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 Xuefeng was cultivating almost the whole journey as there was nothing else to do but he was already impatient, finding constant cultivation boring. He could feel that his Spirit Qi capacity was increasing and he was approaching the Overlord Stage with big steps but he would still rather prefer improving with other methods like battles or fighting instead as he found that more interesting.

If only there was a method to connect his cultivation and fun, he wouldn't have to continue with this boring routine. Xuefeng even asked Ling about it, but she blushed right away, refusing to tell him.

Only after many pleas did Ling pull his consciousness into her space and told him so he would stop bugging her, "You can't dual cultivate like that with other humans, but if it's between Fate Fragment and it's holder... It's possible... But I'm not doing it with you! Don't even think about it."

Seeing how Ling turned around, not looking at him anymore, Xuefeng hugged her from behind and asked warmly, "Tell me, how does it work? You didn't connect with me earlier without providing any reasons. At least tell me this much."

From the time since he found out about her hiding it, Ling was much gentler with him than before as she still felt guilty about it. She stopped pushing him away when he touched or hugged her.

Hearing his reasoning, Ling bit her lip and gave in, not wanting to hurt him again, "...It's a temporary connection between our souls which would strengthen your absorption speed thanks to me... You would basically turn into a half spirit for a moment but that would boost your cultivation at least ten times. Together with your elf royal bloodline, you would progress very fast..."

Xuefeng eyes opened wide when he heard how much improvement he could get and quickly turned ling around, asking excitedly, "Really?! That's amazing! Let's do it! It sounds like fun. What should we do?"

"Idiot, do you even know what you are proposing?" Ling quickly bashed him, hitting him twice on the chest, but she clearly didn't want to do anything to him as he felt no strength behind these punches.

Seeing her reaction, Xuefeng couldn't help but smile playfully and tease her as he held her chin so she looks at him, "Ling, if you didn't think of trying it with me, you wouldn't even tell me about it. Tell me, if there is such a method, shouldn't we use it? It is a ten times increase! You can't tell me to just ignore it now that I know of it."

She looked at him, trying to convince herself, but in the end, after thinking of Xuefeng's recent actions she was earlier mad about, she still looked to the side, saying with a pout, "Do you even have time to cultivate? Recently you are only playing around with your women... How is that Xiao Wen? You like her too, don't you?"

"Wait, are you jealous?" Xuefeng asked confused, never seeing such expression from her.

"You promised to visit me here more often... I never heard you ask to come on your own..." Ling pushed him away, walking away from him but Xuefeng caught her hand and pulled her back into his arms which caused her to ask angrily as she hit him in the chest after each sentence, "What else you want? You want me to admit it? Yes, I'm jealous! Can't I be selfish even once? I also have feelings!"

"Ling..." Xuefeng called out her name embarrassed, letting her vent the anger before he added, "You didn't tell me about it earlier... I'm always here, so If you want to see me just tell me..."

Ling stopped hitting him and said reminding him what was more important, "You are supposed to think about it on your own. With so many women around, you forgot about the one who was with you from the beginning..."

Before she could calm down, she added unhappily, "I don't want to talk to you about it anymore... Go to your girls, they are calling for you." Xuefeng wanted to say something but Ling clicked with her fingers and he disappeared from her space.

Looking at the empty space where he stood just a moment ago, Ling sighed and also vanished from her castle, emerging outside on the lush grasslands she created. Sitting down on the grass she looked at the sky while bathing at the sun and sighed once again, laying down completely.

At that moment a squirrel ran up to her from the nearby tree and sat down on her chest, staring at her with confusion. She added some animals into her space and now she found that idea the best one she had. Rubbing the squirrel cheeks, she muttered, "Isn't he a dummy? I am not demanding too much right? I just wanted what he promised... I didn't ask for much... Now I'm going to miss his hug for a while..."


"Xuefeng! We have arrived!" Xuefeng opened his eyes the moment Ling ejected him from her space and he heard Wuying calling out to him from her eagle right behind his own. He looked around and saw a long mountain range in the horizon which was supposed to make him happy as they reached their goal but he wasn't in the mood right now.

'How come I always fuck everything up...' Xuefeng thought, blaming himself for all that happened just now. He really didn't give enough time to Ling recently, but she also didn't tell him anything, acting like nothing bad was happening.

'Ling, let's talk... Ling!' Xuefeng started calling out in his mind but didn't get any response from her. He knew that she heard him so he said apologetically, 'Ling, I know you are listening to me... I will make sure to give you more care in the future so please, don't be mad at me anymore. It is always better to talk things out instead of acting like that. Tell me when you are ready to talk.'

He didn't get any response after this which made him feel frustration. He was forced to try again in a while after she calms down.

Hearing no response from him, Wuying called out once again, "Xuefeng, are you okay? I'm calling you."

"Yeah, I heard you. Sorry, I just finished cultivating." Xuefeng forced a smile and replied before asking, "Do we need to visit the Border City first or can we go straight into the mountains?" Xuefeng somehow felt the urge to beat someone up and the current mission would help him with that. He needed to vent his frustration.

"Actually, there is no need, but it would always be better to get someone who knows the area first else we would be just searching the hideout endlessly," Wuying said while putting an importance to the guide, but Xuefeng waved with his hand and called out, "Don't worry, I have a better idea."


Puh! "Fuck you, I'm not going to tell you anyth- Mhmm! Mhmm!" A bandit Xuefeng caught spat on his face and shouted before Xuefeng didn't put the cloth into his mouth to stop him from talking.

"Is that the better idea you were talking about? They are obviously not going to talk." Wuying asked as she recalled their conversation in the air.

They went straight towards the road that was passing through the only mountain pass and happen to find ten bandits which were taking bribes from everyone who wanted to pass the narrow passageway. They quickly beat them all up as the strongest of them all was only a Spirit King Cultivator before Xuefeng began interrogating their leader to learn the position of their hideout.

Cleaning his face from the bandit saliva, Xuefeng smiled evilly and turned to the ladies, asking as he switched into a kind smile, "Yiren can you turn around for a moment together with the kids?" Yiren didn't know what Xuefeng wanted to do but she listened and turned around happily together with Wu siblings.

What they all heard after were the sounds of punching and kicking together with the bandit's whining through the bloodied cloth. After he vented a bit, making bandit's face unrecognizable, he pulled out his Black Flame Slayer sword and stood up, aiming towards bandits crotch before asking coldly, "Do you want me to burn it, cut it and feed it to the birds or you will kindly lead me to your boss?"

The bandit didn't understand what Xuefeng meant by burning but then black flames suddenly burst out of the blade and he felt the hotness near his crotch right away. He never made up his decision faster than today, nodding hurriedly in panic.