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 After being done with draining blood from the bodies, killing them painlessly, Wuying was supposed to be happy, but her face was full of distaste. Ever since tasting Xuefeng's blood, Wuying wasn't satisfied with any other blood, finding the taste to be repulsive.

Xuefeng's blood was sweet, while the blood of the bandits tasted really bitter and couldn't even compare with Xuefeng's when it came to the amount of Blood Qi it provided her.

Looking at Xiao Wen who stayed behind, Wuying called out to her calmly, trying to not thinking about the taste, "Wen, you can take over." Wuying knew that she would get even more blood today, thinking that she will once again get used to the taste, but each time she thought about it, the memory of Xuefeng's sweet blood kept coming back to ruin her plans.

Xiao Wen threw nine small fireballs and the bodies of the nine bandits quickly incinerated, leaving only ashes. She could see Wuying's expression a moment ago, so she asked worried, "Are you okay? You didn't look like you enjoyed it as much as before. What happened? You know that you don't have to do it."

With her crimson eyes still active, Wuying sighed dejectedly, saying the truth, "Xuefeng gave me a bit of his blood earlier and now every time I drink blood from someone else, I find it awful... His blood was so much tastier that I can't enjoy any other now." Wuying still treated Xiao Wen as her best friend, so she didn't hesitate to tell the truth.

"What? Xuefeng gave you blood? When?" Xiao Wen questioned surprised, not recalling any action between them like that.

"When we sneaked away from the banquet... I bit his tongue and sucked blood as we kissed... It was so good... " Wuying narrated as they walked in the direction Xuefeng and the others went. They could still sense them, so it was easy to navigate through the forest.

"Tsk, you really know how to enjoy yourself..." Xiao Wen commented as she snickered, not fully getting the blood-sucking between them. At one point it sounded really gross, but on another, she felt like it was kind of romantic.

"Heh, and after that, we had the best sex of my life... He let me do all I wanted..." Thinking Xiao Wen was still the same, Wuying giggled as she hugged her arm and explained the scene with details, trying to tease Xiao Wen.

Wuying still succeeded, but the effects were minimal, only getting a small blush from Xiao Wen as she already knew she would also have similar experiences with Xuefeng soon. He already accepted her, so she didn't think she would have to wait long for that to happen. A few days ago she couldn't wait for that to happen but now she was very patient.

Xiao Wen still acted like usual so that Wuying wouldn't find out about their current hidden feelings and said, pretending to be jealous, "Are you trying to make me jealous? Tell me more and I will go grab Xuefeng and try it out myself. I wonder how Xuefeng tastes like..."

Hearing her like that, Wuying panicked a bit, knowing Xiao Wen wasn't joking and laughed it off while trying to smooth her feelings over by kissing her on the cheek, "Haha, Wen, I was only joking... You don't need to be so serious..."

Xiao Wen looked at Xuefeng's back as he walked ahead of them in the distance and asked seriously, "What if I was not joking? You know that Xuefeng is a great snack. Can't I also have a bite? You already share him with Yiren, her mother and my sister. Would it be so bad if I joined you guys?"

Xiao Wen wanted to win the other's approval as well instead of only Xuefeng so that when the time came to reveal their feelings for each other, she would be welcomed by everyone with open arms.

Suddenly Wuying stopped walking and looked at Xiao Wen seriously and asked after a moment of silence, "...Are you serious about this? You never mentioned that you liked him earlier."

"Well, I found out not long ago, that I find him quite interesting... Can I at least confront my feelings and find out if I really like him or not? I don't want to live with regret in the future that I didn't even try..." Xiao Wen continued to look in the distance and told Wuying honestly how she felt right now. She was speaking the truth, while only cutting the part where Xuefeng already knew about it.

"I said it before... As long as Xuefeng keeps me in his heart, I don't mind having other sisters around who also love him. You are a best friend, so it's even better to have you around..." Wuying explained her stance, before adding sternly, "...But remember, if you hurt my Xuefeng I will fight you."

"I will make sure to be gentle with him." Xiao Wen assured Wuying before gossiping happily as they continued to walk forward, "Don't you think he glances at my body from time to time? I think he likes me too."

Wuying laughed, finding Xuefeng to be a nice subject to talk about, "Haha, I doubt that. Sometimes I really need to tell him what I want else he doesn't notice anything at all... He is such a dummy at times, but I still love him."

"Yeah, he is a real dummy..." Xiao Wen strongly confirmed, having encountered such a situation not long ago.


"What took you guys so long?" Xuefeng asked curiously as he saw Wuying appearing next to him. It took them more than ten minutes before they finally caught up, which made him wonder.

"We talked for a bit before catching up. We were gossiping about you, but I'm not telling you anything." Wuying kissed him on the cheek and told him the truth knowing he will ask later.

"Alright," Xuefeng acknowledged that but still glanced at Xiao Wen and saw her nodding while smiling sweetly at him, which confirmed his thoughts. Smiling back at her, Xuefeng thought, 'Wen really is serious about this... Beginning to pull others on her side so quickly. I need to ask them what they think about it too. This isn't something I can just decide by myself...'

"Wen, can you take over the prisoner? He promised to show us the way to their hideout, so just let him lead while I will talk to little Lan," Pulling his blade away from the bandit, Xuefeng let Xiao Wen take custody of him while planning to consult Wu Lan about his hidden plans.

"Okay," Xiao Wen agreed right away, actually planning to propose the same idea to him. There was no way they could just trust a bandit this easily. She wrapped the surroundings of the bandit's body with her Spirit Qi, which made him shiver before calling out to him, "If you lie to us, I will detonate my Qi around you, burning you alive."

"N-no, I promise. I'm leading you guys correctly. We will meet more of my brothers on the way the further we go in so you guys better be prepared..." The bandit stuttered as he promised. He somehow felt more safe with Xuefeng leading him compared to the lady behind him but unfortunately, he didn't have a choice to choose.

"You think we are scared of your little brothers? They will all die soon and you will see their demise. Move your ass. We don't have the whole day." Xiao Wen replied coldly to his inkling and kicked the bandit's ass, forcing him to walk forward.

The bandit almost fell to the ground and agreed in the hope that his Leader will help him, "Y-yes!"