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 When Thousand Blades saw Xiao Wen initiating the kiss, something inside of him broke. Not only did his heart start to hurt but his mind began getting cloudy with only the image of them kissing inside.

Xiao Wen tasted Xuefeng's lips as her hands wrapped around his neck. She stood on her toes as she was a little shorter than him but that did not bother her as long as could kiss the person she loved. She didn't care that hundreds of people were watching her and rather found it more exciting. Right there Xiao Wen was announcing to everyone that she was his and that Xuefeng was her man for the years to come.

"Why...? Why...?! Why?!" Thousand Blades asked louder each time as he watched the love of his life making out with another man. He was asking her, but she didn't respond. She didn't even react. For her now Xuefeng was everything she wanted to focus her mind, her soul and her whole body.

"I asked why!?" Thousand Blades cried once again but this time his legs moved on their own. He started running towards them repeating the same question over and over again, "Why?! Tell me why?!"


Just as he was about to reach them, Xiao Wen reached out her hand and a loud blast of air exploded from her hand, blowing Thousand Blade away from them. Xuefeng thought that maybe it was enough but Xiao Wen didn't want to stop, continuing to kiss him, with their tongues joining the party.

They now had the perfect opportunity to take Thousand Blades out, but Xiao Wen wanted to live through this moment a little bit more, not caring about him at all. Wuying was hiding as a shadow and watched them kiss passionately, recalling her own first kiss with Xuefeng in the process. She was sure that her own wasn't this intense and hot as Xiao Wen's experience right now.

Even with Thousand Blades not raising any protection against Xiao Wen's attack, he wasn't hurt much and landed on the ground with a loud thud as if a sack of potatoes was thrown instead of a body. He raised his head and looked back at Xiao Wen only to see her still ignoring him even though he left the area of his trap.

Thousand Blades' eyes lost some of its shine as blood vessels started appearing in his eyes and he cried as he lifted himself up, "Isn't that what you wanted?! I'm out, fight me! You wanted to kill me so badly, I'm right here!" His arms were spread wide with an invitation to fight him as a crazed expression appeared on his face.

When the Bandit Leader heard him, his face paled, knowing that his only support in the incoming battle was not fighting the losing fight. He already said that he couldn't win versus the red-haired lady without the help of trap he set up but now he wanted to do exactly that.

The Bandit Leader couldn't wait for him to die else he would be left alone, so he quickly decided to mobilize his army as he shouted, "Everyone! It's time to spill some blood! Attack!"

When the bandits heard their leader shout, they roared with the pent up anger from all the waiting, "Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!! Kill!!!" The blades of their weapons lit up with power as they channelled their Spirit Qi through them and they stormed all together towards the pair of kissing enemies.

Seeing the bandits attacking, it was time for Wuying to enter the scene. Her job was to hold all the bandits in check until Xuefeng and Xiao Wen would be done with Thousand Blades so that they could help her with the cleanup.

Wuying rushed towards them without hesitation as she went out of her shadow form and pulled out her Dual Daggers she rarely used recently. With Blood Qi threads dancing around her she crushed head on from the sidelines, slashing with her daggers at all bandits closest to her. With each spilt blood, more threads started appearing around her before flying and cutting on the distanced enemies.

Unfortunately, even though her efficiency was high, she couldn't stop everyone from heading towards Xuefeng as there were at least a few hundred of them. With enough time, Wuying was confident that she could kill all of them with ease but she didn't have such luxury.

"All of you block her! The rest, go help the Sage cultivator!" The Bandit Leader wasn't oblivious to Wuying's killing but he couldn't stop to focus on her and Thousand Blades already started fighting. Once he was dead, they wouldn't be able to kill even the black haired lady with daggers.

When Xuefeng felt the army of bandits mobilizing, he couldn't let Xiao Wen play around anymore. Wuying was fighting alone, but Xiao Wen was fooling around. He pulled away from her lips and seeing the desire in her eyes which asked for more, he called out sharply, "No! You should know the time and place. Fight now, kiss later!"

"Okay!" Hearing Xuefeng's promise, Xiao Wen called out happily and suddenly he felt monstrous energy wrapping around her body. Her skin suddenly changed colour as Golden Qi began forming an armour on top of it. After just a few seconds, she was covered in shining armour from head to toe and her golden sword appeared in her hand.

Her armour looked very thin but Xuefeng could feel the power behind it. He didn't know what rank this Spirit Armour had, but he knew it definitely didn't compare to his old one. Knowing she wore one, Xuefeng could guess that she was trying to end the battle really fast.

Before she rushed towards Thousand Blades, Xiao Wen's armour on her face disappeared and she kissed him for the last time as she said, "Let me end him real quick so we can continue afterwards," before closing it yet again and dashing towards the one who ruined her moment.

Seeing Xiao Wen rushing towards him, Thousand Blades couldn't be more ecstatic as he finally gained her attention and shouted happily "You finally looked at me, haha! Come, I welcome you with open arms! Let me show you what you lost!" He wanted to prove that she chose wrongly, that he was the only one worthy of her but to do that, he had to defeat her before letting her choose between him and death.

Xuefeng also moved right after, trusting Xiao Wen in her skills and decided to help Wuying who was cutting through bandits sidelines. His job now was to stop the bandits from disturbing Xiao Wen's battle.

He quickly covered himself in a Lightning Qi armour before rushing towards the storming bandits with a Black Flaming Sword in his hand. The black flames were very hard to extinguish without his help, so he swung twice into both of his sides, creating a wall made of black flames. If one wanted to pass, they would either have to run all the way around them, burn themselves, or pass through him. If they chose the third option, he was happy to welcome them with his blade.

Thousand Blades knowing that he had to do everything to beat Xiao Wen, he pulled out a blood-red pill and popped it into his mouth, crushing it with his teeth. It hasn't been a second but his body started emanating weird, red coloured Qi, which covered his body with many translucent layers. Picking up his daggers, he smiled and vanished on the spot.

"Don't think I can't feel you!" Xiao Wen called out as her golden sword burned with flames and slashed horizontally at one spot next to her. Thousand Blades could only dodge or defend, but dodging in this situation wasn't an option as her attack was too fast.

With two daggers he prepared to counter it when Xiao Wen suddenly disappeared from her position in a blink and appeared behind him cutting him from the side he didn't protect. Her goal was to kill him in one attack so she used the pitiful amount of Ether Qi she had to teleport once. One could also do so with the Spirit Qi, but that wasn't as fast as Ether Qi.

Just as Xiao Wen was about to cut him in half, Thousand Blades disappeared in a similar fashion as Xiao Wen before and reappeared a few meters away from her before running towards Xuefeng with laughter, "You think I am dumb? I can't beat you when you wear Rank 9 armour, but I can kill your lover with ease!"