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 Xiao Wen didn't sleep for the first half of the night but on the second half, she forced herself to, pushing aside all of her worries for tomorrow. If she was feeling unwell after not sleeping properly, she wouldn't look pretty for Xuefeng which was her priority right now.

Fortunately, her regeneration ability could open her eyes even after intense sleep loss, but she knew it was always better to stay natural. She really wanted to hug someone during the night, to calm her nerves and it just happened that Yiren was next to her. Xiao Wen quickly turned her into a hugging bear but Yiren didn't mind as she did the same with her.

The only work up to Xuefeng's call when the sun already rose from the horizon, "Everyone, wake up already. It's morning. It's time for us." They both opened their eyes at the same time, still in each other's embrace and smiled, tightening their hug to each other. Xuefeng's voice was like a bird's song, enough to smooth their feelings and heal their pains.

Wu Kong who slept while hugging his sister's arm also partially woke up and called out with one leg still in his dreams, "Big brother... Is it time for breakfast...?"

"Haha, yeah, the breakfast is already ready. If you want to eat it, you have to wake up, clean your face and you can rush to the kitchen to eat." Xuefeng laughed, teasing the small boy. He didn't expect it might actually work but it did in a blast.

"Yey!" Wukong exclaimed happily with his eyes wide awake momentarily and he quickly rushed to the bathroom, cleaning himself, before speeding towards the kitchen.

"Don't eat everything! Leave some for us too!" Xuefeng called out to him before he disappeared in the kitchen.

"Xuefeng..." Yiren rubbed her eyes to get rid of his sleepiness and asked, noticing that he didn't come back as he promised, "You didn't sleep with us tonight, what happened?"

"I'm sorry, I somehow didn't feel sleepy at all and decided to cultivate the whole night," Xuefeng explained as he picked Yiren up who walked up to the edge of the bed and gave a sweet morning kiss, asking right after with a gentle smile, "Will you forgive me?"

"Mhmm, I will, but I need another kiss as a bribe..." Yiren agreed but rubbed her nose against his, asking for more as a payback. Xuefeng didn't mind, gladly complying with her request, before he patted her on her butt, saying, "Go wash. We are going to leave the city after breakfast and we might not have access to such nice rooms on the way."

Yiren nodded happily and asked, "Okay, but will you join us?" But Xuefeng shook his head, pointing with his head at Wu Lan, saying, "I already took a shower myself. Take Wu Lan with you and you can all go in together with only ladies."

Hearing that her name was called, Wu Lan finally opened her eyes, getting out of bed. She loved sleeping as that was the only time when her ability didn't tire her mind. Just as she woke up, she looked strangely at Xuefeng before glancing at Xiao Wen who was also staring at her.

Blinking at Xiao Wen with a smile, she nudged Wuying on the arm, busting her plans to everyone, "Sister Wuying, are you waiting for Big Brother to pick you up like a princess? Come, let's take a bath together."

Just as she said so, Wuying opened her eyes and sat up as if nothing happened. Looking at Xuefeng she also stood up, walking up to Xuefeng side while fixing her nightgown and jumped into his arms, kissing him deeply.

Wuying then hugged him, pressing her chest against his so he can feel everything beneath her nightgown before saying alluringly, "Good morning darling..."

"Good morning sweety," Xuefeng was more than happy to hug her like that and asked, "Should I take you to the bathroom like a Princess?"

"Tsk, Wu Lan was joking... I have legs." Hearing his tease, Wuying snickered playfully, before jumping down from him, showing off her smooth legs to him.

Just as Xuefeng wanted to banter more with her, Wu Lan picked up Yiren's and Wuying's hand and pulled them towards the bathroom while calling out to Xiao Wen, "Sis Wen, we will go inside, join us quickly, okay?"

Seeing how Wu Lan worked in her favour, she couldn't help but be grateful. She sat up, showing off her black nightgown to a certain someone and called out to the ladies with a smile, "Mhmm, I will join you guys in a moment."

The girls went inside while being led by Wu Lan, finally leaving Xuefeng alone with Xiao Wen in the bedroom. Wu Lan knew both of their intentions and did everything to help them both. She only regretted she couldn't watch the whole situation playing out, finding it very amusing.

"Good morning Wen..." Xuefeng called out as Xiao Wen stood up, walking towards him, to which she replied with the same, giving him a sweet smile, "Good morning Xuefeng..."

Xiao Wen approached him as she looked him in the eyes, before passing in front of him with her hand grazing against his chest. She intentionally slowed down her footsteps sticking her hand behind her so that he could grab it. She walked slowly, but Xuefeng's hand wasn't coming.

The closer she got to the bathroom doors, the hard it was for her to breathe. With just one meter away from the doors, she was almost certain that he wouldn't move, that he didn't want her and she already began taking it back, needing another hand just in case she needed to block her tears but then, she finally felt the warmth on her palm she was waiting for.

Xiao Wen turned around, but instead of happy expression on Xuefeng's face, the same he was showing to Yiren and Wuying just a moment ago, she saw the rarest kinds he had. He looked angry. It was a rare expression from him that she would not usually see.

Just as she wanted to ask what happened, he pulled her hand, dragging her outside of the bedroom with him without saying anything. Closing the doors behind him, Xuefeng suddenly pushed her against the wall while pinning her hands above her head.

Xiao Wen thought that he will scold her about something or at least say something, but Xuefeng continued to stare at her angrily. With him this close to her, she could only look him in the eyes, but that wasn't an easy task. With each passing second, the feeling of being stared by a predator who wants to eat you was increasing in her heart.

Normally it was her being a wild tigress but under Xuefeng stare, she gradually felt like a small kitten. Bracing herself, she asked pretending to be calm, "Why are you angry?"

"How about you answer this question instead?" Xuefeng finally spoke, asking back.

"I did not do anything..." Xiao Wen replied while glancing to the side, trying to avoid his gaze, but then Xuefeng called out, "Look at me.", forcing her to look into his eyes once again.

"You confessed to me out of nowhere and you say it's nothing? You expect from me that I can just change my whole mindset towards you in a single night, accepting you with open arms and live a happy life together with you?" Xuefeng asked with his voice raise, clearly filled with many emotions.

Hearing Xuefeng words, Xiao Wen realised that it's exactly what she wanted and nodded with her head, confirming it, "Yes, that's exactly what I want."

Xuefeng countered right away, asking sternly, "But that's not that easy, you know? This whole time you were my friend, a person I admire and want to share my adventures with. Love doesn't appear just like that but it's rather a gradual process. I already have four crystals in my heart, growing and developing each day, filling the space inside of it. Do you know how hard it will be to push one more crystal inside?"

"I know, but I wish to try." Xiao Wen replied without hesitation, already knowing what she wanted.

Xuefeng slowly leaned over, grazing her nose with his before whispering after some time, "I can't do it this fast. I need time. Now I know about your feelings, so let me get used to this thought of having you as my lover. Can we slowly develop our relationship instead of jumping straight into it?"

"Mhmm, we can..." Xiao Wen nodded, rubbing against him and just as their lips were about to touch, she suddenly caught his hands that held her against the wall and rolled together with him, pinning him instead.

Before he could comment, she kissed his lips, learning a little from their last experience. Recently she hasn't been herself, anxious about the whole situation with Xuefeng, but the moment he finally accepted her, she felt as if something unlocked inside of her, bringing her confidence back on the right place.

Pulling back from their kiss, she said calmly, leaving no space for discussion, "We can, but I already decided to make you mine. You have no choice anymore..."