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 He didn't get any response from Ling but he could feel Qi being transferred through his body into Xiao Wen's, so he guessed that she accepted his offer. With his Qi being transferred towards her body asking to have access to Xiao Wen's dantian, she hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she opened it, letting him see all of her secrets inside.

One had to know it was an extremely sensitive matter as one could easily injure the other person so an extreme trust was needed for such procedure. Scanning what elements Xiao Wen had, Ling was surprised that she could only rival Xuefeng, having five out of nine elements already mastered. Only Fire, Water and Air elements were similar to Xuefeng while the rest were Metal and Ether Elements.

It didn't take long for Ling to fill up the whole three elements to the brim using a few tens of high tiered crystals before withdrawing from Xiao Wen's body. Feeling his dantian full once again, she looked at Xuefeng in wonder and hugged him as a reward, saying sweetly, "Thank you... You didn't have to do it."

From the outsider's perspective, they looked like a really good friend and even Yiren had no problems with them hugging, but for Xiao Wen it was a big step forward, exchanging trust with him like that.

"No problem. You are fighting for me so it should be my responsibility." Xuefeng waved with his hand, no thinking it was a big problem, but then he heard Xiao Wen's words which made him choke recalling his words.

She kissed him on the cheek and said happily, "Then I guess I will ask you for help next time I need it too. Thank you!"

Just as he wanted to change his statement from before, Wuying threw herself into his arms and asked, "I also need help like that, can I have some...? I used a lot of Blood Qi in my fights as I didn't regenerate it back from them." The colour of her eyes changed the moment she thought of drinking Xuefeng's blood and she began licking his neck, waiting for his agreement before she could start.

"Fine... But don't take too- Ahh..." Xuefeng sighed and agreed, trying to warn her to not take too much but then she suddenly bit onto his skin, beginning to suck his blood which caused him to moan. He felt a sharp pain from her cutting his skin with her teeth but it was hard to avoid that.

This time Wuying sucked much more than the last time to the point where Ling had to activate his regeneration ability before she finished. He hugged her in the process and didn't say anything, waiting for her to have her fill.

"Aaah, I can't get enough of it... It's so tasty..." Wuying pulled away from him after finally filling her dantian fully but still continued to lick his wound until it was fully healed by him. The more she drank the more she craved for it and even when she tried to stop, Wuying still proceeded to drink.

Xuefeng patted her head and commented, noticing the change from the last time, "You did drink a lot... How about limiting it next time. I don't want you to get addicted to it..."

"No! It was just a little bit more... I will take less next time..." Hearing him proposing such a solution, Wuying quickly protested and hugged him tighter while rubbing his chest with her cheek to convince him.

Seeing her actions, Xuefeng couldn't just say no to her as it wasn't that big of a deal for him so he used it to motivate her, "Sigh, but I will still monitor you. Let's see how good you are in the upcoming battle and I will decide if you deserve the reward."

"Alright! I will do my best." Wuying instantly got excited and agreed immediately. Xuefeng could feel bad signs of that, noting down in his mind to test her craving later on.

Just as Wuying let go of him, this time it was Yiren who sneakily appeared behind him and also hugged him tightly. Xuefeng joked in his mind the moment he realised what situation he was in, 'If every soldier had to hug all of his wives before the battle then wars wouldn't even start...'

"Do you need help from me as well?" Xuefeng asked as he moved Yiren, facing her in the front.

"Hehe, no. I just wanted to hug you." Yiren could only giggle, admitting her true purpose. She didn't battle much so there was no need to regenerate her Qi.

"Mhmm, I know." Xuefeng nodded, expecting something like this and reminded her as he lifted her chin so she could look at him, "I hope you can protect me properly in battle later on, alright?"

"Alright, I won't let anyone touch you." Yiren agreed happily, knowing she was finally useful to him.

Finally getting every lady satisfied, he breathed in relief and called out, "If everyone is ready, I think we can start. Little Lan, now it's your time to shine. I want you to sneak with Wuying and learn the intentions of the enemy for me."

Wu Lan already knew about that and already started walking up to Wuying before he could say anything, without any issues. This was the least she could do for them for taking care of them. Xuefeng was more than a brother for them, being like a saviour.

As Wuying took Wu Lan's hand, they disappeared right away and began their small mission. This time they had to approach them closer so Wu Lan's could read their intentions which put them in a much more dangerous situation. Xuefeng was quite cautious so he asked Xiao Wen to go with them, staying in the same distance to save them just in case and worry turned out to be defended in a moment later.

Xiao Wen returned with an ugly face and cursed, "This bastard discovered them and didn't hesitate to throw his dagger straight at them. I had to counter it but now he knows about us. He only smiled as he retrieved his dagger and did not chase after us, staying put with everyone there."

"I expected this much. Fortunately, I send you with them. Wu Lan, did you get anything from Thousand Blades?" Knowing no one got hurt, Xuefeng sighed in relief and turned to the most important aspect, wanting to learn of their enemies plan.

Wu Lan opened her mouth and said while blushing, "I didn't get much... There is something blocking his mind and each time I tried, my head hurt... I only learnt that there is a trap set up for us. He was thinking about it really strongly, so it leaked through his blockade. He also thought about Xiao Wen really often, desiring to have her..."

"Fuck... This bastard is still on it..." Xiao Wen cursed the moment she heard it and Xuefeng quickly followed up with a question, "What is he in love with you?"

Xiao Wen sighed and explained, secretly hoping to see Xuefeng jealousy, "Sigh, he confessed many times but each time I rejected him and beat him up so he stopped. I didn't know he was still this obsessed..."

Just as she wanted, Xuefeng did frown and she got some reaction from him as he muttered, "Don't worry... He won't be able to soon..."