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 A few minutes before Xuefeng started taunting the bandits, the group spend some time analyzing the situation to find the best way they could kill them. Their best plan they came up with was to lure Thousand Blades outside and kill him before they would be attacked all together by them.

"But what is this trap that he wants to use on us? Do you know about it?" Xuefeng asked Xiao Wen after they finally thought of a solution. It would be best if they understood the mechanics of it just in case.

"It's a very expensive imitation of a domain, but instead of Elemental Qi, it uses massive amounts of Spirit Qi to slow down the enemy. It doesn't have any other effects but the one it has alone is too much. If I'm not wrong it can slow the enemy up to ten percent of their speed. It doesn't sound like much but it would be enough of an advantage for him. For a battle of two Sages, ten percent is huge." Xiao Wen explained, recalling all the information she knew.

"Does it have any disadvantages? Can it move together with him?" Wuying asked curiously, also being the one who will fight with them.

Xiao Wen shook her head and added, "No, that's the main disadvantage it has. It needs a lot of Spirit Stones so it needs to be set up in one place without being moved else it would collapse. I guess he placed it in front of the bandit's hideout. It is easy to feel the borders of it if one knows where to look. I will tell you when it is."

"Alright, I will send my clone and taunt them to leave, what do you think?" Xuefeng proposed as he glanced at the clone of his who stood next to the side. He did not want to risk this early with his own body in case Thousand Blades turned out to be crazy.

"I think that would work on the normal bandits but I doubt he would fall for that. He survived for so long like a cockroach so I do not think he is that dumb." Xiao Wen thought for a moment but shook her head, knowing it wouldn't work on their main target.

"I know. For him, I planned to use something different. How about..." Xuefeng nodded, already thinking of something else and approached Xiao Wen who was leaning on the tree, whispering the whole plan into her ear.

Wuying did not hear what Xuefeng was whispering, but she could see Xiao Wen's face blushing the more she heard which made her extremely curious. The moment Xuefeng pulled away from Xiao Wen, she quickly called out, "I am not going to do it with your clone. It has to be you or no deal..."

"Alright. We can do that when my other taunts won't work. Prepare yourself." Xuefeng nodded as he winked at her playfully, not planning to use his clone for that either. His wink made her blush more but she could only nod, knowing herself it was the best method to lure Thousand Blades out of hiding.

Wuying, who couldn't wait anymore out of curiosity, tugged on Xuefeng's shirt and asked while pouting, "What are you guys talking about? What plan did you think of?"

"We plan to use Wen as bait to lure him out. If he sees me hugging her or something, he will become irritated and will probably attack us. Wen will tell you the details. I will start my part of the plan already." Xuefeng smiled apologetically and explained it to Wuying while patting her head before sitting down, ready to control his clone.

Just as he closed his eyes, the clone's eyes opened and he smiled towards the ladies. Somehow when they watched the clone, they did not feel good as it did not have the same vibe they all loved in Xuefeng or maybe it was because they knew he wasn't real.

When the clone walked away towards the bandit hideout, Wuying glanced at the real Xuefeng before approaching Xiao Wen and questioned in a whisper, "What do you guys have to do together? Is it only a hug...?"

"He said we can kiss if that wouldn't work... We need to make Thousand Blades convinced that I'm with Xuefeng..." Xiao Wen explained, getting more excited about it happening than how she thought she would.

"What? Xuefeng and sister will kiss?" Yiren asked in shock as she joined the conversation. She was listening from the side quietly but hearing such news she had to join.

"Mhmm, we need to trick the bad guy into going out so we can kill him and he really cares about Wen so that will definitely hurt him," Wuying explained as she already understood the situation and did not mind it that much but Yiren suddenly hugged her sister, calling out while staring into her eyes suspiciously, "Sis, do you like Xuefeng? You seem to be really happy about it..."

