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 The next morning, far away from the City of Liquor that Xuefeng group was staying in, a cold beauty in her late twenties with blue hair opened her ice blue eyes, glancing coldly into the distance. The whole hall room around her was all covered in ice, together with the small podium she sat cross-legged on.

She was training when she once again heard the buzzing inside of her ring which disturbed her. The buzzing usually meant that someone tried to contact her using Signal Crystals, but now she regretted even buying one, always getting called for stupid reasons.

Even her new student was alerted as she also opened her eyes. If Xuefeng was there he would immediately recognize this beauty. It was Princess Shan but in a completely new form. Even if her appearance was the same, the aura around her turned much colder from the last time she showed her ice domain skill.

After checking who was trying to contact her, she sighed glancing at Princess Shan and informed her, "It's just my annoying niece, Shan, continue with your training."

"Yes, Sect Master." Princess Shan nodded, closing her eyes once again, beginning to absorb both Spirit Qi and Water Qi around her. The main method to increase the power of the Elemental Domain was raising one stage and increasing the dantain capability. Domains needed a lot of Qi to sustain them but the more Qi one had, the better effects one could get.

The Sect Master nodded, satisfied with how diligent Princess Shan was with her training. Compared with her niece who only cared about herself, Princess Shan was much more like herself. As she looked at her, she could actually see her younger self in her.

She was already a Sect Master of White Lotus Sect before she even reached thirty years old, so she knew what one needs to succeed in life and her new student, she discovered by an accident, definitely had it. Pulling out the Signal Crystal, she answered it asking with an annoyed tone in her voice, "Ning, what do you want?"

"Auntie! I finally got a hold on you! Why didn't you reply to me yesterday... Do you know how much pain I'm going through right now?" Ning's voice came through and she sounded as if she just had the worst day of her life, wanting to complain about the unfairness of the world.

"Sigh, what happened this time?" The Sect Master rubbed her forehead the moment he heard her niece but still asked, even though she knew she will regret it right after.

Hearing that she had her aunt attention, she called out excitedly, dropping the sad tone and switching it into a celebratory version instead, "I met him! The one I have been searching for my whole life! This time I'm not wrong. I can feel it in my veins each time I'm looking at him. My stomach is always fuzzing and buzzing when he is near me. Aaah, how I wish to be next to him right now... I think I fell in love..."

The Sect Master rolled her eyes, asking with a frown, "Again? How many times have we gone through this? Each time you fall in 'love' it's just your imagination and you get bored with them right away. Are you planning to play around once again?"

"No! This time it's for real. He is so interesting that I would never get bored with him. I even asked my father to propose marriage to him. That's how serious I am about him." Ning cried out denying her aunt before proving her words with how determined she was to marry Xuefeng.

Hearing about that detail, the cold Sect Master finally raised her brow, getting interested with the character which could push her niece this much and asked, "Who is he? Describe him to me."

"Auntie, not only is he super handsome and kind, his cultivation is high as well. He is also much stronger than he looks, probably mastering many elements together with Spirit Qi. Ah! He also has connections in Central Region as he has just recently came back from there. He was selling many pills on the auction and Miss Rose was treating him very respectfully." Ning exaggerated Xuefeng's introduction as much as she could, even though she didn't actually know anything about his fighting capabilities. Only with her auntie on her side would Xuefeng bend his knee for her.

When Ning began describing her love interest, an image of Xuefeng appeared inside of Princess Shan's mind but after listening about the Central Region, she knew it wouldn't be Xuefeng. He was in Liu Clan not long ago so it was impossible for him to get into Central Region all of a sudden. Knowing it wasn't Xuefeng, she focused on her cultivation instead.

Sect Master nodded, beginning to like what she heard and dug for more information, "Oh, not bad. Do you know his background? If he is a genius from this area, we probably know of him already."

"...I don't know much about him as he acted very mysteriously but I know his name, Xuefeng." Ning was worried to say Xuefeng's name to her aunt but that was all she knew about him. It was well known that her aunt liked stealing men from their women, playing around with them before dumping them when she became bored with them.

It was how she herself became like this as she followed her aunt footsteps. The only difference in them was that she genuinely thought she had feelings for them but her aunt put pleasure on the first spot.

Ning couldn't see this, but the moment she said Xuefeng's name, both Princess Shan's and her aunt's eyes opened wide. It was soon followed by a playful smile on Sect Master's face and a worried expression on Princess Shan's side.

Just as Princess Shan wanted to say something, the Sect Master raised her hand, signalling her to not disturb her. She knew very well what Princess Shan wanted to say as she used to listen to her talks about Xuefeng all the time. Her new student loved to talk about him, but she wasn't much interested at that time. Now she started getting more impressed at the man himself, looking at him from the side.

"Tell me, did he reject you already?" Sect Master asked with a grin. She already knew the answer after recalling Princess Shan's stories.

"Cough... Well, it's complicated... I think I just need to give him some time first..." Ning coughed hearing her aunt get on the right track from the start, forcing her to confess everything.

The Sect Master smiled on the outside, but her voice remained cold as she pressured her niece, "Don't lie to me. Does he have other women by his side? I know you are trying to hide the truth, but you know that I will find out anyway."

Ning couldn't help but sigh and finally give in, telling what her aunt wanted, "Sigh... He did have other women... Not only one but three... But I still believe I can get him. I just need to shamelessly work my way into his heart. Auntie, will you help me?"

Knowing all she wanted, the Sect Master ended the signal without answering the question, "I will contact you when I gather more information on him." With the connection cut, she suddenly looked at Princess Shan with an interested gaze beginning to approach her.

"Master..." Princess Shan called out worriedly, not knowing what the sect master wanted to do. She knew that there was no point in fighting back if anything happens as she had no chance of beating her.

Arriving by Princess Shan's side, the Sect Master reached out to grab her gently by the chin and called out, "I suppose its the same Xuefeng you told me about, right?"

"I think so... I don't think there are any other people named Xuefeng in Aurora Country..." Princess Shan answered the question before she looked at her master's eyes and pleaded, "Master please, he is mine... Can you not touch him?"

"Heh, to think you have such an opinion about me. Don't worry, I just want to know more about him. I'm not going to fool around with kids like him. If I like him, I might actually help you meet up with him instead." The Sect Master assured her, pretending to be indifferent, with just a bit of curiosity.

Seeing that Princess Shan was still hesitating she added, "I took you in to protect you from that prince. The least you can do is be a good student who listens to her Master."

"Sigh... Fine," Recalling how she was protected by her new master from the Zhen Zhao shameless marriage certificate that her father signed, Princess Shan couldn't resist her anymore, telling everything her master wanted to know.