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 "Remember to not look at Milady's body as you talk to her. She is not, cough, dressed properly right now. I don't want you to get punished by her. Just look down and follow me." The golden-robed youth reminded Pio after they appeared just outside his Milady's bedroom and only after Pio's nod did they enter inside.

"Milady, I'm back and I brought Pio with me." The golden-robed youth announced right after they crossed the line of the room, looking at the ground. Pio found that quite ridiculous but also followed the custom.

"That's good. You can leave him behind and go. Let me talk to him in private." Pio heard a gentle female voice call out from within the room and then the doors closed. The youth went out after hearing the order, leaving Pio alone with the mysterious Milady that wanted to meet him.

"Can I know the reason for Milady's invitation?" Pio asked curiously, looking to the side instead of the ground, finding it a bit awkward, but as he saw the frame of the bed with the corner of his eyes, he knew that her being without clothes could be true.

The lady observed Pio, finding his reactions quite amusing and called out to him with a mesmerising voice, "I just wanted to meet you. Come here. I want to look at you from up close."

Hearing her command, Pio suddenly felt a desire in his mind to follow her orders but finding it quite weird, he tried to cut it out from his mind, successfully pushing it away after a single try. The looked surprised at him strong will and smiled, knowing she found another interesting person.

Pio didn't want to look at the lady as he walked up to the bed, but the moment he saw her smooth legs, gently dangling at the edge of the bed, his eyes naturally followed its way upwards. Besides being cold and collected, Pio was true with himself, without limiting himself with anything.

As his eyes travelled up to her naked belly, passing through her white underwear that covered her private region, Pio wanted to check out more. He wasn't driven by his sexual desire but rather curiosity.

Just then, his body froze, his eyesight stopping right before they moved towards the lady's chest and face. He tried to resist it but couldn't, making him completely immobile.

"Were you not informed to not ogle my body while you are here? Can't you see that I'm not fully dressed?" The mysterious Milady asked calmly, interested to find out his thought process.

"I was invited here by Milady, so it is not my fault Milady is not dressed properly. I have a habit of looking into the person's eyes as I talk to him, so I am not fine with such limitations." Pio didn't hesitate to tell the truth, showing his dissatisfaction with this form of conversation.

The Milady giggled a bit at his response and released him with a wave of her hand, "Hah, alright. I guess you are right. Go ahead and look if you can." Having permission, Pio of course listened and finished his overview.

As he saw Milady's face, he gasped for a moment, truthfully finding her beautiful. In his eyes, there was more of admiration towards beauty rather than an evil desire. The lady looked mature but at the same time, he could find traces of innocence as she blinked curiously at him while giving him an inviting smile.

"Milady is truly beautiful. Many would do anything just to take a glimpse at Milady's beauty." Pio commented after analysing her as a whole, not hesitating to look into her golden eyes.

He didn't expect the Lady to suddenly blush from his words as she asked surprised, "You can see my face?!" One had to know that she didn't go out of her way to uncover the protective mist which covered her face, but Pio could see right through it with ease.

"Isn't Milady right in front of me? Milady gave me permission to look." Pio looked at her weirdly, finding the question stupid and reminded her about their previous agreement. In his defence, Pio didn't see any mist or anything, causing him to become confused.

"No, no. I don't have problems with that. I'm more than happy right now! I finally found another person blessed by Fate, haha!" The golden-eyed lady quickly assured him before she stood up from the bed and grabbed him by the shoulders happily.

Seeing the confusion on his face, she the lady quickly explained, "My face is covered by a protective mist and only those who are blessed by Fate can see through it." before asking as she gently held onto Pio's face, "Would you like to work for me and help me achieve the ultimate goal?"

Pio wasn't surprised by blessed by fate part as his Fate Fragment already told him that but the ultimate goal made him curious. The lady knew that and she explained right after, "The ultimate goal of all Fate Fragment Holders is the opening of the Fate Kingdom which was closed because of a certain accident. I gather all holders blessed by Fate to help me as only they can be trusted. What do you think? What to join me and be one of the first to witness the greatest moment in history?"

The lady got extremely excited as she talked about it, smiling happily but Pio wasn't moved as he took her hands away from his face and apologized, "I'm sorry but I'm never going to work for anyone. I am also in the crucial part of my cultivation right now which prevents me from focusing on anything else."

The golden eyes of the lady suddenly shone brightly, showing the ultimate power behind them as she proposed, not accepting a no as an answer, "What if I told you that I can fix your troubles and make you much stronger? I know about your Fate Fragment problems with a dark element. I can help you control it fully as long as you pledge loyalty to me."

Unfortunately, Pio wasn't moved by her demonstration once again, shaking his head with denial, "If receiving help from Milady means losing my freedom then I would rather face it myself."

Knowing it would be hard to convince him, the lady changed her method, ordering, "Close your eyes." Even against his will, Pio's eyes suddenly closed. Milady quickly leaned over and kissed him in the lips without much hesitation.

Her lips lit up with gold and Pio quickly exclaimed, feeling the foreign Qi filling up his body. Golden lines started spreading from his lips on his skin towards his whole body, making them both turn golden.

Pio wanted to protest but then, he felt the darkness which was recently brewing inside of his dantian calmed down to the point it was so gentle that it started following his thoughts. He had problems as it wanted to take control over the other half of his dantian but now both Qi's lived in harmony together.

"How...?" Pio asked after the mysterious Milady pulled away from him and stared at him with a confident smile.

The lady didn't explain her methods but said with a satisfied smile, "This effect will last for the next month. You can easily use both of your powers with ease now."

Pio couldn't help but test it and suddenly a lump of black matter appeared on top of his palm, while the other hand had the familiar stardust floating above it. Even as he pulled them closed to each other, the two energies didn't fight or try to consume one another.

"How about you do one request for me to repay me? I won't force you to work for me and instead, we can do it like a trade relationship. I can do something for you and you will do the same. What do you think?" The lady suggested as she gently grabbed his chin. She already figured out, Pio's personality and knew that this method had to work. He didn't like to owe anyone anything.

"Fine. One request." Pio absorbed two energies back, finally agreeing.

The lady clapped her hands after getting what she wanted and explained her mission, "Great! I want one small thing. I wish to find out the location of one person. You will infiltrate Xiao Family and learn more about a person called Xuefeng. Report to me anything you find out about him."

After Pio left, the golden-eyed lady smiled as she laid back on the bed, thinking to herself, 'To think that he didn't react to my kiss at all. I wonder how much more interesting that Xuefeng is...'