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 When the bandits grouped up right in front of their hideout, they didn't feel like it would be a hard battle. They were facing only a few people who they could bring down with their numbers easily. Even if they couldn't match them with their skill level, thanks to their leader and the mysterious expert, they didn't have to worry about losing.

When they saw a person approaching them from the distance, instead of feeling scared, all of them felt excited. One of them cried happily to warn everyone, "Someone is coming! Prepare for battle!" From the outsider view, it sounded more like an invitation to a party rather than a warning.

The only ones who were not happy to see one person approaching were the leader and Thousand Blades who frowned, immediately searching in their minds for the possible scheming plot that the enemy could think of. Earlier, Thousand Blades didn't hesitate to attack when he felt someone was sneaking up on them but now he had a few doubts.

After all, the person approaching was Xuefeng, walking calmly with a smile on his face while having his hands in the pockets of his pants, looking far from a person who was about to battle with hundreds of bandits. He knew that Xuefeng wasn't their main force and rather it was Xiao Wen. He couldn't ignore the fact that Xiao Wen could try to sneak attack them with Xuefeng as a distraction.

Looking at Xuefeng's stylish black leather jacket in envy, the Bandit Leader whispered to Thousand Blades next to him, "I do not like it. I think they are plotting something, else why would he come alone."

"No shit! Of course, they are plotting something! Tell your band of idiots to get ready. This is not going to be an easy fight. If I hear anyone laughing, I will kill them before the battle starts." Thousand Blade cursed as he almost punched the Bandit Leader for irritating him with such obvious facts.

"Y-yes..." The Bandit Leader saw the glare in Thousand Blades eyes and couldn't help but listen to him, knowing he wasn't joking anymore. Earlier he could have his attitude with him when they were waiting but now he couldn't say anything bad, worried that he would piss the Sage off.

Thinking of one possible scenario, Thousand Blades added one more thing, "And remind them to not move from their positions. If anyone will leave the trap area, I will personally cut them down."

As Xuefeng was getting closer to the bandits, suddenly a strong Spirit Awareness broke through his own and started enveloping his body, testing him from each side before withdrawing. Thousand Blades wanted to confirm if Xuefeng he was seeing in front of him was actually the real one and his face didn't look well when he realised Xuefeng was a real person.

It could only mean one thing which was a possibility of a sneak attack. He couldn't underestimate Xiao Wen skills as she was after all a Fate Fragment Holder just like him. Xuefeng was also one and he didn't know what skills he had as well. At least with Xiao Wen, he had the idea of what abilities she acquired over the years but with Xuefeng, his information page was blank.

They all waited patiently until finally, Xuefeng reached the border of the trap set up but Thousand Blades and stopped, staring at him with the same smile as before. All Bandits already focused their sharp gazes at Xuefeng after hearing their leader orders and didn't underestimate their enemy anymore.

With Xuefeng just standing there, the anxiety started increasing in their hearts but they still stood their ground, knowing something was up. Seeing such collected bunch, Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh, as he called out, "Haha, you guys are so stiff right now. If only you could look at your faces right now. Did you poop today? Because all your faces look like you are trying to poop but you are forced to keep the shit inside. Hahahaha."

The faces of all the bandits darkened as the grip on their weapons tightened. Being a bandit on must have quite a thick skin but they would never allow anyone to blatantly curse them right at their faces. Recalling their leader's orders, they all tried to stay collected but then Xuefeng continued his curses.

"I know, it must be hard for you guys here. Staying in such a dirty hideout. Do you have a limit to how much you can shit here? I guess you have, else all the shit you make would just pile under your beds. Hahaha! I can't it's so funny!" Xuefeng continued to taunt them all before bursting out in laughter.

The Bandit Leader's face turned even uglier than before, knowing it was his hideout which was his pride and joy that Xuefeng was cursing. What was worse is that they really did put on the limit for shitting as the hideout started to smell because of that and many had to leave outside to take care of their physiological needs.

Hearing Xuefeng curse that actually happened, the bandits felt embarrassed at first but then it was replaced by anger which was intensifying with each second of Xuefeng's laughter. Some already had the urge to rush towards him to shut his mouth, but they were stopped by the others who had more self control than them. Still, they couldn't help but curse back, "Shut the fuck up! It's you who can't hold your shit! Come closer if you dare and say that to my face!"

"Yeah, fuck you and your family!" Another curse followed up after the first one and others started getting confident as they swore back at him.

Xuefeng couldn't care less and reacted accordingly, knowing he only need to push them a little more, "I think you should worry about your families more. Your mothers must be lonely at home. Don't worry, I visited them before coming here for you. They were such horny sluts that the moment I entered their houses, they all threw themselves at me. I didn't even need to pay anything and they gladly serviced me with a smile on their faces. I guess it must be hard for them to earn on the streets when they are this easy."

It was far easier to ignore the curses at oneself but when Xuefeng began to insult their mothers, it was impossible not to react. One must have a bottom line and for them, their mothers were their bottom line. Many instantly activated their strongest abilities and quickly broke the ranks, rushing towards Xuefeng while cursing with faces red from anger, "Shut the hell up! Die!"

More than fifteen of bandits launched their ranged attacks while swinging their swords but Xuefeng easily dodged them by jumping to the side before creating a red sword out of flames and waited for them to reach them. The smile from his face didn't disappear.

Thousand Blades wanted to kill the bandits who run off to show he doesn't tolerate it, but then he suddenly thought it was a good way to test Xuefeng's skills. He didn't care about those bandits lives and even planned to kill them all later after he would be done catching Xiao Wen.

The short battle ended up just as he expected, with Xuefeng dancing around them as he wished while cutting their heads off one by one. It was definitely a good warning for others who planned to rush out due to their anger.

"Don't let him provoke you! He is just trying to thin our force by killing us with small groups. We are safe here so stay on your spots and wait for my call!" Thousand Blades called out to the useless bandits which were left, wanting to keep them for later to stall Xuefeng's time.

Now he knew there was a trap set up with how Xuefeng acted and he was only trying to lure him out. This was the reason he didn't act before. There was a chance that even if he attacked from the distance, his dagger would be caught and taken away knowing Xiao Wen could be hiding somewhere.

"Hahaha, that was so easy. To think you are so weak. I didn't even sweat." Xuefeng laughed as he approached the trap border and continued taunting. This time he knew it would be hard to make them come for him so he changed his target.

Xuefeng pointed his sword at Thousand Blades and said with scorn on his face, "Thousand Blades. That's how they call you? I think they should start calling you Thousand Cowards instead. Stop hiding and fight me, pussy."