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 It's been two days since Xiao Family broken the marriage agreement, but the public was still in a great uproar. The news was spreading far away into all big cities and Big Clans ears. Some thought that there would be a war between Xiao and Tang Families but surprisingly there was no news yet about the situation.

Other Clans and Big Families Young masters jumped in happiness when they heard that the wedding is over. What does that imply? It means that they still have a chance!

Many famous geniuses of whole Central Region packed their things and rushed towards the capital to court the lady of their dreams.

Meanwhile, in Xiao Family main Palace, an important guest was visiting. He was the Leader of Tang Family, Tang Fei and the father of the groom. Now, 'ex-groom' as the wedding was cancelled.

"Can you tell me the reason?" Tang Fei asked after he took a sip of a Spirit Tea. He wasn't mad at his peer, just curious. He knew that if Xiao Fang decided to cancel the wedding, it was really an emergency.

They were already at top of mortal cultivation, so they didn't care about the public opinion.

"The reason is simple. My daughter almost committed suicide because she didn't want to marry your son. If you want your son to marry my daughter, he must first win her heart. I won't risk my angel life for a few benefits." Xiao Fang said simply.

"Oh, so that happened. It is really our fault for rushing them." Tang Fei nodded with understanding.

"Yeah, I thought we can just marry them first before they create feelings for each other." Xiao Fang sighed. He shuddered as he remembered his daughter penetrating gaze.

"That's really unfortunate. You know that before we attempt to reach Spirit God stage and ascend to Heaven Realm, we need to connect our Families. Only then, they can be safe, after we are gone." Tang Fei reminded calmly.

"Yeah, I know, but there is nothing we can do. We still have some time left. If it doesn't work, we can just think of something else." Xiao Fang said helplessly.

"My son came back, let's hear what he has to say." Tang Fei said as he sensed his son coming behind the doors.

Xiao Fang waved his hand, sending a small string of Black Spirit Qi towards the door. The formation on the door unlocked and it soon opened. Behind them, stood a 16 years old handsome man in a white fighting robe with a black dragon embroidered on it.

In the Central Region, even a beggar on the streets would know what Black Dragon means.

Just like in the Sacred Sword Kingdom, where they have Sacred Institute, here in the Central region, the most powerful Academy was called Four Elements Academy.

There were 4 Factions in the Academy. Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger and Black Turtle. Each specialised in different things. Vermilion Bird had best alchemists, White Tiger was best at scouting, Black Turtle had best Formation masters and Azure Dragon had best fighters.

The handsome youngster was a genius with Black Dragon rank. In Azure Dragon Faction there were 3 ranks. When you are a Spirit King you are a Red Dragon. When you reach the Spirit Lord stage, you can become Black Dragon. Lastly, if you reach Spirit Overlord, you will get a status of Golden Dragon.

Of course, it's not that easy to get that ranks. You can only stay in the academy if you are under 30. To reach the Spirit Overlord stage before 30 is already a feat.

The young man was already Spirit Lord when he was 16 years old. You could imagine how proud he was of his achievements. Who would have thought that he would be rejected by a Xiao family Princess?

"Father, I did what I can, but she still doesn't want to meet me." He approached the two men and said irritated.

He could get any lady in the capital with a snap of his finger, but he couldn't subdue one lady he wants. He already overheard the news from the servants in the palace. They were accusing him behind his back of forcing their lady to commit suicide. He was shocked by this information.

If the news goes out, he will lose the reputation he built after all that hard work.

"Taizong, don't worry, you can take your time." Tang Fei said calmly.

"I heard that she tried to commit suicide. Is this the reason the wedding was cancelled?" Tang Taizong asked unhappily.

"Yes, now if you want to marry her, she has to agree." Xiao Fang answered sipping his tea.

"Since when was it like that? What about my reputation?! When the news leak outside, everyone will laugh at me." He complained loudly.

Xiao Fang frowned deeply and thought 'No wonder Tianshi didn't want to be with him. He didn't even ask if she was okay, but only cared about his reputation. Was my judgement really that wrong?'

"Kneel down and apologize!" Tang Fei calm face raged when he heard his son. He emitted his spirit aura and forces his son to kneel.

Tang Taizong face paled when he felt the suppression in his spirit. His legs bend under the pressure and fell to the floor.

"I apologize for my impudence. I ask for forgiveness." He didn't have any choice but to listen.

"It's enough. But the next time I hear you worrying more about your reputation instead of my daughter well-being, I will have to rethink your qualification to marry her. You can go."

"Yes." His father stopped releasing the pressure, so he could leave. He bowed and left while gritting his teeth.

"I apologize for my son. He thinks that he can be arrogant just because he advanced to Spirit Lord stage at 16 years old. You can gift this Rank 7 Cultivation Pill to Tianshi as an apology." Tang Family leader flicked his hand and a bottle with Milky White pill inside flew towards Xiao Fang.

Xiao Fang eyes lit up. Their family was best at creating Spirit Artefacts, but Tang Family speciality were medicines. Even for them, Rank 7 Pills were rare.

"Then I won't be polite." He grabbed the Pill Bottle and it disappeared into his Storage Ring.

Seeing him accept the pill he stood up and decided to leave earlier. "I will be going as we explained everything to each other."

"See you later." Xiao Fang nodded.

Tang Fei disappeared from the spot second later.

"Eh, it's so hard to find perfect son is law." Xiao Fang sighed.


Senior Chen looked speechlessly at the Rank 5 Sword in his hand. He displayed his Dark Blue Spirit Qi and even used Sword intent, but he still didn't attract Black Flames Slayer he had his eyes on.

In his hand, there was the second Rank 5 sword Liu clan possessed. Although it was sharper than Black Flames Slayer, it didn't have any special treats. It was also why Xuefeng chose the other one.

It could emit powerful Black Flames which were hard to extinguish. With each attack, the opponent had to be careful to avoid the flames, else he would be burned to death.

"There is no way I couldn't attract it. The only explanation is that Young master took it. Fuck..." He cursed after realising he was too late.

"The only way to get the sword from him is to challenge him to a Spirit Duel. Unfortunately, he needs to be the same stage as me. How long will it take..." Liu Chen thought of a plan.

"I will get that sword for sure! Xuefeng, just you wait." He promised to himself and left the Spirit Treasury.