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 Having five sets already bought, Red Roses smiled and announced another secret that she forgot to mention, "I also want to point out that all of those pills came from the most prestigious family in Central Region. There won't be another chance for you to get them here."

Those two words, 'Central Region' created quite a stir in everyone's hearts as they stared at the pills with desire. Even if they wouldn't use them for themselves, having such pills would bring anyone a great status. Because of that, a few richer merchants joined the battle for the pills just to acquire them to add it to their collections.

Unfortunately, even with that, Ning's father continued to buy them at an even higher price of three thousand high tiered Spirit Stones. It was truly a high price which made others hesitate to continue.

As Ning's father continued to buy all the sets with his partner, when there was only one left, the merchants couldn't help but stand up from his seat and cry out in the banquet, "Qin Bai! Tell us, what is going on with these pills. Why are you guys buying all of them for such a high price? That's over twenty high tiered Spirit Stones per pill!"

"Hehe, I guess I can tell you guys now that we already exhausted out funds anyway. The two biggest families in the Central Region are at war with each other. The one who is the main supplier for pills will start to stop sending Rank 5 pills and above outside of Central Region. You won't be able to get them anywhere in here and I think the price of each pill will skyrocket. You probably can imagine how it will affect the market. Have fun in bidding." Ning's father laughed and finally told everyone his secret.

As he was about to sit down he glanced at Xuefeng who happened to look in his direction and smiled with a nod, before disappearing behind the sofa edge.

"He knows that those pills are from us and wants more. He wanted to use this opportunity to shout you out and make you earn even more money, hoping that will improve your relationship. Before he could react, Wu Lan who was sitting in the middle of the sofa analyzed the situation for him while sipping on the fruit drink she ordered.

"Mhmm, I could figure that out. He is quite sly, but that's good for me. The more money the better," Xuefeng nodded, confirming her information and sat up leisurely, knowing another chunk of money will enter into his pockets. He liked being able to buy anything he wanted.

Of course, the others present in the banquet hall were not as calm as Xuefeng was. They quickly created a rumour as they conversed with each other, quickly trying to find a partner to buy the pills. They knew that if Qin Bai words were correct, the prices of rank 5 pills would skyrocket up to one hundred or even two hundred high tiered Spirit Stones per pill.

They were quite willing to believe that knowing that he already spent over twenty-four thousand which was a huge sum of money for merchants like them. When Red Rose started the auction for the last set, everyone started bidding crazily, causing the price to reach six thousand in the matter of a minute.

They would still make a profit if they bought them below ten thousand which caused them to persist until the very end. Only the fat merchant was hesitant in bidding this high as he also knew the rumour of the two families being in a war, but also heard that the war could end pretty fast and the supply of pills could be back very soon.

It was a high stakes gamble he didn't want to take. Without that information, he would be like others, bidding up to nine thousand for this little number of pills.

As Xuefeng listened to the bids increasing with each second, Ning suddenly came up to their booth and informed sweetly, "Xuefeng, my father would like to speak business with you. Can you do me a favour and follow me?"

Xuefeng's group instantly glared at Ning but she didn't mind and continued to smile at Xuefeng. He sighed, not wanting to go but he would still be approached by her father later, so he might as well do it now.

Xuefeng patted Yiren on the head and stood up after informing them, "I will go and come back in a bit. It won't take long." They had a bit of worry in their eyes, but knowing that Xuefeng understood the truth about Ning, they let him go.

With the ongoing bidding, Xuefeng approached the Qin Bai sofa which was not far away from theirs with Ning following behind him, having a happy grin on her face.

"Sir, you wanted to talk to me? What do you want?" Reaching the table, Xuefeng asked with a calm smile, looking straight into mature man's eyes.

Qin Bai wasn't shocked by Xuefeng disposition as he already treated him as someone equal to him. He was a cultivator with access to Central Region and with that alone, he was worthy enough to make deals with him.

"I'm Qin Bai. My daughter told me about you and I wanted to meet with you. Can you sit down with us for a bit? I wanted to propose a deal for you." Qin Bai smiled and spoke with collected voice, pointed to the free space on his left.

Xuefeng didn't sit down and instead asked directly, "You want to buy more pills, right?"

Xuefeng didn't wish to sell any more of them as that would create more leads to him. If Qin Bai started selling rank 5 pills which came from Tang family, he might be targeted by Tang family experts in Easter Region and asked to point out where he got them. That definitely wasn't in Xuefeng's interest.

Qin Bai squinted his eyes knowing that he was busted and laughed it off while releasing a thin barrier around them which would suppress their sounds and said calmly, "You guessed right. I already have a buyer in the Sacred Sword Kingdom which is going to pay a lot for them. Is eighty high tiered Spirit Stones per pill fine for you?"

"I didn't agree to sell anything yet. What if I told you I don't have any pills anymore? Everything I auctioned just now was my whole stock. I'm sorry." Xuefeng shook his head, denying having any more pills and decided to leave with those words, but Ning blocked his way looking at him with an innocent smile while her father called out, "Wait! Let me propose another deal."

"Yes?" Xuefeng turned his head out of curiosity as there was barely anything that could convince him.

"My daughter likes you very much. How about I let you marry her in exchange for you selling me all of your pills. She already agreed on that." Qin Bai presented another proposition, this time even putting his daughter on the line, but that didn't surprise Xuefeng.

Seeing that Xuefeng stood silent, he added, "My daughter is definitely a beauty. Looking at your group there, it seems like you like beauties, so please consider this."

Xuefeng glanced at the smiling Ning before asking Qin Bai with a glare, "So your daughter saw me for the first time today and already want to marry me? Isn't that kind of abnormal? I also don't like the act of buying people. They are not objects."

His words basically meant to remind Ning to not sell herself so cheap, but they clearly didn't understand as Qin Bai only shrugged in response, saying on behalf of his daughter, "She fell for you so there is nothing I can do. You guys would look nice together."

Xuefeng could only sigh to that and stopped being nice, denying him definitely, "Even if I have more pills, you clearly don't have any money right now. I'm not going to wait for you to sell the pills so you can buy more. I'm leaving this city and I'm not coming back. I'm not selling my pills. Goodbye."

Seeing him trying to pass her, Ning once again blocked his way and called out with sadness, "Am I not pretty enough for you...? I can service you really well..."

When she tried to touch his chest, Xuefeng caught her hand, squeezing it strongly before whispering into her face while glaring coldly, "I'm not dumb. Stop acting and get out of my way before I kill you."

With the being said, he pushed her to the side and broke the thin barrier with a single punch, leaving their booth without looking back. Ning was looking at his back as he walked away from her, but her face didn't have anger, but rather happiness.

She couldn't help but feel excited and now she wanted to him even more than before. She quickly turned to her father and called out, "I am going to inform auntie about him. I really want him now..." Her expression looked like she already decided on what path she wanted to walk and her tone was the same, leaving her father with no other options.

Her father was naturally shocked by what he heard and quickly washed his hands from the whole incident, "Don't you think using your auntie connections is going a little overboard? Gosh, you both are crazy. I'm not dealing with this anymore if you want to involve her."

"I already decided. I'm going to inform her now. It will take her a while to figure out what to do but she always gets what she wants." Ning declared and went through the gap that Xuefeng created, leaving the banquet right after.

"Who is your daughter's auntie?" Qin Bai's partner who didn't know anything asked curiously, but Qin Bai only shook his head, saying anxiously, "You don't want to know... Let's forget about the rest of the pills. We will only get into more trouble. We should be fine with the ones we have on hand."