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 "Big sis, you have finally arrived. You seem to be in a good mood today." The moment Xiao Wen entered the bathroom, all ladies turned their heads towards her from the bathtub and Wu Lan was the first to comment on the change in Xiao Wen's mood.

"Yeah, I think I'm alright today. Everything is great right now." Xiao Wen said happily, infecting others with her smile before throwing her nightgown on the ground and entering the bathtub, just as naked as the rest were.

Yiren was still in her cuddly mood and the moment Xiao Wen sat down next to her, she quickly hugged her across her waist, asking sweetly, "Sis, what is your type for a guy? We can help you find a nice one in the future."

Xiao Wen imagined Xuefeng in her head and based the question on him, "What is my type? I guess kind, gentle and someone who can take care of me if I ever need help. He also needs to be handsome, hardworking, caring and it would be best if he was intelligent as well. I think most of those are basic stuff every girl wants."

"Sigh, but it's hard to find someone with all of those attributes." Yiren sighed, thinking that Xiao Wen wanted too much, but then realised that Xuefeng was exactly what her sister wanted in a man and Yiren admitted it, feeling happy she was the one who was with him, "Actually, there is someone like that, but he is already taken, hehe."

Xiao Wen patted Yiren's head and asked with a knowing smile, "Are you talking about Xuefeng? He really does seem to have all of those qualities, don't you think?"

"Mhmm, he does. But he is already taken by us, so sister can't have him, right Wuying?" Yiren nodded, before claiming Xuefeng's ownership, pulling Wuying together onto her ship.

"That's right. If you want him, you better prepare for a fight!" Being also in a good mood, Wuying joined their fun, tickling Xiao Wen as a warning.

"Haha, don't worry. If I even plan on stealing him away from you girls, I will tell you first and we will have a big battle." Xiao Wen laughed, assuring them. She didn't want to hide the truth as it was unfair towards them, but she needed to first consolidate her relationship with Xuefeng before even trying to seriously talk with them.

"Sis! It's unfair... You are much stronger than us..." Yiren called out the unfairness right away, knowing they had no chance of beating her, to which Xiao Wen just shrugged, not claiming that life was fair before using it to motivate Yiren, "Use this opportunity to work hard in your training or I will one day take him away from you."

"But I don't know how..." Yiren sighed, blaming herself for never actually working hard on her fighting capabilities and asked with puppy eyes, "Sis, will you teach me how to fight?"

"You want me to teach you how to fight so that you can beat me when I try to take your Xuefeng away?" Xiao Wen asked with a smile, trying to confirm what she just heard. Wuying sat on the side, enjoying the playful argument between the two, thinking that Xiao Wen was just teasing Yiren this whole time, but only Wu Lan and Xiao Wen herself knew that she wasn't joking.

"Yes! I'm a good student." Yiren didn't catch the sarcasm in Xiao Wen's voice and nodded happily which made everything laugh, with even Wu Lan chuckling under her nose.

"Sure, why not." Xiao Wen couldn't find a reason not to accept, finding the future to be quite promising.

After they finished their bath which took much longer due to the girls playing around, they ate what was left from the breakfast after Wu Kong began his feast and it was time for them to leave the City of Liquor. Xuefeng made sure to stock up on best wines with Red Rose and she didn't mistreat him, reminding after the transaction to visit in the future.

They also had to buy one more means of transportation as they now had two more people being the pair of brother and sister from Wu family. At first, he planned to let them stay with Red Rose for the time being until he comes back but knowing they were very important, he decided against it, taking them both with him.

Having a pair of eagles and a white tigress, they could comfortably reach the Border Town without sitting on top of each other. After a quick brainstorm, they decided that Xuefeng would take Wu Kong, Wuying would take Wu Lan and this time Yiren happened to be the one to ride with Xiao Wen.

Xuefeng acted a bit weird at the start with how Xiao Wen acted towards him, always clinging to him or finding an opportunity to sneakily flirt with him, but after seeing how she wasn't bothered by any of this, he also became used to it.

In reality, their behaviour towards each other didn't change from before Xiao Wen's confession but Xuefeng's perception did. Earlier he was thinking of those as just playful teasing between friends but now all of her actions wore a different label of Xiao Wen showing her affections towards him.


Meanwhile, as Xuefeng group finally departed, deep in the mountains right on the border of Sacred Sword Kingdom and Aurora Country laid a secret hideout of most notorious bandings of the area.

Thousand Blades was sitting by the dining table while sipping his wine when the man leading the whole bandit group asked annoyed, "Lord, how long will it take for them to come? My boys are already hungry for blood and horny for women. I allowed you to mobilize my army because you promised me the best woman I have ever seen but I didn't even see the glimpse of her body yet."

"Calm down. I told you it will be soon. They should arrive today. Tell your boys to be on the lookout. Don't worry, I keep my promises. After I defeat her, you will be able to play with her all you want. Isn't it a dream come true to have a Sage Stage beauty all to yourself?" Thousand Blades assured the Bandit's Leader even though he didn't even look at him as he continued to play with his dagger.

"Heh, that's right. Definitely, a dream come true. Don't disappoint me. I will give you two more days but if I don't see them by that time, you know the consequences." The Bandit's Leader grinned as he imagined taking a Sage Stage cultivator on his bed before ravaging her whole night. He couldn't help but trust Thousand Blades one more time.

Thousand Blades watched the back of the leader with his eyes sharp like daggers, not even for a moment thinking of giving him his great Xiao Wen, cursing in his mind, 'Idiot. I can kill you will one hand and you dare threaten me. You won't even get to touch my angel before my dagger pierces through your throat.'

'She is mine and only mine...' Thousand Blades thought as he stabbed the table for the hundredth time, his eyes having crazed emotions reflecting inside of them.