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 The Bandit Leader stormed into Thousand Blades room still not having his pants properly put on after being stopped during his pleasure time with his women and cried out, "Lord! I think we got a problem! They arrived already and started killing my men! Help me stop them!"

Thousand Blades quickly stood up from the bed he was cultivating on and questioned while pulling two of his daggers out, "What? Why didn't you tell me earlier?! Did your men lure them into our trap which we set up?"

The leader finally pulled his pants up and called out frustrated with visible anger on his face, "No, they killed each scouting group which was released in the forest and I only learned about it from the distress signal I sent. I didn't get any more signals after that so I guess all of my men are dead already. You better help me get revenge. Screw the trap! They probably already know about it as they still didn't arrive here. We should go out and fight them head on!"

"Idiot, wait! That's exactly what they want! Let's wait for them inside our trap and let them come to us instead. They want to kill us, but we want to do the same. We can wait here but they cannot so we can just play it patiently. We can stay in front of our hideout and taunt them into entering. I doubt they would wait." Thousand Blades cursed hearing the Leader's stupid idea and quickly corrected his thoughts.

The bandit leader clearly did not like when someone was ordering him and cursed at Thousand Blade while pointing with his finger at him, "Idiot? You said you can deal with them and now you want to turtle inside the hideout while they kill my men?! Pussy!"

He didn't expect that Thousand Blades would suddenly throw his dagger at him which flew straight towards his face, cutting right in between his ear and head before crushing the doors behind him. A few strands of Bandit Leader's hair fell to the ground as he stared blankly at Thousand Blades who approached and went past him, saying with an ugly expression on his face, "Say it one more time and I won't miss the second time..."

The Bandit Leader could feel the oppressive energy wrapping around his body which with the amount of pressure on his body was almost limiting his breathing. He knew he wouldn't be able to dodge that attack even if he tried, so it wasn't a surprise that he was quite scared.

Hearing no response and anger disappearing from the Bandit Leader's face, Thousand Blade smiled and said, letting out more pressure from his body, "You are going to do exactly what I say, got it? I think you forgot who are you dealing with."

"Yes, Lord..." The Bandit Leader couldn't help but agree right away, feeling that soon he will suffocate under Thousand Blades power. He was after all only in a Spirit Overlord stage so it wasn't a surprise he had no chance against a Sage.

He was once a normal cultivator from the Sacred Sword Kingdom but wanting more power in his hands, he moved to a small neighbouring country which to his knowledge had very little cultivators above Spirit Lord stage if it even had any at that time.

Now after already securing his safe position, becoming overlord in the nearby area, suddenly powerful cultivators start appearing one by one, destroying his life. It was understandable that he was frustrated about the whole situation.

"Then go and do as I said. Gather everyone in front of our hideout and we will wait for them inside of my trap. She is not some kind of idiot who I can easily kill. I need the help of my artefact which will lower her strength. All you need to do is to stop the other people in their group from grouping against me and I will be fine." Thousand Blades finally realised the pressure and explained while picking his precious dagger which went through the doors, hitting the nearby wall.

The Bandit Leader already calmed down and listened calmly, nodding in understanding before calling out to all of his brothers who waited for his orders in the main hall, "Everyone! Gather outside the hideout and wait for my call! We are going to get revenge for our fallen brothers! Anyone who dares to lay his hand on anyone in our brotherhood shall die a painful death!"

Hearing that the battle is about to start, every bandit cried out happily, chanting while swinging with his swords in the air, "Yeaaaah! Long live the leader!"

'Heh, let's see how you are going to deal with it, my dear Wen..." Thousand Blades thought, already imagining Xiao Wen being his.


After scouting near the bandit's hideout, Wuying reappeared next to her group not far away from them and reported, "Xuefeng, they are all standing together in front of their hideout. I don't think they plan to leave any time soon. Also, I couldn't get any closer to them to count their numbers as I would get sensed by the strong cultivator in their group. His cultivation definitely is not small, being much higher than that of a Saint. I somehow get a similar feeling about him as I get from Wen."

"How come they have a sage? How does he look like? There should be only one sage apart from me in this region, Thousand Blades. To think that he is recuperating inside their hideout?" Xiao Wen asked curiously the moment she heard her.

"He was covered with a black hood but I saw he was playing around with two daggers in his hands," Wuying replied with what caught her eyes as she didn't stay there for long, worried she would be discovered by him.

"Okay, then that has to be him. I doubt we would be so unlucky to meet a Sage stage cultivator who used daggers like Thousand Blades in such place... Interesting, I guess I will have to get serious this time. Let's regenerate our Qi fully before we start to fight him." Wuying squinted her eyes, thinking of what method she should use to kill him and finally smile appeared on her face as she cracked her neck, beginning to get excited with the incoming battle.

Seeing her sitting down and planning to use pills to regenerate her Qi, Xuefeng asked, as he decided to help, "Wen, I can help you with that. What elements you need?"

"Why you ask?" Xiao Wen asked confused. She didn't mind telling him if they were in private, but they were in public right now. It was hard for her to expose her secrets in such settings.

"Nevermind, just give me your hand and don't resist. I will help you regenerate your Qi." Xuefeng sat down in front of her and took the liberty to grab both of her hands. Without waiting for her response he called out in his mind, 'Ling, I know you are mad at me but I want you to help me right now. I will spend some time with you later. Check what elements she is lacking and fill them up with Fate Stones.'