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 When Xuefeng approached Yiren and the kids, Wu Lan quickly pulled his hand before whispering so that the bandit wouldn't hear her, "Big brother, this bandit is lying..."

"That's why I came here cause I want you to tell me what his plans are," Xuefeng explained as he patted Wu Lan on the head. He never planned to trust the bandit but rather give him hope that he can be saved, and let them learn all of their plans with the help of Wu Lan.

Wu Lan nodded, knowing exactly what he came here for and presented what she knew, "Mhmm, I did discover something. He wants to lead us into a trap set by his leader. There are also many other bandit groups walking randomly around this forest and he wants to meet with them before warning them so that they run in all directions and provide information to the leader about intruders."

Xuefeng processed the information before asking, "Do you know the exact place of the trap and their hideout?"

"Yes, I do. Also, each bandit leaving their hideout got informed of the same thing as this bandit, to stay on the lookout in case someone came to attack them in the next couple of days. I think they know that we are coming." Wu Lan confirmed with a smile, to which Xuefeng couldn't help but raise her into the air and do a happy spin with her. Xuefeng knew she would be really useful to him, but now he realised the full potential of her ability.

Putting her down, Xuefeng brushed her hair happily and said, already knowing what he wanted to do, "Great, I already have a plan. I will have you lead us later after we take all the bandits in the area."

"Alright. I can do that." Wu Lan quickly agreed, happy that she could help, but then there was another lady who was looking at Xuefeng, eager to learn her role in the whole operation and she finally asked, "Xuefeng, do you want me to do something for you too?"

Yiren really wanted to help and Xuefeng could see it in her eyes, so he thought of a safe job which she could help him with, but at the same time where he could protect her.

"I have actually made plans for you too. You will have to protect me later, I will tell you the details when the time comes. Do you think you can help me?" Xuefeng asked as he lifted Yiren's chin so she would look at him, her reply was obviously an agreement as she hugged him happily, "Yes! I will do anything."

"Alright, let's catch up with Wen then," Xuefeng nodded and pulled them all with him, but halfway there, he recalled what he was about to do and decided to remind Yiren once again, "I am going to do something bad right now, so I hope that you can turn around when I tell you to..."

He did not expect that Yiren would suddenly pout and disagree with him on this and say determined, "No, I want to watch no matter what you do. I will never learn if you keep asking me to look away."

Xuefeng obviously knew that she had a point there, but he still preferred having such a pure and innocent soul with him. In the end, Xuefeng had to agree and bring her with him, leaving the whole situation uncensored for her.

As they caught up to the bandit, Xuefeng's sword was already drawn and before anyone could ask any questions, Xuefeng suddenly plunged his sword through the bandit's chest, cutting his heart in half.

The man couldn't even get to cry out before dropping dead on the ground. The black flames from his sword quickly spread to the other parts of the body and it didn't take long for him to disappear completely.

Xiao Wen wasn't surprised by that at all, as it would only mean that he was not useful to them anymore. She actually got excited instead, knowing that the battles she had been waiting for were nearing.

"Okay, everyone, gather around. Let's get things rolling. With Wu Lan here, we don't need this guy anymore. Listen carefully and follow my plan thoroughly..." Seeing that Yiren was okay with such a scene, Xuefeng patted her head as a reward and gathered everyone around him, presenting them with his plan.


A few moments later in the same forest area, two groups of bandits met together and began complaining to each other, "Gosh, how I hate this new 'Lord' that appeared out of nowhere. Because of him, we can't enjoy ourselves and have to do those patrols, walking around the area endlessly."

"Yeah, my legs are already in pain after walking whole day today. I wonder why the leader agreed to this crazy dude's ideas?"

"From what I have heard, there is a great beauty at stakes. There is a red-haired lady whose cultivation is way above that of a Spirit Saint and it seems like our leader got promised to have her first. She should be coming here in the next few days, trying to destroy our hideout. "

"More than a Saint!? What if we meet her now? She is bound to kill us! I never thought our mission was so dangerous..." One of the bandits looked quite scared when he heard about Xiao Wen's power, but his buddy assured him, saying, "That's why I'm complaining... It's our lives at stakes here... I hope that nothing bad will hap-"

Just as the man tried to finish, a shadow of a woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of him and the next thing he saw, was a giant fountain of blood as his throat got cut with a bloody dagger.

Just after slicing one throat, the lady disappeared once again, reappearing behind the guy who was complaining the most with two daggers in her hands. With one quick movement, she plunged her daggers right into the bandit's neck before switching once again, planning to kill all of them one by one.

At that point, after seeing the two quick deaths of their comrades, the rest of their group started taking out their weapons to fight back. Knowing they would most likely die, but they couldn't just admit defeat without even trying to fight back.

The only leader left in the group after to Wuying's previous attack quickly called out to the others in panic, "Group up, don't let her get close to you. If she attacks, fight back!"

They listened and acted disciplined as they all turned their backs towards one another when suddenly a naked blade appeared right in front of their faces, sending all of their heads flying into the air right after a successful horizontal slash.

Those who were still left turned towards the second lady that just appeared with a grim expression on their faces and their eyes went wide when they saw that it was the crimson haired beauty they were talking about not too long ago.

The red-haired beauty looked at the shadow and called out with a playful smile, "Hehe, you are not getting all of them for yourself. This should be my fiftieth kill. How about you?"

Suddenly the shadow glimmered a bit and another young lady appeared. The crimson eyes on her face gathered their attention, but that only brought doom upon them. They were already horrified, looking at all the headless bodies on the ground, but then, the crimson-eyed lady reached out her hand towards them which froze their bodies.

They couldn't give an account to what happened later as their heads exploded in a flashy style, with their bodies joining the rest of their buddies on the floor.

Wuying smiled as she approached Xiao Wen, teasing her, "I guess I'm still winning. Hehe, adding those, I have fifty-one in total." This time Wuying didn't even try to absorb the blood of the dead bandits as Xiao Wen directly threw fireballs on them, turning each and every one of them into ashes.

"Tsk, it wasn't fair. You didn't wait for me to finish counting and you immediately rushed towards them. Next group we find, you are giving me a two-second head start or we are not betting anymore." Xiao Wen snickered, pointing an end to Wuying's cheating, but the one in question only smiled in response and agreed, "Alright, two seconds it is. Let's go. Xuefeng should have found another group for us."

Wuying didn't wait for Xiao Wen to reply and went back into the shadows, which caused Xiao Wen to chase after her with a joyful smile, enjoying their little game.