"Damn, to think she dared to propose marriage just like that... I'm still pissed." Xiao Wen cursed as they left the banquet and Xuefeng finally told them happened when he was inside Ning's booth.

Xuefeng stopped her right away, saying with a calm smile, "Just leave it. We will be gone by tomorrow so we won't be seeing her anymore. We already took the money, time to get a good night sleep and get ready to leave." He didn't want to antagonize the girl he didn't even know well. It's not like she was his enemy or anything.

"Fine..." Xiao Wen didn't want to but followed Xuefeng's order. She didn't know why she was the most agitated out of all three of them when she wasn't even with Xuefeng yet.

As they reached their room, Yiren was the first one to tug Xuefeng's shift and call out sleepily, "Xuefeng, I'm tired already... Let's just into bed and sleep."

"Okay, we will go to sleep right after we eat something, okay?" Xuefeng gave her a hug and promised, already having plans to pay her back for today's escape with Wuying.

"I'm not hungry... I will go to bed earlier and wait for you then," Yiren shook her head grumpily and already decided to sleep earlier. Xefeng noticed she was much quieter after he came back to the auction which made him feel bad, regretting his decision.

Just as he wanted to cheer Yiren up, Wuying took her by the hand and pulled her to the bedroom, calling out, "I will go with Yiren." He already ordered a lot of food for the six of them but now two dropped out.

"Sigh, I guess it is only us four then. More food for us. Right, Wu Kong?" Xuefeng turned to the greatest eater in their group and he could see the excitement in the young boy eyes.

Just as Wu Kong was about to jump around and cry out from happiness, his sister Wu Lan suddenly caught him and covered his mouth, pulling him with her towards the bedroom, saying apologetically, "Big Brother, we also won't be eating. We need to sleep a lot so we have strength for tomorrow's journey. You can enjoy food with sister Wen."

"What is up with everyone?" Xuefeng asked Xiao Wen who was the only one left. He found it weird how Wu Lan winked at Xiao Wen before leaving but he didn't think too much about it.

Xiao Wen blushed lightly knowing that Wu Lan has already seen through her intentions and created an opportunity for her. Pulling him towards Dining room by his hand, she tried to cover her embarrassment, saying, "Ah, don't mind them... We will just enjoy it ourselves then."

Knock, knock.

Hearing the knocking which signalled that their food came, he stopped her and changed the plans, "Let's just stay in the living room if everyone is away. We can sit on the sofa, eat, drink and talk."

They quickly set up a few dishes that the manager personally brought them, picking only those they wanted and also took a few strong wines that they tasted earlier on the banquet. Everything was set up and all they needed to do was to start eating and talking.

Pouring both of them a glass of wine, Xuefeng ate one snack and asked, "Wen, tell me, you dated before right?"

Xiao Wen was just about to drink her wine but hearing the question he asked, she almost dropped it. She thought they will talk casually but Xuefeng started with a big bomb.

Regulating her breathing so she doesnt get exposed by him, Xiao Wen asked back while pretending she wasn't bothered by it, "Why you ask?"

Leaning back on the sofa, he smiled curiously at her, replying casually without any stress in his voice, "Well, you never talked about yourself. Technically, I know very little about you. About your past, your interests or even your cultivation rank. We are friends, right? Tell me what do you like?"

"I like you..." Xiao Wen muttered under her breath, thinking that she was saying that in her mind, but then she saw Xuefeng's facial expression change and Xiao Wen realised what she had just done.

Unfortunately, it was too late for her to react as Xuefeng already asked her, kind of surprised, "You like me...?" He definitely didn't expect such turn of events.

"Cough..." Xiao Wen coughed right away and stop Xuefeng's thinking by adding, "I like you as a friend of course... What else did you think?" As she asked, she drank the whole glass of wine in one gulp, blush filling her whole face.

"Yeah, I thought so too... There is no way you would like me," Xuefeng nodded, confirming his previous thoughts.

Now it was Xiao Wen turn to become confused and could not help but ask, "Why?" Did that mean he was interested in her, but thinking that her standards were too high, he didn't make moves on her? She poured herself another glass and sat down next to him staring at him, awaiting his answer.

Xuefeng smiled at her strange behaviour and said truthfully, "Honestly, you are beautiful, have the strongest background in the world and also powerful cultivation. Tell me, which woman out there could match you in all three of those?"

Hearing his praises, she blushed even further and couldn't look him in the eyes anymore, saying while looking down at her glass, "Thank you... But that doesn't mean why you can't like me?"

"Me? I can't even compare. You achieved so much while I'm still in the early stages of my life." Xuefeng shrugged, sipping his wine. He thought they were just talking as friends, but Xiao Wen was taking it all directly.

'Aaaaargh, why did I say that... He really thinks that I'm too great for him...' Xiao Wen called out in her mind, blaming herself for muttering nonsense on accident.

Taking a deep breath, she slapped his shoulder and said upset, "Idiot, stop talking. You are not that bad. If you were, you wouldn't get so many beauties around you. I also wouldn't protect you right now and wandered around the world instead."

Xuefeng looked into her eyes curiously, not knowing himself what did others saw in him and asked, "What do you like about me then?"

"I..." Xiao Wen wanted to start list out good things about him but then realised that it wouldn't actually help her in any way. Right now she was only acting like Xuefeng's friend and if she didn't break that, she would stay his friend forever.

Thinking about a fast idea to distract him, she said with a playful smile, "I will tell you if you beat me." She poured him wine until his glass was full once again and clinked her glass with his.

"You want to start a drinking battle with me? You know you have no chance of winning?" Xuefeng glanced at her weirdly for even proposing such deal to him. He knew his body was much stronger than hers which would let him win easily.

Xiao Wen exclaimed as she put her arm on his shoulder naturally, "Ha! Don't think that just because I'm a woman that I can't drink a lot. You are not allowed to use your fragment ability and can only use your body. If you win, I will tell you what you want and if I win, I want you to grant me one wish."

"Deal." Xuefeng agreed right away, confident in his own body. As long as fragments were not involved, he didn't see any future where he would lose.