightning armour that increased her durability since the first time he used it. Instead of hurting them, their attacks backfired at them as lightning bolts which surrounding Xuefeng's body also fought back, electrocuting them with its current.

He thought the battle was already won as he looked at the speed in which the bandits kept falling from his and Wuying's assault when he suddenly heard Xiao Wen's cry. Worried about her, Xuefeng blasted everyone away from him with one horizontal strike and looked behind him only to see Thousand Blades coming straight towards him.

Hundreds of daggers were dancing around him as they spun in the air and Thousand Blades' body blinked from the speed he was coming at him. He could see Xiao Wen rushing to assist him with even faster velocity but he knew she wouldn't arrive in time.

"Fuck." With all of the daggers suddenly being aimed at Xuefeng, he could only curse and defend himself with everything he had. It was hard for him to control all of the different Qi's by himself so this time, not all of his Earth Qi was inside the ground.

Fortunately, Ling didn't leave him alone at that time and arrived by his side to help him. All of his Earth Qi which was still stored inside of his dantain was suddenly released and a giant, thick wall right in front of him just before the daggers were about to hit him.

"Haha! Die!" Thousand Blades laughed seeing Xuefeng's effort to stop his ultimate attack and sentenced him, already feeling that his desirable outcome would be reached. The one strike he was using right now was enough to even hurt a sage so it was understandable he was being overconfident when facing a Spirit Lord kid.

"Xuefeng!" Both Xiao Wen and Wuying cried out in worry seeing the wall around Xuefeng being penetrated with ease by the spinning daggers.

Wuying ignored the bandits that were still swarming her fearlessly, trying to avenge their brothers and rushed right through the middle of them in hope to reach Xuefeng and help him somehow. Xiao Wen also increased her pace with worry and anger at herself for letting Thousand Blades trick her like that.


When the daggers finally penetrated the thick wall, they all heard a loud explosion and Xuefeng was sent flying in the air with blood spilling out of his body, leaving a trail in the air.

Wuying quickly jumped in the air, in the hope to catch him mid-air and slow him down to lower the damage he would take from the fall. Unfortunately, he was flying too fast and she missed the target by a few centimetres. Being so close to him there, she could see the many holes inside of his body and sighed in relief knowing his heart wasn't pierced through.


Xuefeng crushed into the ground not far away from the battle. If one looked at his wrist in the moment of his landing, his bracelet was shining with golden right and only dimmed after he was safely on the land. Ling immediately started healing his wounds but there were simply too many of them so he couldn't be treated right away.

Not far away from where the battle took place, Yiren could be found kneeling on the ground, coughing blood as he also took a good hit from Xuefeng's injuries, but she wasn't worried about that at that time. What she was worried was the fact that Xuefeng was hurt. She didn't know when, but the wings on her back spread out and she was already in the air before she could even think about it.

He could hear some voices calling out to her from behind to stop her but she didn't know what they were saying. He whole mind was filled with one thought at that was to reach Xuefeng as fast as she could and help him. The connection between them was pushing and driving her forward in the right direction as drops of blood tickled her chin.

Wuying at that time was about to rush towards Xuefeng to check up on him, but then she saw that the pathway she made for herself to get to the centre of the battlefield suddenly closed and the bandits attacked her once again. Xuefeng was hurt but she couldn't get to him as soon as possible because of them which caused the beginning of anger which brewed quickly inside of her mind.


In the sky, behind an invisible barrier, two men were watching the whole battle and when they felt Wuying change, they couldn't help but worry. They spend so much time, trying to help her by making her only desire Xuefeng's blood but all of their efforts would go to waste.

"Fuck, it's all your fault. If she uses her second ability, it will be much harder to stop her transformation. If you let me help them earlier, this wouldn't be happening..." The middle-aged man cursed as he pointed with his finger at the old man next to him.

"My fault? You are the one who gave her those cursed skills in the first place. Now we can only watch and pray nothing will happen to her." The old man rebuked his partner without even looking at him.

"Come on... We have to do something... Wuying is my favourite. We can't let anything happen to her..." The middle-aged man begged as he looked at Wuying who's eyes started to turn red. Normally it would be just the pupils but now all of her whites also turned crimson, making her look even scarier.

"Oh, look at you, already picking up your favourites. We can't be biased towards mortals and you know that." The old man called out righteously to which the middle-aged man just rolled his eyes and asked with a scornful laugh, "Haha, and who was the one who was so happy when Xiao Wen finally confessed and began breaking the falls of Xuefeng's heart? You are also picking a favourite!"

"Cough, okay, if the situation gets out of control, we can stop her. But only at the last moment. Hopefully, we won't have to interfere." The old man coughed out of embarrassment and finally agreed knowing he couldn't hide his preference from his partner.

"Alright! Let's see how the situation plays out. My Wuying will go on a killing spree now, haha!" The middle-aged man nodded happily, waiting anxiously to see Wuying's power and asked one more question after recalling one thing he noticed, "By the way, did you feel that strange energy which protected Xuefeng's body from that idiot with daggers? I was about to help when I felt it saving him instead. There is no way he would be left with only this many injuries."

"Yeah. I find it familiar but I can't tell where is that from. It was much more powerful than what we can do. Let's watch and see. Maybe someone else is helping him beside us." The old man nodded, explaining his thoughts to which middle-age man could only agree and turn to look at the battle, waiting for everything to play out.