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 Getting what he wanted, Xuefeng turned to Wuying and said while pointing his sword at the bandit, "See? Isn't it faster this way?" Xuefeng both vented his frustration and got what they came here for.

"I also prefer it this way." Xiao Wen concurred with Xuefeng's decision without hesitating, kicking one of the bandits next to her. To her, they all deserved to die.

"Yiren, you can turn around now." Being done with the beating, Xuefeng called out to Yiren who turned around with a pout on her face. Looking at the bandit, she asked with a face full of injustice, "I know you beat him, why can't I look too?"

Xuefeng approached her and gave her a loving pat and answered, "Cause I want to protect your innocence for as long as I can. Do you want to be the one to kill them? You are too kind to do that."

"But I want to help you... I can learn to fight and beat people like you." Yiren replied still not resigned with Xuefeng excluding them from watching.

"I know, but we already have two who are like that. What I need from you is to provide support. Your special mission is to protect Wu Lan and Wu Kong so nothing bad happens to them. Can you do it?" Xuefeng asked while giving her the easiest job, babysitting, but with the way he said it, Yiren found it a great responsibility and nodded happily, accepting her role.

Xuefeng still secretly told Lulu earlier to protect those three so nothing happens to them. He knew that Yiren would be a great asset in the future, but there was still a lot of training ahead of her before that happens. He planned to leave them behind in a safe place but he later decided against it as he knew they were safer with them, even if they were going straight into the bandit hideout.

"What are we going to do with them? Should we take him and kill the rest?" Xiao Wen asked as she lifted the chin of one bandit with her boot, before kicking it away after seeing how ugly he was. There wasn't one-bit kindness in her towards such people.

Just as Xuefeng wanted to make a decision, one of the merchants that were robbed just before they came, approached them and said with a embarrassed smile, "Lord! Thank you for dealing with those bandits. C-can we get our money back from them? We are just poor merchants trying to make a living."

"Oh!" Xuefeng exclaimed, actually forgetting about them and asked, "How much did they take from you?"

The merchant scratched his head and explained, "T-they took two high-tiered Spirit Stones per person. There are sixty people in the three groups that were robbed by them... We came together, to protect ourselves but we were no match for those bandits. Lord is too powerful to take them all by himself."

"Alright, let me check." Xuefeng looked at the merchant suspiciously but still acted it out, taking bandit leader's ring from him and checked the content. Taking out three leather bags from the inside, he asked as if confirming, "So sixty people with two stones per person, it will be one hundred and twenty in total, correct?"

"Yes, my Lord." The merchant smiled seeing the leather storages and nodded happily, getting more confident with his speech.

"Mhmm!!" Just as Xuefeng pretended that he wanted to throw the sacks towards the merchant, the leader of the bandit group called out through the cloth while glaring at the merchant.

Xuefeng smiled, already expecting the bandit to say something about the situation based on the look he was giving to the merchant a moment ago. Turning to his, he asked with a frown, "Do you want to say anything?"

"Mhmm." The bandit nodded while showing with his gaze at the bags with Spirit Stones. When the merchant saw it, he quickly panicked and called out, "L-lord I wouldn't trust bandits. They are a bunch of liars."

Xuefeng ignored him and pulled out the cloth from the bandit's mouth, asking, "What is it?" He already knew what he would say, but he liked his acting, deciding to play the scenario till the end so that no one will have problems with what he is going to do later on.

"This bastard is lying! We only took one stone per person! He is clearly trying to take advantage of you!" The bandit shouted the moment, the cloth was out of his mouth. He would probably die later, so at least he could fuck someone's else life before that. He also didn't like people stealing from him. Xuefeng at least won in a battle between them, but the merchant didn't deserve to profit from him.

"He is lying! He clearly took two stones from each of us! Lord, please don't listen to him." The merchant quickly countered with his own version but that didn't even affect Xuefeng's decision as he already knew the truth.

Without wasting any more time, Xuefeng suddenly swung with his Black Flames Slayer and sent a crescent-shaped strike towards one of the merchant carts, breaking it into bits. It just happened to be a cart with a bunch of vegetables. which flew everywhere across the road from the explosion, burning with black flames.

"Aaaah, my cabbages!" The merchant quickly cried out, falling onto his knees in despair.

"Next time the target might be you, so be good and don't lie," Xuefeng called out to the merchant as he kept the money in the ring and put everything inside his own ring, which had a better capacity. Lifting the bandit by his collar, he said to the ladies who watched he the whole time in fascination, "Let's get going."

"Let's go sister." Wu Lan said sweetly, pulling Yiren by the hand. She knew what will happen and wanted to protect her innocent big sister.

"What about the other nine bandits?" Yiren asked as she pointed at the rest, thinking that they shouldn't leave bad guys like that.

"I think big sis Wuying will take care of them. You don't need to watch it..." Wu Lan tried to convince Yiren but she still stubbornly looked behind her, wanting to see Wuying in action.

Xuefeng didn't have to say anything and Wuying already moved. Seeing Wuying approaching them with a kind smile, the bandits didn't hesitate to roll away from her on the ground as their legs and hands were bound together. Unfortunately, that didn't help them at all.

Wuying's eyes turned crimson and she swiftly threw nice looking daggers towards them, without missing a single target. They quickly stopped moving as blood started flowing out of their bodies before rapidly streaming towards her. Yiren watched until they went too far into the forest and the trees started obstructing her vision.

She was quite disturbed by it, even having the urge to vomit, but thinking that Xuefeng would be disappointed in her if she was this weak, she quickly breathed in a mouthful of fresh air to calm down. Only after that did she understand why Xuefeng asked her to look away.

"Big sis, you are really brave. When it was my first time seeing a dead body I couldn't stop vomiting," Wu Lan squeezed Yiren's hand tightly and informed her quietly, "I can feel that big brother is very proud of you right now. Go smile at him right now."

Yiren glanced at Xuefeng and he really did look at her at that moment, giving her a warm smile. She quickly showed him that she was alright by replying with the same warm smile before breathing out in relief, knowing that she didn't disappoint him.