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After many drinks later, it was not a surprise that Xiao Wen couldn't battle anymore and her flushed face laid gently on Xuefeng's shoulder while she lightly supported herself by hugging into his arm. Rubbing her cheek against his shoulder, she muttered sweetly, "Xuefeng... I can't drink anymore..."

She really wanted to win to get a wish from him which she would put to good use but he didn't give her the chance. His body was strengthened by his ability tens of times and the only way for her was to cheat by using her own, but that wasn't her way of doing things.

"I told you can't win. Let's stop now and get ready to bed..." Xuefeng sighed as he brushed her crimson hair, putting them away from Xiao Wen's eyes. He could see she was very intoxicated as normally she wouldn't behave this cuddly towards him.

The more she drank, the more she was getting closer to him, hugging and touching him while laughing together with him, but he didn't have problems with that. After all, they were friends and such simple affections could be exempted from the rules.

Xuefeng was also a little drunk as he asked Ling to not use her regeneration on him today. As he watched her from such close distance, he saw how natural she was with him. All of her coldness and constraints were gone now. His eyes didn't miss her sexy body which was right there, ready to be touched and groped by him.

There was an urge in his mind, telling him to slip his hand from her arm, right onto her ample bosom, but the consciousness which was still there stopped him in the last moment as it returned to its previous position. He knew that she probably wouldn't mind that, especially in the state she was in, but he couldn't do it. It would be unfair to Wuying, Yiren and others.

'Dummy... I'm giving you so many opportunities...' Xiao Wen thought in distress, being much more clear in her mind compared to how she acted.

Xuefeng patted her arm twice, informing her that it was time to leave him but Xiao Wen didn't look like she wanted to go anywhere as her head suddenly slipped from his shoulder and she landed on his lap. Before he could pick her up, her half-opened eyes closed and she found herself a comfortable place, burring her nose into his belly.

"Wen... Let's go to bed..." Xuefeng whispered softly as he rubbed her cheek. He didn't want her to fall asleep on his lap like this and even considered cleansing her from the alcohol when she reached out and embraced his waist, getting a better hold on him.

"Wen." This time Xuefeng called out to her normally so that she could hear him and it worked as her eyes opened slightly as she rubbed her cheeks on his thighs. Xiao Wen then muttered, pleading for a few more minutes as she tightened her hug on him, "Mhmm, just a bit more please..."

"Sigh, fine," Xuefeng sighed, agreed to her cuddles under one condition, "...but then give me my reward from the bet... Tell me, what do you like about me?" It was not like he didn't have confidence in himself, but it was always interesting to know the women perspective. With Xiao Wen being his friend, he could get such information so that he can improve himself.

Xiao Wen felt his hand gently rubbing her on the cheek while taking care of her hair and whispered somewhat unclear due to alcohol but he still could understand her, "Your hand... What you are doing right now... I like when you take care of me like that..."

"What else?" Xuefeng asked for more info as he continued to softly bush her hair just as she wanted.

Feeling his care, Xiao Wen continued to list out things she liked, not hesitating to tell the truth, "I like how kind and loving you are to your friends and the girls... When they are in danger, you don't even hesitate to sacrifice your life for them... I like how you protect them, but also respect their decisions and opinions... If I was your girlfriend, I would feel very safe with you..."

Xiao Wen didn't think she would be brave enough to say it normally without some help of high amounts of alcohol, so she had to use this opportunity to throw out everything that was lying on her heart.

She didn't let him interrupt her and continued with the flow, afraid that she wouldn't be able to if she stops, "I like your smile... I like when you tease me... You can always make me laugh when I least expect it... It's fun to have you around..."

"Wen-" Xuefeng whispered softly, but she didn't let him talk, adding more, "You asked me about the previous men I had and the truth is, I only had one..." Xiao Wen paused, rubbing her eyes against Xuefeng's shirt as something tried to spill from her eyes, before continuing quietly, "I didn't want to do it with him, so he spread a rumour to everyone that we did it already..."

Hearing that she began telling him her secrets, Xuefeng stopped trying to interrupt and listened patiently.

"I didn't know about it at that time and thought that if everyone already knows about it, I might as well do it with him... But when we were just about to move into a final step, I saw the burning desire in his eyes and realised that all this time he has been pushing me into it just cause he wanted to do it... He didn't care about me as he didn't even ask how I feel about it..." Xiao Wen spoke slowly, already starting to freshen up after recalling the unpleasant memories.

"After that, I told him I didn't want it anymore, but he insisted and even decided to ignore my resistance..." As she said that, she hid her face in his belly. Xuefeng couldn't help but get angry at the guy and feel sorry for her, quickly asking, "Who was it? Tell me his name. I will find him and-"

He thought that Xiao Wen was crying right now and his anger was building but he couldn't see that she was actually quite calm. Xiao Wen wasn't lying to him, but she was already over the whole situation that happened years ago. She didn't want to use this story to change his mindset but with how things were between them, it was one of the most effective methods she could use.

Xiao Wen who was laying on his lap the whole time suddenly lifted herself up and blocked his mouth with her hand before he could finish. Her eyes were only a bit red from her wiping it earlier, but it was still enough for Xuefeng to believe that her story was real.

"Don't worry... He is not alive anymore..." Xiao Wen assured him with a gentle smile before looking to the side as if she tried to collect her thoughts. She didn't expect that Xuefeng would suddenly pick her up and sat her down on his lap, asking seriously while holding her face with both of his hands, "Tell me what happened... Did he hurt you...?"

Seeing the care and worry in his eyes as he forced her to look at him, Xiao Wen barrier couldn't help but break. She didn't understand how could Xuefeng be so kind and gentle to her. Before she knew, two small tears fell, travelling down on her cheeks. His thumbs stopped them midway but another two followed after them, treading on the path of their predecessors.

Xiao Wen didn't actually know why she was crying. Maybe it was because the man she was searching for was right there in front of her, but she only realised that now. Those tears were definitely now out of sadness, but regret and at the same time relief, that she already decided what she wanted.

Of course, after seeing Xiao Wen let out a stream of tears while looking at him, his first image that appeared in her mind was Xiao Wen being violated by someone else. His pent up anger burst as he cursed, "Fucking bastard..." before hugging her tightly immediately after, saying with care, "Don't worry, I won't let that happen ever again..."

Only then did she realise that he could misunderstand her tears and connect them into her story. She urgently called out right as she thought about it, "No, no, he didn't hurt me... I killed him before he did anything..."

She told him the truth, but his gentle gaze at her didn't change and he breathed out in relief, "I'm glad..." before wiping the tears from her eyes, saying softly, "Don't cry... He deserved more than just death... If anyone hurt you, I would torture him for days before killing his entire family..."


She realised the more kindness and love he showed her, the harder it was to resist kissing him right there, confessing her love for him. At that point, Xiao Wen hated it. She hated how nice and gentle he was to her which made her someone different with each time they interacted. She couldn't recognize herself anymore. The feelings she never felt were brewing in her mind as he looked at her with his azure eyes.

They stared at each other for the whole ten seconds, both battling with his thoughts, when Xuefeng finally asked, "What can I do for you? Tell me what you want and I can give it to you." Xuefeng wanted her to forget about it, but he didn't expect that her words would destroy the final barrier she always kept in her mind.

She opened her mouth to say something but under his gaze, no words came out. Only after she grabbed his neck and hugged him, wrapping her arms around him, did the three words she kept inside her escape her lips in a whisper, "I want you..."

Chapter 225 - I Want You...