One didn't need to look much to notice how Xiao Wen looked at Xuefeng right now. Earlier she was hiding her feelings but she didn't anymore since she finally confessed to him. Even Yiren was able to see the loving look Xiao Wen was sending towards Xuefeng, recognizing it cause they were all behaving the same.

Seeing Yiren's stare, Xiao Wen looked down and asked quietly, "Can't I like him? You seem to not like that idea..."

"No, no. You can... Earlier I was just joking cause I never thought you would like him... If you told me earlier we would help you... We are sisters, you know? We should support each other." Yiren quickly shook her head before acting like a big sister she was. Xiao Wen already behaved like one of them and Xuefeng was the one who proposed this idea so Yiren guessed that he also wanted it.

"I'm sorry... I could tell you earlier..." Xiao Wen smiled apologetically and hugged Yiren where Wuying followed. The three of them hugged together and giggled to each other before starting to talk about what they liked about Xuefeng.

"You guys know that I need to focus?" Suddenly Xuefeng asked them without opening his eyes, which caused them all to quieten down, whispering to each other instead. Xuefeng didn't mind them bonding together but he really had to focus.


Back in the time where Xuefeng called out to Thousand Blades, the one in question only laughed and replied smugly, "Haha, your tricks won't work on me. Stop playing around and bring Xiao Wen here. You are not my worthy opponent."

"Haha, yeah, she told me about you. You seem to confess to her many times, but each time she rejected you." Xuefeng laughed hearing that and informed him with a self-satisfied smile on his face before asking, "How do you feel when I'm the one who has her?"

Thousand Blades' face instantly turned ugly to which Xuefeng added, "What? You didn't know? Xiao Wen is my woman. Those cherry lips, perfect body and porcelain skin, all for myself. Tell me how does it feel to know that the woman you love is being with someone else? My last night with her was so passionate, mhmm-"

Xuefeng could see that Thousand Blades' was boiling the more he heard and just as expected before he could even finish describing his love for Xiao Wen, Thousand Blades threw his dagger at him while crying out, "Shut up! She is mine!"

The thrown dagger was much faster than before when it was aimed at Wuying and out of nowhere, a golden halo appeared around it, doubling the daggers many times until there were a few hundred of them heading towards Xuefeng.

In front of Xuefeng, a thick earth wall suddenly raised up from the ground but that didn't stop the daggers at all just as he expected. Many of them passed through the wall without even losing their velocity and reached their target, making Xuefeng clone's body into a sieve.

Just as the daggers passed through Xuefeng, Thousand Blades noticed that something was not right, feeling it would be impossible for Xiao Wen to let him kill her little boy and muttered out loud, "Something is not right. He is not real... It's a clone!"

"Haha," Just as he figured that out, the clone dissipated and he heard a sound of laughter coming from the distance, followed by Xuefeng's voice, "Of course. Do you think I would walk up to you just like that?"

As Xuefeng walked out of the trees, this time he was accompanied by Xiao Wen which made Thousand Blades squint his eyes as he glared at him. His first glance landed on Xuefeng's hand which was holding Xiao Wen's waist intimately. He couldn't help but mutter her name as she saw the pretty red hair falling on her shoulders, "Xiao Wen..."

"Yeah, Xiao Wen you wanted so much this whole time is within my arms right now. She is mine and there is nothing you can do about it." Xuefeng taunted as he pulled Xiao Wen into his arms, pressing her chest against his body while his hands held her tightly, roaming on her back.

What triggered Thousand Blades more was the look in Xiao Wen's eyes which she was giving Xuefeng as she listened to what he had to say. For him, there was only a look of disdain, but for an unknown kid with pitiful cultivation, Xiao Wen was all loving and filled with care.

Xiao Wen, on the other hand, was extremely happy from hearing Xuefeng's confession. In front of everyone, he said that she was his. Even if they were just pretending, she would never forget those words. Seeing his lips this close to her, Xiao Wen leaned over earlier than originally planned by Xuefeng and sealed them, deciding to take what she wanted, using this opportunity to the fullest potential.