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 "Look, he is back. It's been already 40 minutes. Does that mean he is already a Spirit King?" One tall youngster from the queue asked quietly.

"There is no way he would advance to a Spirit King in one day. Most likely, he got more tokens just because he is Clan Leader son." His buddy explained.

"Yeah, probably. Now that he is a black talent, the clan will focus greatly on cultivating him." Tall youngster agreed with a hint of jealousy.

They weren't mad for the special benefits Xuefeng got from the clan. If they were Black talents, they would receive them as well.

"We can still achieve something if we work hard. What do you think, which Rank Spirit Artefact he got?" A black-haired lad with dark blue eyes joined their conversation.

"Oh, Senior Chen, welcome. I think he at least got Rank 4 Spirit Artefact. What does senior think?" The tall youngster clasped his hands towards the newcomer and answered.

"I think that he got at least one Rank 5 Spirit Artefacts and three Rank 4. I heard that the new Purple Talent Liu Mei left the Spirit Treasury with Rank 4 Spirit Sword. If she can get a Rank 4 Spirit Sword, what do you think a Black talent will gain?" Senior Chen told everyone his theory.

"Senior Chen words makes sense. He just got out, maybe he will show us his Spirit Artefact." They looked at the Xuefeng who was walking out of the hall with expectations.

Xuefeng unaware of their conversation walked out of the building and searched with his sight for the two beauties he left behind. He spotted them talking with two men in their twenties. He looked at their faces and they weren't happy.

Seeing that, Xuefeng approached them. Sensing someone was coming, Wuying and Princess Shan turned around and their eyes lit up. They ran up to him and linked their arms with his. Seeing this, the smiles of Young men fell.

They were the proud Spirit Kings who just came to the clan from the mission and spotted two beauties standing here alone. They thought it was a good opportunity to flirt after a long journey, but who would have thought they would be ignored repeatedly.

After 5 minutes of their hard work, a trash came, and they ran into his arms. What pissed them off more was the fact they recognized him, the trash Young master.

'We are doing missions and risk our lives, while he plays with beauties safely at home.' They thought angrily.

"What is happening?" Xuefeng asked surprised.

"Why it took you so long? Some flies started to come and bug us." Princess Shan complained as if she was his girlfriend. She pressed her peaks against his arm giving me angelic sensation.

Wuying looked at her in shock but did the same as she didn't want to lose.

The crowd looked at him with jealousy. Even if you were a Young master with Black Talent, do you need to show everyone how great you are?

Wuying was already quite a flower to be plucked, but now he also has another one whose body is even better looking.

They watched from the side as the scene carried out. Some of the youngsters in the queue recognized two men, who were trying to flirt with Young master ladies.

They were Spirit Kings from the External Clan.

Liu Clan was divided into two sections. Main clan and External Clan. Only people who married into Main Clan could belong to it. The External Clan consisted of people who were just working for the Clan. They could leave the clan whenever they wanted.

These two young men joined Liu Clan as they had more opportunities to advance here.

These two were probably on a mission and just came back to the clan. They apparently didn't hear about recent news and will try to make trouble.

Young master Liu Xuefeng wasn't a trash anymore!

"Young master, how about you lend us those ladies for a night? We won't take long." They asked lustfully when they approached them.

"Where is Elder Ming?" Xuefeng asked Wuying as he ignored them completely.

"He left already as he had something to take care of. Did you get the Spirit Artefacts I told you about?" She asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I got all 4." He said proudly.

"What ranks did you get?" Princess Shan asked curiously.

"Hey, I'm talking to mmmm..." The man who got ignored got mad and tried to make them notice him when his friend closed his mouth with his hand.

"Shhh, dude didn't you hear them?" His buddy asked.

"What? They are just talking about Spirit Artefacts. Wait..." The man looked around him and noticed that they are near Spirit Treasury. He got alerted and checked Xuefeng aura with his Spirit Awareness.

"He is in Grandmaster stage... Since when can he cultivate? We were only away for a month." He panicked.

"Let's go. We need to get updated on the news." His buddy grabbed him by the shoulders and they walked away.

They weren't stupid, so they quickly realised the situation they were in. If he advanced into Grandmaster stage in less than a month, he is bound to have highly ranked talent. Coupled with his status as a Young master, they would make a huge offence if they insulted him.

"I will show you when we arrive in my courtyard." He smiled seeing the two men leave. It's always better to resolve the conflict without fighting. He knew they will leave if he ignores them.

"Come on, let's go." He said before going forward but then realised that they were still hugging his arms. It was a nice feeling for a virgin like him, but he had troubles walking. He wasn't a stranger to female touch, but they were currently in public and people watching them, made him quite embarrassed.

"Are you going to hug my arms like that the whole way?" He asked speechless as they still didn't let go of him after a couple of steps.

"Hi hi, I got used to it too fast." Princess let go first with a bold laugh.

Wuying thought it was a nice feeling to lean on his shoulder, but reluctantly, she also let go.

When they disappeared on their way back, the youngsters in the queue to Spirit Treasury, sighed in disappointment. They wanted to see the Spirit Artefacts their Young master took from Spirit Treasury, but their wish didn't come true.

Senior Chen was also interested, but he knew that it would be revealed soon enough. He just hoped Liu Xuefeng didn't take the Artefact he had his sights on.

"By the way, Senior Chen why are you here? Did you advance to Spirit King as well?" The tall Grandmaster asked as he saw Senior Chen still staying with them.

"Yeah, I'm going to try to get the Ancestor sword this time." He told them his ambitious plans.

"Congratulations Senior, are you talking about the Black Flame Slayer our founder used to make a name for himself?" The surrounding cultivators congratulated him.

"Yeah, as a Dark Blue talent I think I have a chance now that I entered Spirit King Stage." He admitted proudly.

Although Liu Chen advanced to Spirit King only yesterday, it was not because his talent was bad. It's because he spends most of his time on training his Swordsmanship. Recently he even comprehended Sword Intent. With that, he was very confident of getting the legendary sword.

"Then, we wish you good luck. How about we let Senior skip the queue and go first?" One teenage girl proposed trying to stand out in the group.

"Yes, yes. Senior go first." Another person also let him go past him.

After one proposed, everyone followed. It would be bad to be the only one who didn't agree and receive critique from everyone.

"Then I have to thank everyone." He bowed to the lady and went towards the counter to receive the token.